Friday, February 27, 2009



After leaving Asia, we hiked on to Africa. Our first stop was to see “King Louie”.

All of us with King Louie

That was a nice surprise to thee kids. From there Andy and Rachel went over to the Safari Ride and got us Fast Passes. While we waited for our time to come we went over to catch the train to Conservation Station. The only way to and from there is the train. At Conservation Station we got to pet animals at the petting zoo. Learn what we can do to help with keeping our earth safe for our animals. Then we got to see some more characters. Our battery died on us, so I will share the couple photo’s we got right before this…

She loved her

Sage was so happy to see her! She didn’t want to let go.

Aren't they cute

What a cute couple!

We also saw couple others but our camera died as we were about to get the pictures. After going back to Africa we went over and went on the Safari. We saw a wide varitey of animals, including a Giraffe…which completely made Hunter HAPPY! :)

Our last stop of the day was at the Gorilla trial. We went through, and saw the gorilla’s. We stopped to see some Hippo’s. Then we stopped at the last Kid Discovery Station, were they learned how to track by tracks and poop. Hunter found it pretty interesting. The girls just giggled.

We had a great day. Lots of laughs, smiles, and memory making.



Can you believe we traveled all the way to Asia on Sunday??? Ok, so the dream would be wonderful, but for now we will have to settle for our trip around Asia, at Disney.

Our biggest adventure around Disney was going through one of the trails, were we got to see lots of cool animals. Rachel at first wanted no part of this cause she didn’t dare to see the Tigers. After I let Hunter and Andy go ahead of us and see them she changed her mind, and thought they were really cool. Here are so of the animals we saw along the way.

Dragon 3

Here is a Komodo Dragon. Hunter thought he was fun to watch.

Huge Snake

A very big snake. Notice Hunter’s reflection in the glass! LOL! I’m not a big fan of snakes, but I don’t make a big deal of them so my kids aren’t afraid. Sometimes hard for me to do!

Tiger 8

Isn’t it beautiful? I just find them gorgeous. We got many shots, but I like this one the best. Hope you enjoyed our tour of Asia.

Thursday, February 26, 2009



We didn’t really got to spend as much time in Dino-land that we would have liked to, since the place was really mobbed. We did get to check it out though, stopped at our Kid Discovery Station, and grabbed a quick snack. The kids wanted to go on the Dinosaur ride, but the line was really long, and we knew they couldn’t handle waiting 30 minutes or longer.

Dino Ride Above is the picture of the ride they wanted to go on. After we explained the line was really long, we got them to move on to the really big Boneyard Playground. The place is huge, with lots of slides, and things to climb on. Here are a few shots of them playing…

Can't go fast enough

Having fun

She flew down this one

Rachel almost landed on her butt coming done this slide! Laugh did she laugh. After so much fun there, we decided to move on to Asia…..

Thursday Thirteen



This week’s letter is “H”

1. Hugs: Nothing is better than a good hug from friends and family. My favorites are from my little monkeys… they always brighten my day.

2. Hurry: I can’t not stand to hurry. Yet, somehow we are always hurrying. Why is that?

3. Hungry: My kids are always telling me this during the day! I get so tried of hearing I’m hungry! Where is the appetite when its dinner time?

4. HGTV: This is one of my favorite stations on TV. I watch it often. My favorite is House Hunters. I like to guess which house they are going to pick.

5. Hawaii: Another spot I would love to visit someday. I think it would be amazing…and beautiful. I’m fascinated by the volcano’s as well.

6. Ham: This is my favorite lunch meat. I love ham…in my sandwiches, even in my salads, or on pizza!

7. Hoagie: I love them! With Mayo, mustard, and bacon added. However, down here in the south when you say that NO one knows what you are talking about. I will have to get one on my visit back north.

8. Hippo:  An interesting creature. Did you know they can only hold their breathe for 8-9 minutes when under water! I wish I could hide in the water all day!

9. Happy: Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love being chipper. Not always the case, cause who can be Happy 24-7-365? But I really tried to be optimistic, and enjoy life. It goes to fast to be sad, miserable, or angry.

10. Housewife: I love being a housewife. Completely overwhelming some days, but I wouldn’t trade it. I get to be home with my beautiful babies, and cook. What better life??? Truth be told, I’m not sure I would know how to join the world of the working moms.

11. Hotdogs: I’m not a very big fan of them. I will however eat the Natural Casing along with the Red ones. I love Red Hot dogs. I know, its just dye, but something about that dye! LOL!

12. Homework: I enjoy helping Hunter work on his homework. I think it is very fun, to be able to share that time with Hunter. We both get to learn fun things together.

13. Hammer: I am so dangerous with a hammer. I tend to break things or get my thumbs! OUCH!

Stay tuned for Next week the letter “I” ..should be interesting!

The Lion King

After stopping by to see Koda. My FIL got us front row seats to see the Loin King Show. We have been there before, but it truly is an amazing show. If you ever go to Disney be sure you see this show. I want to share a couple shots of the show…it was dark in there so I only got a few good photo’s.

We sat in the Giraffe section which made Hunter happy as he loves those Giraffe’s.

The zebra & snake

The monkeys were awesome

The dancers in this show are just amazing! They really get in the spirit, and are wonderful.

Awesome on Stilts

Hunter joining in the show

This last picture is of Hunter joining in the show. He was chosen along with his sisters, but they were to chicken to go. To shake maracas around the center stage while they were singing. He was completely amazed, and excited. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of his face, it was so priceless! All and all the kids really loved this show, and we can’t wait to see it again another time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-in

This week was not so bad. I have been eating pretty good, and moving more. I think Sunday helped me work off a bit more. I forgot to wear my pedometer, but I'm guessing it was over 10,000 steps for the day! Phew, makes me tried just thinking about it. Final result, I lost another pound. Yup only 1, but better than gaining right?

Ready, Set, GO!


For all you that have been following Hunter’s Pinewood Derby Car, the results are in. He had his race last night. First here is a picture of his finally product, after we finished painting it and putting on the wheels.

All finished

Here are some of the cars from the Pack:

All the cars lined up

You only race against your own den. So for example, Hunter only raced his car against his fellow Tigers. There are four of them total. The First race he came in 3rd. Second race he came in 1st, and the Third race he came in 2nd. I didn’t think we did to shabby for our first race! Here are a few shoots of his car in the race. He is the boy with the coat, and hat on…

First race, Hunter came in third

Second Race he was First

The top picture was the first race, the bottom one is the third race. Notice he just squeezed in first, it was a close one. He was a bit sad he didn’t win 1st, but he was happy that he was 2nd.

There for he gets to go to District on March 7th. However, we have a tough choice ahead of us, cause that is also the opening day for Little League! We have not decided which we will be doing yet, cause I don’t think we can do both.

Camp Minnie Mickey!

Camp Minnie Mickey sign

The kids were very excited to head to Camp Minnie Mickey… Here they have a spot where four characters are out all day for signing and pictures. We didn’t actually go see them, but we did stop and see the sites. We had to get a picture of Daisy, being Sage’s favorite!

Daisy 2

Then we stopped to see Koda. We got his autograph…and a few pictures.

All of us with Koda


So fun! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kids Discovery


All through Animal Kingdom there are Kids Discovery Stations, where kids get to participate in activities, and learn about Wildlife Conservation. Which is really awesome, and doing this got Hunter his Wildlife Belt loop and pin for Cub Scouts! A plus for our day out….

Here are a few things we got to learn and see at these stations.

Trantula 2 This is the Tarantula we saw…. did you know these are not poisonous? They might bite, but not dangerous. Hunter thought it was cool, the girls not so much!

3yr old Tiger Paw

This is a tiger paw print. The tiger who made this print was only 3 yrs old, can you imagine? Sage tired to compare it to her hand…. she thought it was funny!

There were a few other stations which I was not able to get pictures of. One of them was a log, where they stuck their hands in and had to guess what they were feeling. Then they had to look for bugs on a list they were given that you might find in your backyard. Our last one we found, that was interesting was about tracking animals. They were officially learning about animal poop! For this they actually looked at Elephant poop, that had a glaze over it. Gross! I know… and yes I made the kids sanitize after! LOL!

So there you have our kids discovery stops. It was really cool, and the kids thought of it as an adventure!

Animal Kingdom


Sunday we spent the day in Disney! Andy finally had a day off from work on the weekend for the first time in weeks. Plus Nana & Papa had the day off, we were all excited to spend the day together. We arrived at the Animal Kingdom at a few minutes after 9am.  Our first stop was to see Timon! Sage was so funny with her need to hug them tight and not let go. Once inside the gates, we were at a loss as were to go.  To many directions, and so much to see! We started with a few trails in the front to see some animals.

Black Swan A Black Swan

One of my favorite things about the Animal Kingdom is all the different animals you can see, and get close too. Its amazing! Hunter is also a huge animal fan, so for him and I this is our favorite Disney Park. You can learn so much in a day here as well.  Next along the trail we saw some McCaw’s and an Anteater.

McCaw 3 A multi colored McCaw

Anteater 2

The Anteater, sleeping…so I couldn’t get his face.

I thought the Anteater was neat. They blend really well with things around them, it took us awhile to see it. I thought they resemble a skunk in color.

We traveled through these trails for awhile, seeing lots of birds and ducks. We were hoping to catch a glimpse of the Kangaroo but it wouldn’t come out of hiding. Rachel was very sad about this.  From there, we headed to the Tree of life, to see the “Tough to be a bug” show.

Tree of Life 2 You can’t take pictures inside the show, so I have a few from the line on the way in to share.

Another poster on the way in 

Entrance to Tough to be a bug With their 3d glasses on

The tough to be a bug show is a 3-d show. The girls were completely freaked out by it. Its cute, but a bit to real for the younger crowd I think. Sage was scared a bit, but just hid her head in my shoulder. Rachel on the other hand was crying! Not to worry it didn’t traumatize her or anything, she was fine at the end. Hunter thought it was the coolest thing ever!

I don’t want the post to get to long, so I’m going to break our day up in sections. Stay tuned for Kid Discovery, Camp Minnie & Mickey, Dinoland, Asia, and Africa.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Simple Women’s Day Book




For Today February 23, 2009

Outside my window.... is a sunny, clear blue sky’s day, bit chilly but should hit 70ish before the end of the day.  

I am thinking....  What a week, long!

From my imagination....Recipes

I am thankful for....  Non-stressful days! (is their such a thing)

From the kitchen.... Thinking of trying a caramel apple oatmeal that cooks in the Crockpot over night!

I am wearing..... My Pj’s I’m slow today!

I am reading.... Nothing this week.

I am hoping..... Our week is not as crazy and stressful this week.

I am creating... Nothing I really need to get my imagination back soon.

I am hearing....  the kids talking and cartoons.

One of my favorite things.... Simple things… I really rather have the simple things in life.

A few plans for the rest of the week..... Baseball practice, Cub scouts/ Pinewood Derby, Library, walks, cooking, picture taking, reading, laughing, playing, and having fun!

A picture I am Sharing....

The kids with Timon at the Animal Kingdom.

More to come on our day their later this week!

Picture 006

Manic Monday:


What's one of the simple pleasures in your life? My kids… they truly are the smile in my day! Even on the worst of days.
What do you like to snack on when you watch a movie? I love twizzlers, and popcorn. With a bottle of water or two!! :)
If you were a Survivor contestant, what would be your luxury item? I really don’t know…. Good food for thought. What would you want?

If you want to join in Manic Monday go HERE.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Part 4 of the derby car:


After much procrastination….. ok, maybe more like been really busy. We have finally managed to put his first coat of paint on his derby car. He choose Sliver to be his base coat. Which meant since it was so transparent, we had to put on three coats. I think was probably his favorite part. Now we have to weigh it, as it can not go over a certain weight. Then we have to put some weights on it, so it will go faster, and put the finishing touches on it. Then it will be time to RACE!

First coat

Decided to go with Sliver first

Random Pictures:


Alright I love the camera!

I really fly on this slide

Weee! That was fun! 

family moments

Look at that hair

Baseball Season is upon us…


After some anticipation, baseball season has begun. Hunter has been pretty excited about this…as we have been picking up some supplies. He needed a new glove, cause last year, he left it on the field at one of the last games, and was never found again! Of course we are not complete without a ball, and bat as well. (Especial if we plan on practicing at home, duh mom!) To make my life easier I pick up a equipment bag, so we would have a good storage spot for it all. Plus after much deliration, I decided to spend the money to get a pair of cleats. I wasn’t going to, but he only has one pair of sneakers, and I did NOT want them ruined…since he wears them to school. Now we are just waiting for the rest of his uniform, and he will be ready to go!

End of practice

I was anxious as the first practice arose. I was hoping we were not going to have a repeat of last year. Such as, staring off at the sky, chasing butterflies, digging in the dirt….and so on. I was so proud of him! His practice was 2 hrs long, and for most of you I’m sure you know that even a 6 yr old is hard to keep focused for 2 hrs! Well, I’m proud to announce, Hunter did very well until the last 20 minutes. He was focused, in his baseball ready stance, catching balls, and right on task. He had a few concerns with himself, as he felt he wasn’t good enough. We of course talked about how he hadn’t played since last June, and needed to practice some more. He is nervous as well this year, cause he is on Coach pitch this year, but here that means, a machine pitches to you. A bit intimidating for a 6 yr old. So, I am trying to find some batting cages we can go to for some extra practice! 

(sorry the picture is blurry, still getting used to my FIL camera)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Now this is a Rose…


Check out the size of this Rose! I got this for Valentine’s Day from Andy. He got it none other than Downtown Disney of course. When I saw the size of this, I was amazed. It was beautiful. The picture really doesn’t give it justice, but I wanted to show you how big it was compared to Sage. I still didn’t quite get it all in the picture. What did you do or get for Valentine’s Day?

Pretty Birthday girl with moommy's Rose from Valentines day!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Its one big bash going on over there... With lots of prizes to win. Some of them include, shoes, kitchen-aid, Usbourne Books, Natural Pod, and much much more. Make sure to pop by soon!

Thursday Thirteen




This week is the letter “G”

1. Google: I use this all the time! I don’t think, I go a day without using it.

2. Games: My family loves to play games. Our favorite with the kids would have to be Memory (of all themes). My favorite with out the kids is Monopoly!

3. Green Beans: My favorite vegetable….. So tasty!

4. Growing: That is what my babies are doing far to fast! Often leaving me the question, where does the time go?

5. Goodbye: I hate goodbye’s, so I try not to use the word often. It feels to final.

6. Grasshopper:  I think it is neat how they can rub their legs together, and create such a sound. We have these huge Grasshoppers down here. I have yet, to catch a picture, but when I do…. you are going to be shocked by the size!

7. Grandfather: Both of mine have passed away. One was sick as long as I can remember, and the other was dead before I was born. I always found it sad, I didn’t get to know them. I hope for my children to create that bond, I never got with there grandfather’s.

8. Griddle: I think this is the best tool you can have in the kitchen! Love mine!

9. Giraffe: My son loves them! I find their necks incredible! They are beautiful creatures. We love seeing them at the zoo.

10. Germany: I think it would be nice to visit there someday.

11. Girardelli’s: Amazing chocolate place! I love that at Downtown Disney their store gives out a sample of there flavors everyday! YUM! They also have amazing ice cream!

12. Glass: I think they do amazing things with glass. :) I would like to take my kids to a place where they blow glass.

13. Grande: I really wish, I had got my Grande caramel ice coffee this morning. Yum!

Stay tuned next week for the letter “H”

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

4 years old already!


On Monday, we embarked on a new adventure…as Sage turned 4 yrs old! What do we have to look forward no one really knows, but she is so similar to Hunter.. I suspect there will be some interesting adventures ahead. She amazes me more and more everyday with her stories, conversations and determination. Sage has learned to write her name, and wants to read. She loves to dance, sing, and run! She is a kind hearted spirited, full of love, and smiles. She is truly a blessing to have around. Happy Birthday my precious girl! I LOVE YOU!

Love this pic of Sage

Always got a hug ready for anyone who wants one.

Fell asleep on the way to pick up Dad

Could sleep anywhere……and snores loudly!

Another Monkey

Is brave and loves to climb!

Blow out the candles