Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Morning:


1. How many coats do you own?  Like 2, that might classify as a jacket, not sweatshirt!

Do have a good coat? One is an LL Bean

Casual coat? Summer jacket? etc. I just use hoodies or sweatshirts!

Do you wear coats very often? Or do you have a tendency to leave your coat at home whenever you go out? Not really, I’m not a huge fan of coats!

What is your favorite coat? Why is this one your favorite?  Don’t really have a favorite!

Care to model it for us?

2. You’ve learned a thing or two about this thing we call blogging. Tell us one thing you don’t recommend to other bloggers. Not really sure I have found anything you shouldn’t do yet. Hmmm…

Tell us one thing you do recommend to other bloggers. Using twitter, or follow other peoples blogs to get more traffic on your own.

3. Is cursive writing a lost art? Not sure it is a lost art, but not used as much as it should.

Should good penmanship be taught?  Can good penmanship be taught???

Tell us about your handwriting - good / bad? I think, I have ok handwriting. I do this weird have cursive, half not. Its not as nice as some people I know.

Do you think your children have good handwriting (given their appropriate age, of course).  The only one of my children that can write is my 7yr old son, and he has decent handwriting if he tries, and slows down!

4. Have you ever struggled with infertility? No, I have not, but one of my really good friends did. I can’t imagine having to go through that. I felt for her all during her struggle.

If you haven’t, or if it wasn’t the hardest thing you’ve ever had to go through — what was?

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The Eagen's said...

I love question #4! It's not very often that this is asked openly or something that people openly discuss. I often refer to infertility as the 'silent' disease. Such a shame that infertility isn't discussed more because there are a lot of people out there suffering from it that could use the support! BTW, thank you for always being there for me before my dream of motherhood came true. ;-)