Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Last Day of April

As the last day of April goes down with the sun, and the frist day of May emerges. I must say, time has flown this month. A recap of the month, baseball has started... Hunter is now 6 yrs old, and training is under way for another extra curricular activity. :)
For this family May is a extremely busy month. We have lots of birthdays in the month of May. I think there is atleast 2 a week, sometimes more. Hunter's frist game is May 13th, which is a home game. I am hoping to work a couple of days this month. Andy's birthday is frist up on the list, followed by lots of friends and family, and then me! Its hard to believe that I am going to be 29 yrs old. UGH! Where does time go? So off with April Showers, Bring on the May flowers! :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday Night Fun!

Saturday's at the bertone house are usually our family nights..... Although once or twice a month we try to get together with some friends. This past saturday (March 26th) we went to Amanda & Eric's house for a cookout/game night. Adawna & Aaron joined our evening of fun as well. Making our total 8 children and 6 adults (3 of them most of the time acting like children) lol.. This saturday we decided to have a cookout, so eric cooked up the chicken, while us gals chatted it up. The kids played on the swings and ran like wild animals! :) Then after dinner we had some reallly good smore's on at the fire pit. A great way to start the summer I must say. Then after our wonderfull snack of the evening, we retreated inside, as the mosquito's are out! Ick! The kids settled in by watching a movie, and most were out within minutes. Then us adults played a tacticle game of Life (electronic).. Sad I know..but I must say. We have a blast, lots of laughs. Couldn't ask for a better time among friends. It has made a huge difference in our families, and friendships to do this a few times a month. Great place to have free fun! Never do we walk away without some laughs, and practical jokes. Somehow I got drenched this weekend. I enjoy our times tremendously! Thanks guys!

Aaron & Adawna

Eric being a dork!

Hunter, Autumn, & Isaac eagerly awaiting the Smore's


As April comes to an end, yes it is only days away. I wanted to just state... that I was really proud of myself. I have blogged more than I ever thought I would. Although, I have found lots of fun in it.. to keep friends and family up to date, and to show off the kids pictures! :) Thanks to all you that have read and looked at it. Hopefully I will be just as good in May!

Friday, April 25, 2008

April Vacation Fun

The Bertone Children havin a great vacation.... Above you will notice them playing in the dirt! They found the mud on more than one ocassion... and loved to play in it. Then to the side you will see hunter on his new bike.... He is getting to be such a big boy. Also, on their vacation Rachel got a new bike as well from Nana & Papa. We spent a ton of time outside this week. They certainly look like it too! They grandparents from florida were also here for the week. So we spent alot of time with family. Weather was diffently on our side this week. We really couldn't have asked for a better week... We have had a really enjoyable time! To end our really good week, we went to the Skowpendous Night in Skowhegan.... where they got new bike helmets, lots of free food, and a great time! We even won a bucket of fun. Which was a bucket with skittles, pencil, a bag, and movie tickets! Of course Andy and I claimed the tickets... which was great timing cause our birthday's are next month. The kids were really excited that we won. Unfortunetly, we were one number away from winning lunch at the Heritage House in Skowhegan. (a really nice restraunt) So, that was the end to our really great vacation week!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The Baseball Season is upon us!! I must say that Hunter is so excited. His favorite sport is soccer, but I must say he really is getting into baseball this year! He even has a favorite team this year! Can you guess what it is?? That's right "THE REDSOX"!! He is really cute when he says it! I'm hoping to get him to a Seadogs game this year. I think he will really enjoy it. Although, if you look at him during pratice, my son will be the child out in the field pickin his nose, or staring off in space!!! He is a great batter, and has a great arm, but he is afraid of the ball when it comes time to catch it. So, I need to work on that with him. Maybe if I wrap pillows and duct tape around him, he would be ok?? What do you think??? The name of his team this year is the "EMBDEN MUD DOGS". Yes, the children picked that out this year. Pretty inventive! I think, that they will do a good job. I will keep you updated. Our frist game is May 13th.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hunter's frist play

Hunter had his frist play the night of his birthday! He was so excited. They particed all week long during school hours, and then presented the play on friday at noon, and again that evening. I was very excited to watch it. He is the middle child in the picture. He was a firefly! He was so cute to say none the least! These children did a wonderful job to say none the least. I video taped the whole thing.... Had to keep that on hand! For the time these children had to partice, learn songs, and remember lines they couldn't have done better. They were taught by a couple in New Hampshire who brings the props and costumes. They do a wonderful job. Every child in the school was able to participate if they wanted too.. They put on the Princess and the Pea. I was very proud of my little man! :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hunter's Sixth Birthday!

Hunter made it to six years old.. Can you believe it? I am still in shock....that time has passed so fast. I mean really, were does the time seem to go. He had a very full birthday. He had a few friends from school at his party, and an old friend from preschool. He was wicked excited. This years theme was Dinosaurs... as you can see from the cake. One of his favorite presents was his imaginex dinosaur... from his friend Skylar. It roars, and stomps like a real dino. Way cool!! :) He had a great time. Hunter also had another party with family where he recieved a new bike (from his Nana and papa from flordia). It was a very exciting birthday!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mud, Water and Rocks

Two things that children love to get into when you ask them not too! So the weather has been incredible the last few days!! In the mid 60's! Therefore, the kids and I have been outside enjoying the beautiful weather! We have been riding bikes... and kicking some balls around. Well both times I have asked the kids to not go in the mud puddles, and the muck! Of course you know that is the first place they went... Sage took a head dive in the mud, covered the pants, coat and went in her mouth. Boy was she mad! I thought it was rather cute... lol... Then Rachel decided to go running around with her frog boots on, while waiting for the bus. Wouldn't you know she would fall down on her knee's in the mud with her BRAND NEW WHITE TIGHTS! She stands up and says to me "its ok, YOU can wash them" Then their is Hunter he feels the need to go right through the mud and water with every and I mean every pair of sneakers he owns!!! AHHHH!! So, my detail today has been doing laundry to clean all these mud covered clothes, coats, shoes, and boots. Despite this all, I must say how excited I am that Spring is here! I love the weather and the smells, and flower..... I love it! May you all have a great spring! More photo's to follow. (Notice I picked a spring color!)

Hunter's 6th Birthday!

Tomorrow is Hunter's 6th Birthday! Wow I can't believe the time has passed so fast! He is so grown up.. All 43 pounds of him, and his little bluish green eyes. He is starting to get freakles on his cheeks and it is so cute! :-) A couple months ago, he got a loose tooth.... I can't even begin to tell you how excited he was to have a loose tooth like all the other kids in his class. (just to give you alittle background... Hunter didn't get his frist tooth until he was 14 months old) His likes are so varied.. He likes dinosaurs, star wars, animals in general, cars, and pirates of the Carribean. Hunter is into sports, he really loves soccer, and baseball. We are upon baseball season, and I will be posting some pictures soon. Our frist game is May 13th...
Time is going by so fast, sometimes it even amazes me! I'm very proud though, he is a polite, caring, sweet boy! He makes his momma proud. He is a very amazing little man!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm fed up with the decisions our school board keeps making for our school. So, I have stepped away from the meetings for awhile..... Meanwhile... I am trying to make a really hard decision. How do you ever really know you are making the right decision for your child??? I mean no matter what you decide, you can never be completely sure ... can you??? So, I am going out on a limb... and hoping for a really good outcome. I have already decided to homeschool my daughter who will be 5 in October... I'm also very excited to have found a follow mom who knows what it is like to deal with a daughter that has Sensory Ingreation Disorder. I really cannot tell you how happy I am about that. It gives me so much relief in a lot of ways. Anyway back to my really big dilemia. So, hunter had a huge melt down at school yesterday. I feel as though the teacher already has a big target on his back... and then this happens. He is so unhappy in this class. (I know that goes against my orginal statement) After this incident and the things he has told me. I believe that he is just not doing well there. He is bored, and she refuses to challenge him. I think he really needs to have some hard work. He loves to do school work, as we do it at home all the time during the summer. By his request!! Therefore, I have decided that I think he will do better at home. I have made the decision to homeschool him as well next year. I think this will benefit him in the long run. He needs to be challenged and have his time with mommy that he feels he is missing out on. Yes, he told me that he is upset that school takes his time with me away... (out of his own mouth) So, I have decided that I think he will do better here. I am pretty excited about this venture, and hope that I am making the right decision. I am still working on what is best for the school, as I think that they are going to be losing a huge asset to this town if our school is closed... since it is one of the only things holding this town together. Thanks again for listening! ;)


Spring has finally sprung!!! Yippee! That makes me oh so happy.... I used to be irrated about mud, but this year I find myself looking for mud! Doesn't that just sound wrong! :)
With Spring has come Baseball... and that made all the kids excited. Hunter has started baseball pratice this tuesday... and we are off to pratice again tonight. I can't wait to be able to see him play in his games again. I can't describe the cool feeling of watching him play sports, and being there to cheer him on!! I love it! That is what being a mom is all about.
The girls are excited cause they are playing Tee-ball again. I have started a Tee-ball team here in embden, and I am very excited because I have had a great turn out. We are waiting for the snow to go away, so we can start it.... so the girls are getting impatient. SO we are wishing for it to melt very soon.
We are very excited to get ourselves outside to enjoy our new weather. Lots of exciting stuff going on...... Till next time