Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Morning:

1. When was the last time you vacuumed out your car?  I haven’t vacuumed my car since i got it from the dealership at the end of November. However, being in Florida, it is not something I have to do as often, plus I don’t allow the kids to eat in the car anymore… (yes, they don’t like me for that) I do need to go do it soon though.. (thanks for reminding me)

How often do you wash your car? Not as often as I probably should. I need to do that soon as well.

Do you wash it, or do you run it through a car wash service? I’m guilty I usually go to a car wash to do it. Put I did that more so in Maine, cause they had the special undercarriage thing so salt wouldn’t ruin the underneath of your car in winter. I should probably do it more myself now, no excuses. :(

How much money do you generally spend to wash your car? In Maine it cost me 11 dollars each time I did the undercarriage, otherwise only 6. I’m not sure what they charge here, I haven’t looked.

2. What kind of car do you drive?  I drive a Kia Sedona Mini Van

What color is it?  It is a Forrest Green

Do you like your car?  I do, its the first Kia I have owned, but so far so good. I love the features, I got a good deal on it, and it drives nicely.

How long have you had it? Is it reliable? I’ve had it now since Nov 29th. Yes, it is very reliable compared to the one I got rid of. I almost had to pay the dealership to take that one!!!

Would you recommend it to a friend? I would… they are a bit more costly in gas money, cause they are a heavier car. However, they are rated the safest in crash testing. Which makes me feel safer with my kids being in this vehicle.

If money were no object, what car would you buy for your family? Hmmm… if money was no object. Probably an Suv, just not sure which kind cause I have never really done all the research, as I can’t afford to buy one. But with all the extra’s, and 3 rd seating.

Now, which car would you buy for yourself?  For myself it is a toss up, I’d love to have a Ford Mustang, and I would also love to have an old Volkswagen Bug.

Do you have an opinion about people who drive expensive cars? (Jealous? Disgusted? Curious?) Curious…. sometimes you have to wonder how they afford to have such nice vehicles, with another two sitting at home, when they have 4 kids. But hey who am I to judge!

3. What’s the biggest thing on your mind right this moment? How to get Hunter to Maine for the summer. He is very eager to go spend the summer with my mom, and I think it would be good for him.

Why is this issue so important to you at this time? Cause I don’t like to let my children down.

4. Have you ever cried when hearing about the death of a celebrity? Not that I recall… but I do feel sorry for their families.

If so, who? And if so, why? Who was the last celebrity you remember feeling sorry for? John Travolta….

Why? Cause I think it is sad for any parent to lose a child at such a young age, whether they are sick or not.

Pick one celebrity you would miss if he/she were to die. Why this person? Don’t really know, as I don’t know any of them personally. I think it is sad anybody dies.

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