Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Thirteen…



Today’s letter is “E”!

1. Eskimo: I’d love to meet one in real life, wouldn’t you? I mean to live in such extreme cold… I couldn’t do it!

2. Elephant: So big but in their own way yet, so elegant. Don’t you think? I got the chance to ride on one once at the fair. I would like to go visit some in Africa.

3. Eggplant: One vegetable I have tried, but just can’t seem to like. I think it really has an acquired taste. What about you do, you like eggplant?

4. Europe: I have always wanted to visit Europe. I never got to go when the school went cause I was always a year early or a year late arriving. (I went to 3 different High Schools) I hope to make it there some day before I die.. I think it would be an amazing trip.

5. Explorer: Don’t you think it would be a cool job to be an explorer. I mean going from country to country, place to place, to see incredible sites. I’ve always found I have a big part of me that is an explorer.

6. E-bay: You can truly find some amazing deals on there, if you are patient. I like to go in and look every once and awhile, to see what I can find. Never really bought a lot off it, cause I’m never around when they are ending.

7. Embden: A very small town in Maine. Most people have never heard of. I lived there for various parts of my life, one of the last being right before I moved here. I miss it a lot some days, but deep down I can’t deny I’m a city girl.

8. Encouragement: This is a splendid word, cause it is not used much anymore… in my opinion. I believe there is not enough of this in America's youth anymore. I encourage my children every chance I get. I let them know they can do anything they put their mind too. Can never be under used!

9. Eight: Can you believe that my son is only 1 yr and 2 months away from being 8! Where does that time go? Why does it not slow down any?? He seems so big now, he has loss his baby look. I’m sad to see him grow up so fast. :(

10. Emotional: This is something I don’t think I have ever really been, until the last couple years. I don’t know why. Hunter has always been emotional. He is starting to come out of it a bit. I keep telling him it is a good quality to show your emotions, he just needs to get them under control.

11. Education: Wow, this has become something so over looked. It seems like schools are more eager to push them through, and get them out, then make sure they are well educated. Sad, it is. Parents really need to make a stand, and pay attention. So far, so good for Hunter, we will see how next year goes with Rach.

12. Economy: My hope is that the new President knows what he is doing, and it will be on the rise again soon. I’m scared to see what so many will do if they are forced to go into a true recession. Are any of us really prepared for this? So let us all hope for our country to turn around!

13. Earache: Oh, don’t I hate earaches. I used to have them as a child, and I would cry all night long. I don’t have them anymore, now that I am older, unless I’m severely stuffed up. My poor little man gets them often though. I’m hoping he soon outgrows. KNOCK ON WOOD…. he has not had a problem in almost a year!!!!!

There you have the "E’s” ……. Stay tuned next week for the letter “F”!


Martha said...

Excellent "E"s!
As for eggplant... I have given up trying to cook with it, but I have had some yummy asian dishes with baby eggplants!

kandyblossom said...

Nice list!

Eggplant...I have learned to eat it in the last year. Makes a good pizza topping.