Monday, May 31, 2010

I’m sorry….



that it has taken me so long, to get the winners up. I have been really busy this past week. A very close friend of mine had a heart surgery done, and so I have been helping my friend and her family while she recovers. Then this weekend, I spent time with my family since I had been gone all week. Again, I apologize, and hope that everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend. Without further ado, the winners are:

For the Indivisible Book:

The winner is….. #2

Sheri said...

I follow your blog.


For Cascadian Farms Prize Pack:

The winner is…. #9

AF_wife said...

I'm following your blog!


You both have 48hrs to respond to my email. Or I will have to choose another winner.

Congrats again!!!

Simple Woman’s Daybook:







For Today May 31st, 2010


Outside my window- It is sunny and beautiful! 

I am thinking- Wow, how can it be Memorial Day already?? Where has the month gone?

I am thankful for- lots of laughs, and time with my kids. They truly are amazing! 

From the kitchen- I need to go dig through the freezer for an idea. Chicken maybe? Macaroni salad? Not sure.

I am wearing-  Shorts, a t-shirt, and my croc’s

I am reading-  Shades of Morning and Scars & Stiletto’s

I am hoping-  that me and the kids have a great summer.

I am creating-  a curriculum for the summer. My kids have some stuff to do to be ready for next year.

I am hearing- The fans running… boy is it hot in here!

One of my favorite things-  lemonade on a hot day…

A few plans for the rest of the week….  Dance, Library, errands, and a dance recital this weekend. Not much this week… pretty calm week.

A Picture I'm sharing-  Fireworks!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!




Oh my its official I’m old! Hahaha! Ok, maybe not that old, but really some days it feels like it. Strange I never really felt all that old, and people always told me how young I looked, and then this year…. I started to feel old. Maybe cause my baby is starting kindergarten in the fall, or all those aches and pains are catching up to me, or maybe all the white hairs…. not really sure. However, I do know that because I am feeling older, I must look older.

I’m off enjoying my birthday with my family and friends… but I will be back in the morning with my posting of the Cascadian Farms Prize Pack winner…Be sure to enter!!!!

Anyone wanna take guesses on how old I am today??

I’ll post the correct age on Friday!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The last few things on …….


the Smart Mom’s Roadshow I attended in Tampa a few weeks ago… I posted a few blogs about some of the products here, here, and here.

I just want to thank Maria Bailey from MomSelect again… I had a fabulous time and loved being able to have an event so close to me that I could attend. I hope to broaden my horizons and go to a few more over the next year.

Here are a few more products I was able to learn about while there as well.

  • BioGaia Probotic’s to help people…A straw that you place in a drink, so you get the help without the taste!
  • B-Natal Therapops … A great way to stop morning sickness, all wrapped up in a lolly pop!
  • Parigi – A popular line of kids clothing. I talked about Apple Bottoms in one of my post, and there was also: Puma, LRG for boys, and Akademiks
  • Pandigital Photolink One-touch scanner, where you can scan all your photos in seconds without a computer. Great for all those old film pictures you have laying around!!!
  • Milson Road- where you can have a collage of old newspaper articles displayed from certain dates. Whether it be a birth of a child, graduation, or wedding! It was really cool, and the collage will never fade like real newspaper!
  • Like-wear- which is a company run by a mom. Where you can get any favorite candy logo on your clothes. Best of all children's clothes, that Children LOVE!
  • Precious Moments- I remember them as a child. I always though they were so adorable. Now I get to share that with my kids. Great for a nursery!

That is all of the wonderful companies we got the opportunity to learn about.  A great group of companies to have the chance to work with. Thank you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I may be….



MIA for a few days… 


I can’t go into great detail cause it is not my story to share. I will say that one of my Best Friends, is getting ready for a major surgery tomorrow. Therefore, I am helping out with her kids… and whatever I can. With that said…


I may not have a chance today or tomorrow to get on and post anything. So, I wanted you all to know. I will be back by Friday at the latest, and have everything posted, and giveaway winners up! Thanks for understanding!


Keep us in your prayers, and have a wonderful week. I will try to keep some updates on my twitter… if your interested.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Our First Official Girl Scout Trip



Wow, it seems really weird that my kids are old enough to be heading out on trips with the Girl Scouts! Where has the time gone?? They are so cute in their uniforms though! :)


Last night we headed to a local city, and watched a baseball game. The girls were able to go out and do a pregame parade…but our girls found a balloon guy that makes hats… Yup, that was far more interesting! Well, see for yourself!


After the game, we got to set up our tent on the field… and snuggle in for a movie on the big screen. The girls were super excited! Here are a few shots from our night…







We had a great time! Despite not going to sleep at all, and the girls being up til 2am. But Hey! That is part of the fun right??? We are excited to do way more things with the Girl Scouts over the years!

Simple Woman’s Daybook:







For Today May 24th, 2010


Outside my window-  The sun is shining the birds are flying… looks to be a gorgeous, but hot day.

I am thinking- Phew, one more thing coming to an end tonight…


I am thankful for-  my girls… and the time and special things we get to do together!

From the kitchen- Nothing… Not my night to cook…Busy busy I am… Think the hubs, is making chicken breast for dinner.

I am wearing-  Shorts, girl scout leader shirt, and my croc’s

I am reading-  Nothing at the moment, but almost time to pick up my new book and start it!

I am hoping-  a fun filled, laughter filled, happy summer vacation with my kiddo’s! Time is to precious to let it waste you by!

I am creating-  Lots of papers for the end of the year, and schedules for the summer.

I am hearing- Sage reading a book to herself… and the quiet of the house.

One of my favorite things-  Crazy laughter! The kind when your so tired, that life is just so crazy and happy that you must laugh, and tears are formed… Oh the fun!

A few plans for the rest of the week….  Dance, Girl Scouts , Cub Scouts, Library, errands, and some fun! My birthday is this week too…

A Picture I'm sharing- The girls at the baseball game this weekend! More on that experience to come later today!



Sunday, May 23, 2010

Drum Roll PLEASE!!!!

And the winner for the 3 pack of Sugar Free Ring Pops is......


Mami2jcn said...

Ring Pop Facebook fan (Mary Happymommy)


Please be sure to check your email and get back to me in 48hrs... Or i will have to chose a new winner. Thanks to all those who entered, and be sure to check back for more great giveaways going on!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Asking for Trouble by Sandra Byrd Book Review:



Asking for Trouble Book cover


About the Book:

When her family moves to London, 15-year-old Savvy Smith has to make her way in a new school and a new country. She just knows the school newspaper is the right place for her, but she doesn’t have the required experience, and the cute editor-in-chief is not looking to train anyone. She has to come up with a way to prove herself and nab the one available position on the newspaper staff at Wexburg Academy.
London Confidential is a new series where British fashion, friendships, and guys collide, and where an all-American girl learns to love life and live out her faith


About the Author:

Best-selling author Sandra Byrd has published nearly three dozen books in the Christian market, including her latest series, French Twist, which includes the Christy finalist Let Them Eat Cake (2007) and its sequel, Bon App├ętit (2008). Many of her acclaimed fiction and nonfiction books target the tween and young adult market. She has also published a book for new moms entitled Heartbeats. Several of Sandra's shorter works appear in periodical markets such as Relevant, Clubhouse, Pockets, Decision, and Guideposts. For the past seven years, she has shared her secrets with the many students she mentors through the Christian Writers Guild. Before turning to full-time writing, Sandra was an acquisitions editor in the ABA market. She lives in the Seattle, Washington, area with her husband and two children.

Here are some questions and answers from the author…

  • Why did you write the London Confidential series?
  • Each of us, as women, remember what it's like to be a young woman, struggling to find our place in the world. Some girls have family issues, some have friendship issues, some have school issues, most of us have more than one concern. Whenever I write for young women I hope to provide them with an enjoyable read that validates their concerns, shows them that they are not alone, and provides encouragement to stay the course and see what wonderful things the Lord has just around the next corner.

    The world feels a little depressed right now, too. I wanted to provide a happy, hopeful read and not a heavily issues-driven series. The London Confidential books are, I hope, fun to read.


  • What are some of the biggest struggles for teen girls today? What do you hope teen girls will take away from the series?

Truly, as Ecclesiastes says, there is nothing new under the sun. The issues that young women had when I was growing up are the same ones that my daughter has. Who am I? How can I make a difference? Where do I fit in? Am I loved? Why are people hurtful? While they may have different formats, for example, the internet, texting, or movies, the issues remain essentially the same.

But that's good news! That means that we women have walked these paths and have hopefully found our way. It enables us to be Girl Guides, the British world for Girl Scouts, in a physical, emotional, and spiritual sense. Just as we're instructed to do in Titus 2. We can do this in person, or we can do it by buying a good book to pass along to our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and friends.

  • What can readers look forward to in the final two London Confidential books?

The final two books in the series release on September 1, 2010 and talk about good friendships and bad, why it's important for Christian girls to stick with only liking, even crushing on, Christian boys, how to persevere in times of trouble, and taking your first adult steps in your faith. When girls open any of the books, they'll find a girl who is a lot like them, with dreams and hopes and fears like theirs, and God who works things out in ways they would not have imagined.  There are friendship ups and downs, school ups and downs, guy ups and downs, family issues and lots of fun. I wanted to write books that would be fun to read, and yet still be meaningful. I hope the girls find the books to be just that.



My Thoughts:

This book, is very cute. I thought it was a fantastic book for teens, and young adults. Very well written, and put together. I love that she pushes to find a way to fit in, and move on despite it being difficult. That she doesn’t give up when it gets tough. More teens should read this! My girls are not old enough yet to enjoy this, but when they are, this will be a book I suggest for them. I could relate to this book as well, cause I have moved so many times in my life. Its not always easy to readjust.

Here is a book trailer ….

Buy it:

Barnes & Nobles for around $7


* Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday’s Coupon Round-up:


Sorry there wasn’t one last week. It was a crazy week, and my daughter ended up getting sick…and of course I had a bazillion things to do before I left for my camping trip. UGH!

Therefore, meaning I couldn’t get everything on my to-do list done. Yup, I’m not super woman after all.

$5/1 Tag Leapster Book

$1/1 Oscar Myer Deli Meat

$1/1 Kraft Deli Deluxe Cheese

$1.50/1 Keebler Cracker

$2/2 Huggies Wipes

This is all I was able to find this week. Happy Shopping!!!





Life In spite of Me by Kristen Anderson Blog Tour & Giveaway:

Life, In Spite of Me

About the Book:
Kristen Anderson thought she had the picture-perfect life until strokes of gray dimmed her outlook: three friends and her grandmother died within two years. Still reeling from these losses, she was raped by a friend she thought she could trust. She soon spiraled into a seemingly bottomless depression.
One January night, the seventeen-year-old decided she no longer wanted to deal with the emotional pain that smothered her. She lay down on a set of cold railroad tracks and waited for a freight train to send her to heaven…and peace.
But Kristen’s story doesn’t end there.
In Life, In Spite of Me this remarkably joyful young woman shares the miracle of her survival, the agonizing aftermath of her failed suicide attempt, and the hope that has completely transformed her life, giving her a powerful purpose for living.
Her gripping story of finding joy against all odds provides a vivid and unforgettable reminder that life is a gift to be treasured. 

About the Author:
Kristen Jane Anderson has been featured on Oprah and is a popular speaker at colleges, women’s and youth events, churches, and suicide prevention outreaches. A graduate of Moody Bible Institute and the founder of Reaching You Ministries, Kristen seeks to help those who are hurting, hopeless, lost, suicidal and depressed.

My thoughts:
This book was a hard read for me at times, cause i have been there a few times myself. Wanting to give up and not look back. I was lucky enough to find my way back out. Depression can be a very evil thing. With that said… reading this book, really inspires you to fight harder. Move over those hurdles and find the things that really matter. I would definitely would suggest this book to annoy who needs some help finding there way back. Amazing, and inspiring book!
Buy It:
Win It:
I have one copy to give to one lucky reader!

Tell me what helps you get through a bad day.  (mandatory)
Giveaway ends June 9th @ 10pm EST. Open to US residents only… The winner will be chosen by and will have 48hrs to respond to my email, or I will have to chose another winner.
*This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Huggies MomInspired Grant



Huggies MomInspired


Also while at the Smart Moms Bloggers Conference we learned about a special project Maria from MomSelect had been working on. This is such a wonderful thing!

Do you know or are you one of those moms that have fantastic ideas?? However, have no money to back this inspiration, project, or idea up? So, you just put it on a back burner? Well, thanks to Kimberly-Clark Huggies Brand they might be able to embark on this dream.

The Huggies MomInspired Grant Program is a place you can go and sign up to win a grant. Where mom’s can think about dreaming again. They give away grants every quarter. This quarter ends June 11th, so hurry and get your name in there. Or tell someone you know could use the help!

This program is open moms who have an idea or already have a product/business and need additional funding to take it to the next level. Please note that the business or idea does not have to be one that fits within the Kimberly-Clark portfolio of products.This is all about helping moms nurture their business ideas and help them grow.

So what are you waiting for head to right now to apply!!!

*By posting this information, I am entered into a contest to win a $250 American Express gift card from MomSelect. I did not receive any compensation for this post and thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


Zippity Doo’s Hair Care Review and Giveaway!



Zippity header


Have you heard of this new shampoo?? I hadn’t until recently. They are genius! Zippity Doo’s came up with a way to help prevent lice from getting in your child’s hair. Which is huge, with the rate schools are getting it and spreading it. It is completely pediatrician approved.

You can use the Shampoo/Conditioner daily to help prevent, as well as the Detangler spray and Styling gel. Then when you feel that your child might be at a higher risk, such as sharing a baseball helmet, or combs, hair accessories, etc. You can spray them with the Shield Spray.  All products are:

  • Mild enough to use on a daily basis
  • Natural and not harsh treatments

So if you are thinking of sending your child off to summer camp this year… Think about using these products before hand. Did you know that 24% of Summer Camps had Lice outbreaks last year??

My kids have been using it for a couple weeks. They love the smell.. its not to strong or stinky. It works good in their hair, and still leaves it manageable and easy to care for.

Right now you can buy Zippity Doo’s at a few stores in New York. For the complete list go here. Or you can order it online at

Win it:

One  of my lucky readers will have the chance to win:

  • A bottle of Shampoo
  • A bottle of Conditioner
  • A bottle of Styling Gel
  • A bottle of Shield Spray

Thanks to MomSelect & Zippity Doo’s. Wait that’s not all… I also got some samples from the Smart Mom Blogging Conference I went to, so I am going to give away another set to one more winner.  SO TWO readers will have the chance to win!!!

To Enter:

Leave me a comment telling me a way you help to keep Lice from coming in your home.  (Mandatory)

Extra Entries:

The giveaway will end June 4th @10pm EST and the winner will be chosen by ….. Open to US Residents only. You will have 48hrs to respond to my email or a new winner is chosen. Be sure to leave me an email address to contact you!

* I was provided with samples of Zippity Doo’s in exchange for a review. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Thanks to Zippity Doo’s and MomSelect for the product and opportunity.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Win a Playtex Bra Makeover:


How many times do you get annoyed during the day from your bra straps falling down, not enough support, or pinching?? I know, on average this happens to me a few times a week! There is nothing more I hate than Bra shopping. Why?? Well number one reason, in 20 yrs I have yet to find a comfortable bra that I like to wear. They are either to tight, cup not big enough, or some stupid thing.




Playtex is going to pick 10 people for a Bra Makeover.. Cause lets face it as moms we don’t have time to go get fitted properly for the right size bra. I know, I don’t… I would have three monkeys climbing walls, or tearing down racks. Did you know that 7 out of 10 women wear the wrong size bra?? That is crazy!

Go to to apply or even to nominate that stubborn friend that won’t go apply for herself. Hurry up now, what are you waiting for???

If chosen the winner will be flown to New York to receive a bra makeover with Alison Deyette. Deyette has been featured on TLC, and in magazines like Good Housekeeping, O Magazine, and The Washington Post. HURRY you only have til May 21st to apply.


*By posting this information, I am entered into a contest to win a free bra from Playtex. I did not receive any compensation for this post and thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Apple Bottoms Review


While I was at the Tampa Smart Moms Conference, I got to learn about Apple Bottoms Clothing line. I was lucky enough to get an outfit for my Littlest Monkey to try.

They are really cute and the excellent quality! She loved this outfit..

Sage in Apple Bottoms

Apple Bottoms has a wide selection of clothes to choose from… Newborns to Juniors, woman’s and plus size, as well as men’s, and footwear. A must to check out!! You can also find Apple Bottoms at Macy’s.

*I got the outfit from MomSelect @ the Tampa Smart Moms Road show. I was not paid for this review, and all opinions are mine and mine alone.

May is Foster Care Month


Did you know that??

As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to Adopt or be a Foster Parent. I used to tell my mom that I wanted 6 kids of my own, and adopt 6. She would laugh at me of course… cause that is a lot of kids!

After having my 3, and having to many difficulties with my pregnancies, I was not able to have the 6. I was sad, but embraced the 3 I had… and thanked god for letting me have those.

Over the years, I have looked into Adopting some kids, but unfortunately at this point in our lives we can not do this. Still I like to find ways to help kids even if I can’t take them into my house.

Each May is for shining the light on Foster Care. To raise awareness for the cause, and urgent needs of these kids. Would you like to get involved??

Ways to help:

Go to National Foster Care Month website

Or you can:

Help spread the word about Foster Care! Lets help these children. I know this will always be a cause that I am passionate about! 




Monday, May 17, 2010

Simple Woman’s Daybook:






For Today May 17th, 2010


Outside my window- It is sunny and beautiful! Gonna be a hot one today!

I am thinking- One more week and things will calm down a bit. 


I am thankful for-  life…

From the kitchen- I have to make something for the potluck dinner we are having at our meeting tonight. Hmmm… what should I make?

I am wearing-  Shorts, girl scout leader shirt, and my croc’s

I am reading- In the middle of “Life in Spite of Me”

I am hoping- For smooth sailing next week.

I am creating- Some end of the year stuff..

I am hearing- The fans running… and my keys tapping.

One of my favorite things- Swedish fish, yup… I’m an odd duck!

A few plans for the rest of the week….  Dance, Girl Scouts Leaders meeting, Cub Scouts, Library, Doctor appt, errands, Baseball game this weekend and camping. Pretty calm week really.

A Picture I'm sharing-  Some pic’s I was fooling around with…



Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother’s Day



Sorry this is a few days late… ok, maybe more like a week late. I’m slow these days and time is never on my side. I try, it just all blows up in my face. Ever happen to you??

Ok, with that said… You probably remember me saying I was camping the day before Mother’s Day… so I didn’t get home til a bit after noon on the day of. My kids greeted me at the door with cards, and cookies they made with Nana. My husband greeted me with these:


Plus they had cooked me a Turkey Dinner. I had a bit of a headache, so I laid down for a bit and took a nap. All and all it was a great Mother’s Day!

Thanks guys! I love you!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Smart Moms Blogging Conference:



That is where I headed out to on Thursday with my best friend Cara. I was so excited, I won’t lie. I have been wanting to attend a blogging conference since I started this blog almost 2 yrs ago. I have found such humor, fun, friends, and so much more in blogging. To meet some of these people that I talk to online in IRL would be just amazing to me. Some of them are inspirations to me.

Upon arriving.. I got a bit nervous cause I didn’t have anything cool to really offer any of these people. I mean I’ve only been blogging for a short time really. Some of these bloggers I met where like huge in my eyes! Then I as we got going and Maria from @MomTalkRadio and Daisy from @DrMommy started talking… I felt a bit more at ease.

It was a complete joy to hear them speak about life, blogging, business, and balancing it all. They inspired me to keep going on my journey, since its something that I enjoy…

I may not be the best writer, blogger… know everything about social media, but I LOVE what I do on here… I love being able to help mom’s know that they are choosing a good product, or going with the right company. Its become a passion. That excites me… because I haven’t had many passions in my life. This one keeps me remembering that I’m not just a mom all the time, I do have insightful things to say and I do contribute to my community… (whether it be online or in person) I love connecting with companies…

Here are a few photo’s from the day..



Here is a link to the live stream of Mom Tv from the event.

I will be blogging about the different products we heard about and got samples of during the conference throughout the week.

Thanks again!!!


Baseball Season is over….


and what a wonderful season it was. To watch both kids learn and excel at something is great.

To watch their faces with excitement when they hit that ball is amazing….

To see the confidence build in them is priceless!

Here are some shots with the kids…







Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sugar Free??

My kids call me the mean mom, cause I’m not big on letting them have much candy, or sugary things. At the baseball games, all these kids are walking around with lolly pops in their mouths, and my kids are mad cause I won’t let them join in. Are you like that too??
Well Ring Pops has come out with a new one, that is SUGAR FREE!!  These will not cause cavities, have no fat, and are only 30 calories!
My kids were excited to have them, and didn’t even know that they were sugar free. They couldn’t tell, and I didn’t tell..!!! I’m still not big on the whole candy aspect but, for a treat once and awhile I would not mind them having one of these.
These pops come in three wonderful flavors, Watermelon, Strawberry, and Blue Raspberry. My kids loved all thr:ree flavors. I took a lick of each to try them out, and my personal favorite was the Blue Raspberry, with watermelon as a close second.
Buy them:
You can find them at your local Wal-mart

Win it:
I have one bag of 3 pops to giveaway to one lucky reader!!!

Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite candy is… (mandatory to enter)

  • Follow my blog
  • Tweet about it (be sure to include @the3kidsandme)
  • Fan Ring Pop on Facebook
Giveaway ends 5/21 @10pm EST …. Open to Us Residents only. Winner will be chosen by and will have 48hrs to respond, or a new winner will be chosen.

*Thank you to American Pop for supplying me with the Ring pops for review. I was not paid for this review.. the opinions are strictly mine and mine alone.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cascadian Farms Review & Giveaway:


Do you eat organic?

We are not complete organic eaters, but we do try to eat lots of organic fruits and vegetables.
Cascadian Farms has been dedicated to organic farming since 1972! They don’t use synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers or genetically engineered ingredients.
In honor of the 40th Earth Day that just went by, they are trying to get more people to become more earth friendly.
Do you do things to help the earth??
Here are some ideas of things that can help:
  • Unplugging electronics' when not in use.. (this can also cut 10% off your electric bill)
  • Passing on gently used clothes
  • Reducing your speed on the highway
  • Use reusable bags
  • Use eco friendly reusable bottles
That is just to name a few!

My family got to try out the Cascadian Farms Organic Cereals and granola bars. They really enjoyed most of it. We love the chocolate chip granola bars, not huge fans of the ones with almonds in it.. (just cause we aren’t nut fans) They liked there cereal, and it is nice to know they are not loaded with sugar and horrible for them.

Cascadian Farms Prize Pack
Try it for yourself and get a $1 off coupon HERE.
Win It:
Cascadian Farms has also offered one of my readers a “Live Green Together” Prize Pack.

To Enter:
Leave me a comment telling me what your family has done to make an effort to live greener. (This is mandatory to enter)

Be sure to leave me an Email address to contact you!!

Extra Entries:
Leave a separate comment for each one for it to count!
  • Follow my blog
  • Follow me on Twitter (@the3kidsandme)
  • Tweet about my giveaway (leave me the link)
  • Blog about the giveaway (leave me a link)
  • Become a Fan on Facebook for Cascadian Farms
  • Visit Cascadian Farms and tell me something you learned.
This Giveaway is open to US residents only… It will end May 27th @10pm EST.
The winner will be chosen by and will have 48hrs to email me back, or a new winner is chosen.

*The products, prize pack, information and additional prize pack to give away were all given to you from Cascadian Farm through MyBlogSpark.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Indivisible by Kristen Heitzmann Blog tour & Giveaway:

I have never read any of her books. However, once I read a bit about her… I was anxious to read one of her books.

Indivisible by Kristen Heitzmann

About the book:
An inseparable bond.
An insatiable force.

Battling his own personal demons, Police Chief Jonah Westfall knows the dark side of life and has committed himself to eradicating it. When a pair of raccoons are found mutilated in Redford, Colorado, Jonah investigates the gruesome act, knowing the strange event could escalate and destroy the tranquility of his small mountain town. With a rising drug threat and never-ending conflict with Tia Manning, a formidable childhood friend with whom he has more than a passing history, Jonah fights for answers—and his fragile sobriety.
But he can’t penetrate every wound or secret—especially one fueled by a love and guilt teetering on madness.
To read more of the first chapter go HERE

My Thoughts:
I wasn’t sure what to expect. From what I read about her, I had a feeling her books would be really good. I was not disappointed. I enjoyed this book, and thought the plot was very good. I did get confused a few times because it goes between 4-5 characters. However, once I was able to remember the different ones, it was easy to keep straight. I am looking forward to reading more of her books in the future.

About the Author:

While home schooling her four kids, Kristen Heitzmann wrote her first novel. It became one of a five book historical series. Since then, she has written three more historical novels and eight contemporary romantic and psychological suspense novels including The Still of Night, nominated for the Colorado Book Award, The Tender Vine, a Christy Award finalist and Christy Award winning Secrets. She lives in Colorado with her husband Jim, sundry family members, and pets.

Follow Kristen online at

Buy it:
At WaterBrook Multnomah 
or Barnes and Noble

Win it:
I have one copy of Indivisible to give to one lucky reader!
Be sure to leave an email address to contact you!
Leave me a comment telling me A book you want to read this summer..  (this is mandatory)
Extra Entries:
Must leave a separate comment for it to count
  • Follow my blog
  • Follow me on Twitter (@the3kidsandme)
  • Tweet about my giveaway
Giveaway ends May 25th @ 10pm EST open to US residents only. Winner will be chosen by and will have 48hrs to respond, or I will chose a new winner.

*This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group

Monday, May 10, 2010

Camp Training:


As you have read in previous post… this past weekend, I attended a Camp Training event for Girl Scouts.

Now I love to camp, so this was not something I was dreading. However, we have not done much camping since we left Maine. So, I was dreading the creepy crawlies that come along with Florida.

Cara & I set out Saturday morning around 6:30am.. so we could stop and get breakfast before heading to camp. After a quick confusion, we figured out where we were suppose to be… and checked in.

Camp Training 5.9.10 008
After getting our stuff dropped off in the lodge, we got our schedule. Sat and started to learn. Got lots of info! After our book part of it, we stopped for lunch… and had some time to explore. Then we gathered around the campfire circle.

Camp Training 5.9.10 014

Where we then learned to build fires… which was pretty interesting. I must say that Cara and I did wonderful. After some further discussion… it was time to start in on dinner plans. Learned how to do different cooking styles. We made Foil packs, and made a one pot dinner.

Camp Training 5.9.10 017

The rest of the night was basically discussion .. and then of course dessert, which we had awesome Banana boats!!! YUM!


After a pretty decent nights sleep, we cleaned up this morning, packed, and headed to the car. On our way home as a Mother’s Day present to ourselves, we stopped at Cold Stone for ice cream. A wonderful end to a great weekend…