Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Thirteen



This week’s letter is “H”

1. Hugs: Nothing is better than a good hug from friends and family. My favorites are from my little monkeys… they always brighten my day.

2. Hurry: I can’t not stand to hurry. Yet, somehow we are always hurrying. Why is that?

3. Hungry: My kids are always telling me this during the day! I get so tried of hearing I’m hungry! Where is the appetite when its dinner time?

4. HGTV: This is one of my favorite stations on TV. I watch it often. My favorite is House Hunters. I like to guess which house they are going to pick.

5. Hawaii: Another spot I would love to visit someday. I think it would be amazing…and beautiful. I’m fascinated by the volcano’s as well.

6. Ham: This is my favorite lunch meat. I love ham…in my sandwiches, even in my salads, or on pizza!

7. Hoagie: I love them! With Mayo, mustard, and bacon added. However, down here in the south when you say that NO one knows what you are talking about. I will have to get one on my visit back north.

8. Hippo:  An interesting creature. Did you know they can only hold their breathe for 8-9 minutes when under water! I wish I could hide in the water all day!

9. Happy: Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love being chipper. Not always the case, cause who can be Happy 24-7-365? But I really tried to be optimistic, and enjoy life. It goes to fast to be sad, miserable, or angry.

10. Housewife: I love being a housewife. Completely overwhelming some days, but I wouldn’t trade it. I get to be home with my beautiful babies, and cook. What better life??? Truth be told, I’m not sure I would know how to join the world of the working moms.

11. Hotdogs: I’m not a very big fan of them. I will however eat the Natural Casing along with the Red ones. I love Red Hot dogs. I know, its just dye, but something about that dye! LOL!

12. Homework: I enjoy helping Hunter work on his homework. I think it is very fun, to be able to share that time with Hunter. We both get to learn fun things together.

13. Hammer: I am so dangerous with a hammer. I tend to break things or get my thumbs! OUCH!

Stay tuned for Next week the letter “I” ..should be interesting!

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Martha said...

Hoagies ROCK! It's a much "funner" word than "sub". My favorite is an Italian Hoagie. Philadelphia has the BEST hoagie rolls (and of course Cheese Steaks!)