Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baseball Season is upon us…


After some anticipation, baseball season has begun. Hunter has been pretty excited about this…as we have been picking up some supplies. He needed a new glove, cause last year, he left it on the field at one of the last games, and was never found again! Of course we are not complete without a ball, and bat as well. (Especial if we plan on practicing at home, duh mom!) To make my life easier I pick up a equipment bag, so we would have a good storage spot for it all. Plus after much deliration, I decided to spend the money to get a pair of cleats. I wasn’t going to, but he only has one pair of sneakers, and I did NOT want them ruined…since he wears them to school. Now we are just waiting for the rest of his uniform, and he will be ready to go!

End of practice

I was anxious as the first practice arose. I was hoping we were not going to have a repeat of last year. Such as, staring off at the sky, chasing butterflies, digging in the dirt….and so on. I was so proud of him! His practice was 2 hrs long, and for most of you I’m sure you know that even a 6 yr old is hard to keep focused for 2 hrs! Well, I’m proud to announce, Hunter did very well until the last 20 minutes. He was focused, in his baseball ready stance, catching balls, and right on task. He had a few concerns with himself, as he felt he wasn’t good enough. We of course talked about how he hadn’t played since last June, and needed to practice some more. He is nervous as well this year, cause he is on Coach pitch this year, but here that means, a machine pitches to you. A bit intimidating for a 6 yr old. So, I am trying to find some batting cages we can go to for some extra practice! 

(sorry the picture is blurry, still getting used to my FIL camera)

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Berry Patch said...

Have fun! I'm not sure what we are going to do about baseball this year. I don't think I can committ to it like I did last year. That was a crazy schedule. I'm thinking of looking in to marital arts & trying to get it so they all go at the same time! ;-)