Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!


For all you that have been following Hunter’s Pinewood Derby Car, the results are in. He had his race last night. First here is a picture of his finally product, after we finished painting it and putting on the wheels.

All finished

Here are some of the cars from the Pack:

All the cars lined up

You only race against your own den. So for example, Hunter only raced his car against his fellow Tigers. There are four of them total. The First race he came in 3rd. Second race he came in 1st, and the Third race he came in 2nd. I didn’t think we did to shabby for our first race! Here are a few shoots of his car in the race. He is the boy with the coat, and hat on…

First race, Hunter came in third

Second Race he was First

The top picture was the first race, the bottom one is the third race. Notice he just squeezed in first, it was a close one. He was a bit sad he didn’t win 1st, but he was happy that he was 2nd.

There for he gets to go to District on March 7th. However, we have a tough choice ahead of us, cause that is also the opening day for Little League! We have not decided which we will be doing yet, cause I don’t think we can do both.


Stinson Family said...

Way to go Hunter! Congrats on your races! I love the paint job too!

Manic Mom said...

What a great thing to do. I bet my kids would love this.

The Eagen's said...

Yay Hunter! Great job all around! I wish I was there to see his car race! He should be proud of himself!

Berry Patch said...

Great job, Hunter!