Tuesday, June 30, 2009



When the girls got hungry we went out and explored a bit… We walked a block down the street to a nearby Pizza place… they served “New York” style pizza, and boy wasn’t it delish! I forgot to take a picture of it, but I did get this mural on the wall outside.

Pizza place mural

After lunch we took the long way back to the museum to get some fresh air and walk a bit. On the next block over we found these neat statues……

Man on a ladder

Angel statue I think

Mom and child one 

Then we found a park on our way back… so of course we had to stop.  Here are a few shots from that.

Cute butterfly in the park

Walk way of the park

View from the park

I didn’t get as many as hoped cause Sage fell head first down a set of cement stairs… only to get boo-boo’s on her knee! Phew!
I could have spent all day at this park, the girls didn’t feel the same way!

Our family loves to explore new places. What better way to spend your summer with some inexpensive fun, then go to a town you haven’t been to and see what it has to offer? Plus get some exercise in the process!  What kinds of things have you been up to this summer???

Monday, June 29, 2009

Simple Women’s Daybook:





For Today June 29, 2009

Outside my window.... Overcast…looking like rain again soon!

I am thinking.... It has been a very long week and so much has happened.

From my imagination....scrapbook pages for a book I’m making in honor of my Aunt.

I am thankful for.... A supportive family and friends… who are always there when I need them.

From the kitchen.... Nothing big tonight..

I am wearing..... Shorts, pink t-shirt, and bare feet

I am reading....  a new series called Sisters, Inc.

I am hoping..... my girls stop fighting, it has been bad this week.

I am creating... nothing this week. 

I am hearing.... The girls fighting again over something “Someone had first!!!” GRR!

One of my favorite things....talking to my family and friends.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Rachel’s dance, Library, relaxing, some swimming, time at the playground and lots of pictures!

A picture I am Sharing.…
A picture of Hunter… Learning to ride his bike without training wheels. (I really miss him)

Look at him go!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Explorations V

Last week I wrote a post about some places we would like to visit, which you can find here. We decided on Monday it was so hot out, and we wanted to get out of the house and have some fun, so we ventured off to Lakeland to the Children’s Museum!  (warning this post might get long with pictures…)

Lakeland is not a far ride from here really. Its about a half hour, so the girls were good for the ride, and anxious to see where we were going. I made it be a surprise! We parked a block away.. and walked to the museum to have a longer… on street parking was only for 2hrs.

Across the street from the museum was this beautiful park… with a few benches and a water fountain. Not sure what I love so much about them, but I find them absolutely beautiful! We ended up getting a 3 month pass cause it was $10 more than what we would have had to pay to get in.  So we now have til the end of September to go back and enjoy the museum as much as we would like.  We are eager to do this… and then if we like we can get a year pass for only $60 for our whole family with 6 other places we can also get into. However, they are a ways away from us, so not sure how much we would utilize that.

The first floor had so much stuff to offer, a water table, that showed the water cycle.. a police car, fire truck, theater, post office, space shuttle, doctor’s office, airplane, gazebo, TV station, bank, and grocery store! Here a  few of my favorite photo’s from this floor!

Picture 004

Picture 010

Picture 011

Picture 013

Picture 096

Picture 018

Picture 020

From there we went downstairs… which was only one big Orange grove and factory! This was really cool. As they had fake trees with little plastic oranges on them for the kids to pick, and a truck for them to pretend to drive and bring the oranges to their destination. Then there was this big playground that had plastic tubes you could send the oranges thru to either a house, grove stand, or the Juice factory… It was so hands on and imaginative! The girls loved it. Here are my best photo’s from there:

Picture 034

Picture 033

Picture 035

Picture 038

Picture 049

Picture 052

Picture 039

Picture 056

After our adventures in learning how oranges get from trees to juice we headed up to the 2nd floor… Where it was more mind related. The girls were not a huge fan of this part, but did find a few fun things to do with daddy. They built an arch which stayed standing until after we got downstairs. Plus a few other cool things they played with… here are some of those photo’s:

Picture 078

Picture 075

Picture 068

That concludes are trip to the Explorations V Children’s Museum. The kids had a blast and loved all the stuff they could do. Their favorite part of the whole place was of course the grocery store. They spent almost 3 hrs in there. Happy as clams! If only I had room to build one of those at home!  Be sure to stop by again tomorrow and see the other cool places we saw in Lakeland…
I’m leaving you with a couple pictures of this cool mural they had in the elevator there. 

Picture 064

Picture 065

Friday, June 26, 2009

Some summer fun:



Super crayon fun


Rach eating popsicle in B&W


I mean what is more fun than popsicles?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:


This week’s letter is “Y”
Yes that is right one more week and I’m done with the alphabet! Let’s see how I do with this one!

1. Yodel: I always thought the yodeling on the Sound of Music was cool. Can you Yodel? I know I can’t! I think it is kinda neat sometimes though.

2. Yams: I have never been a big fan of Yams. I tried them a couple of times, but didn’t think they were that great. Maybe its just the way my husband makes them! LOL! Anybody got a good recipe for them? Do you like Yams?

3. Yankee-Doodle: Is like one of the biggest songs that have always stuck in my head since I was a child. What is so darn cute about a guy who sticks macaroni in his hat??

4. Yap: I have been told on a few occasions that I tend to Yap a lot. I will admit, I can carry on for hours over nothing…but still not sure where I got my gift of “Yap” from? Do you like to talk?

5. Yogurt: I like a few yogurts. My favorite are the Yoplait whips… (specifically the strawberry) My kids will eat any and all yogurt put in front of them. They love it, plain, flavored or with extras on top! Do you have a favorite brand or flavor?

6. Yard Sales: I have never had “A Lot” of these, however I love to go to them. You know never know what kinds of bargains your going to find, or treasures you might stumble upon. I mean why buy brand new clothes for your kids when they are going to just play in them and ruin them in less than 2 times of wearing? Right? What was your favorite yard sale find?

7. Yarn: I used to collect some yarn. Not sure why really… as I was never a good knitter and couldn’t crochet but in a straight line. We occasionally used them for crafts, but I think it was the wide range of colors that appealed to me! I know, silly!

8. Year: Can you believe the year is officially half over? I mean what the heck?? It just started did it not? How can it really be that in 3 months we have been in Florida for a Year already??? I love that time doesn’t always drag, but I don’t like it when it goes so quickly either!

9. Yeast: I remember the first time I used Yeast to cook. Boy was it interesting. I couldn’t tell what was the right temperature of water without going to hot, or to cold. Why does it need to be so complicated???

10. Yellow: It was never really one of my favorite colors, but I must say it is starting to grow on me. As I get older, I’m liking the splashes of color a bit more. What is your favorite bright color?

11. Yellowstone National Park: This is one of those places on my list of places I would love to one day visit. Yes I will admit my list is a bit long, but I will someday manage to hit a few of them! What fun is life without a few cross country road trips really??

12. Yippee: Is by far one of my most favorite slang terms I love to use! I mean who doesn’t want to be saying Yippee!!! :)

13. Yo-Yo: A wonderful toy from my childhood. I always thought they were slightly boring then. I now find them fun, but get frustrated that I can’t do very well. Hunter has taken on trying to learn how to properly use one now. He is so cute trying!

Next week is the finally alphabet week. Ending with the letter “Z”
Should be a fun one to complete!
I’m still hoping to hear from some of you on some ideas for my continued “Thursday Thirteen” Posts… We would love to hear what you think! :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Floor pillow & Giveaway! :


I recently had the great opportunity of winning a beautiful Floor Pillow from this wonderful company Olive Kids! I decided to have it personalized for my middle daughter. Yes, I risk the problem of having my other two fight cause they didn’t get one, but I hope to get them one soon too. I was very impressed with the quality! They are a super nice soft plush fabric on the outside. Being a parent the best part for me of course was the cover unzipped to come off for washing! They have many different styles to choose from for boys and girls.

Rachel with her pillow 
Rachel with her pillow!

Rachel's new floor pillow
They will even personalize them…

Zips off 
The zipper is pretty well hidden so the kids don’t play with it as well. But easy to take out!

They have even been kind enough to sponsor a giveaway here on my site too.

WIN: One lucky reader is going to win a Personalized Placemat, Bookmark, and Name Tag of there choice. You can see them find them here.

To Enter: Go to Olive Kids and tell me what one of your favorite products are.

Extra Entries:
Leave an extra entry for each one for them to count.

  • Follow my blog
  • Blog about my giveaway and then leave a link in the comment.
  • Twitter about the giveaway and leave me a link to the page.

Rules: This contest is open to US residents only. All Non-bloggers must leave me an email to get in touch with you. The winner will have 48 hrs to respond to me, or I choose a new winner.
The winner will be chosen by Random.org
Giveaway ends July 1st @ 7pm.

Thanks to Olive kids! Good luck to all of you! Be sure to spread the word!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boredom Buster:


At summer camp the girls made a few instruments as seen here. As I was looking them over when they came home… I realized how easy they were to make, and that it would be a perfect rainy day project, or a boredom buster during the summer… First we will start with the Shaker.


As you can see they are just some small juice bottles. So when your kids are done using them, rinse them out and set aside. Then you can let them color or decorate the outside to make them pretty. Then just add a cup of rice and tape the lid on. (so to not have any accidental messes) Then there you have it!


These were just as easy….. The plastic part are just empty fruit or jello cups, washed out. Then you can color or decorate the outside again. Put a hole through the top to put a pipe cleaner thru for a handle. Then attach a bell on the other end of the pipe cleaner, and go to town! So cute, and yet simple!

Trumpet Blast

We call these Trumpet Blasts. They are just a toliet paper tube…. with a piece of water paper, colored or decorated glued on it. Then take a small circle of wax paper over the end, held by an elastic, and for extra measure and looks, tie a pretty string around it as well. Now these are not meant to blow in, or the wax paper falls off. You just hum into it, and it makes it sound louder. My girls go around yelling “TOOT, TOOT” in them!

All you need is a drum, and you would have a mini band! Get your kids to march around the house or outside pretending to be in a marching band. An easy way to get their imaginations going!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Simple Women’s Daybook:



For Today June 22, 2009

Outside my window.... Sunny and bright!

I am thinking.... I’ve got my blade for my cutter, I can squeeze in some scrapbooking this week!

From my imagination....craft projects for the girls, and some scrapbook pages.

I am thankful for.... Such a loving family… I am truly blessed, it just took me awhile to see it.

From the kitchen.... Meatloaf maybe?

I am wearing..... Shorts, purple tank top, and croc’s of course!

I am reading....  nothing waiting for some more to come in from the library!

I am hoping..... Rachel enjoys her summer dance class that starts tomorrow!

I am creating... more organized space, less stress, more time to fit in some exercise!

I am hearing.... Silence, after a long week at summer camp last week the girls are sleeping in today!

One of my favorite things....listening to Hunter tell me about his day over the phone!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Rachel’s dance, couple trips to the Library, relaxing, some swimming, time at the playground and lots of pictures!

A picture I am Sharing.…

A picture the girls sent me on my phone while I was in Maine! They are so much fun!

Picture 013

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father’s Day:


Here are a few photo’s from our Father’s day… The girls enjoyed spending the day with daddy…but we missed Hunter greatly!

Picture 014

Picture 004

Picture 017

Picture 002

Picture 006

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The girls week of Summer Camp:


Being new to our community (ok will less than a year new) my girls have not had many chances to meet new kids. As they are both not in school, and to young for most activities.
So when I heard that a local church was doing a Summer camp 3 hours a day for a week, I jumped on it. They teach them song, dance, and art. What more could a little girl want?
Sage was a bit shy at first not wanting me to leave her.. never cried just held Rachel’s hand. It was priceless really. Rachel was a great big sister and made her feel safe. I was very proud of them both.
The girls have made friends with a few of the smaller kids there… maybe not lasting friendships, but got them used to talking to others. They have really enjoyed this week, and hate to see it end.

Here are a few things they did:

Summer Camp 09 stuff 
These are the things the girls made at summer camp over the week. They had much fun with….

Both girls with their crown 
Of course not complete without their Princess hats!

Also not pictured here they played the piano and drums. Oh didn’t they love that!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Book Basket:


Book Basket


This was our first week back on track at the library… It was so nice to get back there, and to have our routine back in order. Here are the books we read this week:

If you give a cat a cupcake by Laura Numeroff: Now this author has a lot of similar books, they are are hit among my children. The girls really thought this book was cute, and funny.

Grandma Lena’s Big Ol’ Turnip by Denla Lewis Hester: Not one of the greatest books we have read, but it was cute. The girls laughed a few times.

Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball bully by Julianne Moore: This was a cute book and shows kids not to be scared about things until you try it. Might not be as scary as you think in the end.  Very cute book for younger girls.

I’m not going to SCHOOL today! by Robbie Harris: A very good book for any child starting school. My girls like this one. My middle daughter enjoyed it most, since she will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.. But it shows that even if you don’t know where everything is, or what is going to happen, its ok to be a bit scared. 

Freckleface Strawberry by Julianne Moore: As you can see there are a couple of these books. My girls like both. I particularly liked this book, cause I have freckles and remember trying some of the stunts she did. It is a very cute book.  Shows that being different can sometimes be ok, and fun! 

Happy Housewife will not be posting these again until July 30th, due to her move. I will continue to post each Thursday just the same..so feel free to stop back by!

Thursday Thirteen:


This weeks letter is “X”
I may not be able to come up with 13, but I will try my best!

1. X-ray: I have had a few of these. More than I would care to have, but have yet to ever really break any bones, just came darn close, and a few times wished I had, cause it would have been less painful! :)

2. X-mas: I love this slang word for Christmas as it makes it easier to write when in a hurry! Lazy I know! Lol!

3. Xenodocheionology: Can anyone guess what this word is? No, ok I will tell you then. It means “love for Hotels”. Interesting don’t you think?

4. Xerotic: I would rather live in an area like this, instead of a humid state. However, no plans for me to move to Arizona anytime soon!

5. Xiphopagus: Another word I would like to share with you. Do you know what this one means? It means conjoined twins joined by a band of flesh on the torso. Can you imagine how many words are out there that we never knew?

6. Xylology: I think this profession might be interesting… What do you think? Do think it would be fun to study wood all day long?? How many different kinds do you think exists!

7. Xylopolist: This is a person that sells wood! Interesting name don’t you think?

8. Xylotypographic: A process printed from wooden blocks. I love prints made from blocks, aren’t they very unique?

9. Xography: Another interesting word. This means photographic process for producing three-dimensional images.

10. Xenurine: The girls and I saw an Armadillo this morning. This is a species of armadillo!

11. Xenodochial: This has lots its meaning in our world I think for the most part anyhow! I do think that it needs to make a come back… and I work on it with my kids often. This word means: hospitable; kindly to strangers!

12. Xebec: Hunter thought this word was neat. As it means small three-masted pirate ship. What little boy doesn’t like a good pirate ship??

13. Xanthometer: Another good word to add to your vocabulary! I love to look up new words every now and again how about you? This one means: instrument for measuring color of sea or lake water!

I hope you enjoyed my “X” list and learned some new words. I know I did! Only two more letters left… so if their are any special Thursday thirteen’s you would like to see me do… feel free to leave me a message! Have a good weekend!
Stay tuned next week for the letter “Y”