Sunday, February 8, 2009

Target Prescriptions:


If you follow me at all you know that Hunter recently had an ear infection. Well since moving to Florida we have or prescriptions done at Target. So far, I have been really impressed with them. First off they have a colored ring on each persons prescription, like for us, Hunter’s are blue. Letting you tell the difference between one family members apart from another quickly! Nice when you have three kids like me!

Secondly, with his newest prescription, I found another love! Do you have a hard time with liquid prescriptions? Getting the last couple doses out without a hassle? I get so frustrated with that sometimes. Well, Target has made it easier with their bottles, it has a cover on the top you insert the medicine dispenser they give you, and tip the bottle upside down…. no spilling just accurate dosages without a hassle! LOVE IT! Interested in switching go HERE….


Doesn’t that look easier than trying to get the dispenser all the way to the bottom to suck it up, and hope you get the right amount??

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Berry Patch said...

Very neat! I love using syringes for kids - so much easier if they don't want to take it to just squirt it in there. ;-)