Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pinewood Derby


Our yearly Cub Scout Derby was this past weekend. Hunter really enjoys making the car for the Pinewood Derby. This year we looked through some patterns and really wanted to make something different than an ordinary car. Which can I tell you there really are some amazing ideas out there by kids! I’ve seen SpongeBob cars, cheese cars, sports cars, military cars, and so much more. The imagination on these kids are just fabulous! I love to see what they come up with.

After some debating Hunter decided on a ship this year. We cut it, and he sanded it down…. and then we got to work on figuring out the color scheme and design. Michael's had a sale on the paint that I use, so I headed over and picked out a number of colors for him to chose from.


In the meantime, we were also working on two other cars. This year our pack decided to also have a sibling race. Andy picked the design of their cars, They helped sand them and then picked their colors and painted. Hunter settled on a pirate ship theme to his. It came out really nicely I think. The girls of course needed to have pink, and purple in their cars! All and all i think that they did a very nice job.


Sage’s car


Rachel’s car

Hunter placed 5th in our den. Not sure what he was between Bears & Wolves. He was a bit disappointed since last year he placed 2nd, but I had to explain to him that their was a bit more competition this year. He might have a chance at going to Districts for design, or even getting it for our pack. I’m very proud of them all. It was a pretty good success.


Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sorry I have been gone lately... I have so much going on right now. We have cookie orders for Girl Scouts coming due, Pinewood Derby & Blue and Gold Banquet coming up this week too. I'm the leader for both Girl Scouts (for my girls) and Cub Scouts (for my son)...therefore needless to say... time is not on my side right now. I will try to get a couple more post up before the weekend is out, but if not... Do not fret next week we have a few things going up. Plus some giveaways coming up! Stay tuned!!!! 

Monday, January 25, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook:

For Today January 25th, 2010 
Outside my window… it is a bit rainy. The sun is starting to appear, but not fast enough. 

I am thinking…. Oh so much to do today.... speaking of which, I need to go get a load of laundry in the washer. Thanks for reminding me!! :)

From my imagination…. Not to much today. We need to paint our derby cars later this week, but no time today. 

I am thankful for…. fun days with family and friends. We had a wonderful weekend with friends at 2 different birthday parties. It was a blast and we all enjoyed it.

From the kitchen... Not sure, i'm not cooking today. Leaving that up to someone else, as I have extra curricular things today for the girls.

I am wearing….  Jeans, cause its windy and chilly with the rain.

I am reading… Heart of Texas 3... and a few others that have come in that I'm reviewing.

I am hoping…. that Hunter can get out of this funk he is in, and act better. 
I am creating…. Derby cars with all three kids. We finished sanding them, on Wednesday we are going to put on the first coat of paint, or maybe Tuesday if we have enough time.
I am hearing….. The kids watching cartoons. Another Monday off from school.

One of my favorite things…. The smell of pumpkin candles burning

A few plans for the rest of the week…. Dance, Girl Scouts, Library, Cub Scouts…Playground, maybe a lunch date, Pinewood Derby, and some shopping for the kids. Need to get them some new clothes, they have had a huge growth spurt!

A Picture I'm sharing.....  Sage with her face painted as a birthday cake. Odd I know, but that is what she asked for!!!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Looking for coupons??

So, I didn't hear from anyone... as to whether they wanted me to keep posting on Friday some coupons, I've found over the week. However, I've decided to try it out for a few weeks. I don't know about you, but I like to find good deals, and not have to spend all day looking for them. Here is this weeks list!

 $1/1 Quaker Oatmeal (quick oats or instant)

$1.25/1 Yoplait Smoothie (found in the freezer section)

$1/1 Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

Ziploc Bags Coupons 

Get $10 in Betty Crocker Coupons 

$1/1 Toaster Strudels 

$1/1 Buitoni Pasta or Sauce 

You can get lots of General Mills Coupons Here

You can get a ConAgra Book with &17.00 of Coupons Here 

Get 2 Free Trial issues of ALL Magazine Here (this has coupons in it that make it well worth it)

I hope that helps with any shopping you have to do this week. Happy saving! 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rainbow Bright...

Can I just start by saying, it absolutely is funny to me how over the last few years... All the older toys are starting to come back. Strawberry Shortcake, Smurfs, and now Rainbow Bright!!! 

Not only are the toys now coming out... which you can find at your local Target & Toy's R Us Stores. Be sure to check them out! It will give you a flash back from childhood days!

Now your kids can get on and meet the gang on a new website. The new Rainbow Bright Interactive website has animated video's, a contemporary theme song, coloring pages, wallpapers, games and much more!!! The best part is it's FREE! 


So be sure to check out this new site! My girls love it. They are getting into all those old toys, that I once loved! They love to color so we print off  a few coloring pages here and there..Plus the games are easy enough for even my almost 5 yr old to enjoy! 

* The website was sent to me by MomSelect and Hallmark. The opinions are 100% mine.  I was not paid.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alvin & the Chipmunks the Squeakqueal

After a few weeks of really cold weather...we were so ready to get out of the house. So, after school on Friday, we decided to take the kids out for the night. We went to dinner.... Then we headed off to Downtown Disney. 

It was gorgeous out..warm with a cool breeze. Prefect for walking around for the evening. I was so excited to see that they put in a new store.. LITTLE MISS MISMATCHED!!! I have been looking through that store online for awhile now! So, when I saw it I went crazy! 

What a great picture to see!!! 

From there you have to know our next stop was the Lego store. My kids ABSOLUTE favorite store! They built a few things and then raced a few cars! 


After that we headed over to a dance party.. oh what fun that was. The girls of course had a blast, and Andy & I laughed so hard! The Dj was so freaking funny! Absolutely a wonderful time! 


Next up was to watch the Movie. We caught a late one, cause we weren't sure we'd make the 6:45pm. So, we saw the 9pm show. The kids was so excited! They couldn't wait to see the Girl Chipmunks! Sage pry'd her eyelids open to stay awake, and well Rachel didn't make it. She passed out in a few minutes of the movie starting. Hunter made it through the whole thing. Rachel was a bit upset at the end when she figured out she missed it, but dealt with it pretty good. 


All and all it was a great night, and we had a great time. Wonderful family time! What did you do this past weekend??? 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And the winner is....

The winner for "The One-Day way Book" by Chantel Hobbs is 


Mary Chadwick said...
Slow down your eating. Try to chew your food more.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook:

For Today January 18th, 2010 
Outside my window… it is beautiful here. Finally some sun, and in the 70's again! 

I am thinking…. wow, I have so much to do, and I didn't get any of it done this weekend, so now I'm working like a mad woman!

From my imagination…. A poster for our cookie booth sales. 

I am thankful for…. nights out with my friends for laughter and fun! Its good medicine and it does the body good!

From the kitchen... Lemon chicken in the Crock pot from one of my crock pot! Didn't end up making it last week. 

I am wearing….  jeans, a t-shirt, and my croc's of course!

I am reading… Nothing much right now.. kinda trying to find some new ones to read! 

I am hoping…. for a less dramatic week. My kids were having a rough time last week. 
I am creating…. plans for Cub Scouts, and some derby cars... Gotta get moving on them. We have been slacking this month! Holy Moly!
I am hearing….. My kids talking to each other... they didn't have school today! 

One of my favorite things…. Having fun with my family.. watching my kids smile. 

A few plans for the rest of the week…. Dance, Girl Scouts, Library, Cub Scouts…Playground, maybe a lunch date, a birthday party this weekend.. 

A Picture I am sharing…. The Carmel Apple dipped in Milk Chocolate with a white Chocolate drizzle that I had this past Saturday! YUM!!! 

Friday, January 15, 2010

Something new....

Here are some coupons I've found, or had sent to my email over the last few days.. I know how much everyone likes to save money, so I thought I might start trying to post once or twice a week about the ones I find... so you all can take advantage of them too. Is that something you would be interested in if I took the time??
Here is a look at this weeks findings... 

$2/1 Dove Visible Smooth Deodorant

$1/1 Fast Fixings Products (chicken nuggets/patties/etc. This one prints 5 coupons off. Exp. 3/16/10)

.75/1 Hellmann's Mayo

$1/2 Old Orchard Healthy Juice  

.50/1 Wise Chips   exp. 3/15/10

Pepperidge Farms Light Style bread 

$1/1 Perdue Short Cuts Chicken (we use this a lot, cause my son likes to have chicken wraps for lunch....   exp. 2/14/10) 

$1/1 Starkist Tuna pouch 

$1/1 Johnson & Johnson Soothing Vapor Bath 

.50/2 Hunts Spaghetti Sauce  (you will notice its on a Save-a-lot site, but it is a manufacturers coupon, so it will work anywhere ....   exp 2/14/10)

Various Campbells & V8 Coupons 

$1/1 All Detergent 

I think that about sums up what I have found for this week.  I hope this has helped some of you out there. I know times are tough, and every penny counts. Happy Saving!!!  

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Looking for gift ideas???

Sadly, a fellow blogger is closing her online store... However, this means big savings for any of you out there looking for gift ideas, or just needing to stock up on some things for your own kids. Head on over to Let's Explore! Right now everything is at 40% off. If you would like to read more about her decision you can swing by HERE. She has some really cool stuff for you homeschoolers out there with younger kids too. Lots of hands on stuff, puzzles, kitchen stuff, and more!! 

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook:

For Today January 11th, 2010 
Outside my window… it is down right cold here! Yesterday we got SLEET!!! With a few snow flurries.. yes I am for real, in FL!!! Does anyone else see an issue with that?

I am thinking…. sweet, I'm almost done organizing files, and calendar stuff! Phew! 

From my imagination…. Not really to much this week.. Working on some ideas for my girls to make a cute Cookie flier/ display for when we have our booth sales. 

I am thankful for…. having the computer back... I was so lost without it... it really is my life line sometimes. It stores everything for me!

From the kitchen... Lemon chicken in the Crock pot from one of my crock pot recipe books that i got for Christmas! I love the Crock pot it simplifies my life when I have so much going on!!! 

I am wearing….  jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt....socks, and yup still my croc's!!! LOL! 

I am reading… Some more books from Debbie Macomber….she has a few series I really like. Working on one called Heart of Texas.

I am hoping…. that during the next busy 2 months things can go smoothly and no big issues arise.
I am creating…. Organization! Which i have mostly finished up with... and now I'm working on some stuff for this summer/fall. Cause I will be homeschooling Hunter after the end of this school year. We are both excited with our new adventure.

I am hearing….. Sage giggle at Mickey Mouse... the other two are already off to school, and so Sage and I are just hanging out. 

One of my favorite things…. Lazy quiet days with my family... with smiles, laughter and snuggling. We don't have nearly enough of them. 
A few plans for the rest of the week…. Dance, Library, Cub Scouts, a play date for Sage maybe…We need to get back to the playground, but it has been really cold.. Hoping the weather warms up this week! 

A Picture I am sharing….  Sage & Rachel playing in the new Fort they got for Christmas. This things was pretty darn neat. Its a kit of rods with balls to hook them in, to design forts. Then you just add your own blankets!!!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Computer issues......

Sorry we haven't been around much lately... Its been a crazy start to getting back into our routine after school started back. Along with our extra activities. Then for some reason every meeting that I attend (being a leader of most of my kids activities) ended up being this week too! Phew, I'm tired all over again just talking about it! 

Then to top off my week, we got a virus on our computer! Yup, so the hubby had to fix it. Thank goodness that is what he went to school for.....but even still, it takes time, saving the important stuff, making sure we didn't loose anything to big that couldn't be replaced. Thankfully after the a couple of days we got it all back in working order, but I'm still slowly downloaded my programs I Windows Live writer! I love this program to do my blog post!

Therefore, here we are.... rested, re focused and trying to catch up. I am working on some new reviews, giveaways, and stories to tell you! I am trying to come up with something new to do on my blog this year... is there anything you would like me to share, tell or do a post about? Questions for me?? Anything??? Feel free to let me know! 

I hope that everyone is having a great start to their New Year! I know ours is, even over our super busy schedule!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life, and other Random Stuff.....

Things are almost there... 

School is back and going..... homework is back

its been really cold here lately..  yes I know weird for FL...

Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts are back in full swing..

Cookie Sales are coming up, and the Pine Wood Derby.. 

So stay tuned for our pictures... cause this year the Girls are making a car too!

Sage is excited her birthday is coming up soon.... 

Baseball is starting soon for Hunter...

Yup, we are getting busy again! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Before the kids headed back to school, we wanted to take them on one last outing. So we got them packed up and headed out in the rain.. (yup decided to pour before we left) To go to a local mall…. The mall your saying??

No, we didn’t go shopping. We took them bowling, or local mall has a bowling alley, movie theatre, and arcade. The kids were beyond excited. Hunter has been bowling once a few years ago at a friends birthday party…the girls had never been.

They had a blast, and did really well. I was very impressed! Sage had to get the little ramp thingy to help cause she couldn’t quite throw the ball far enough, but she did good. She actually almost kicked all our butts!

Here are few pictures of our fun afternoon.

Bowling for the first time as a family @ Eagle Ridge Mall FL

Hunter getting up a good swing to throw that ball!

Sage with some help bowling!

Rachel with her ball

Monday, January 4, 2010

The One-Day Way Book Tour by Chantel Hobbs:

One-Day Way

About the Book:
Lose All the Weight You Want, One Meal, One Pound, One Day At a Time!

I've got great news for you: You are about to feel better and look better beginning today! Today is truly a new opportunity for you to reach your weight loss goals. No, you won't fit into your "skinny jeans" today, but I'm going to show you how each day will get you closer to that goal.
Yesterday's mistakes are gone so let them go. You can't control tomorrow, so stop worrying about it. Today is your opportunity to lose weight, get strong, and look great. It won't happen overnight, but you can build a new life by changing your actions immediately and I'm here to show you how to make the changes that will create the new lifestyle you dream of: body, mind, and spirit. Best of all, you will start celebrating right away!
Come on, my friend. Let's get started! By opening this book, I'll show you how to unlock every tool you need to lose weight and get fit —and stay that way for the rest of your life. Success can be yours, what are you waiting for?
About the Author:
The author of Never Say Diet and The Never Say Diet Personal Fitness Trainer, Chantel Hobbs is a motivational speaker, life coach, personal trainer, marathon runner, wife, and mother of four whose story has been featured on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, the 700 Club, and the covers of People and First magazines. She appears weekly on two fitness-themed radio programs and promotes her One-Day Way Learning System on television. Visit Chantel at for fitness updates and coaching tips.
My Thoughts:
I was not sure if I would really get anything out of this book. I mean you know how many books about weight loss, I have read?? A LOT!!! However, with each one I try to keep in mind, that it has to be ultimately my decision to be able to make it work. No book is going to do it for you. I have try numerous times over the years…. all ending in failure, cause I found some excuse to give up. As I was reading this book, it dawned on me that I need to stop making the excuses. Their really never is an excuse to just give up. I wouldn’t give up at other things, so why do I when it come to losing weight?? I need to make this goal and stick with it. Doing it one day at a time, and not giving up if I make one mistake, cause everyone makes mistakes or has a bad day… The next day is always a new day right? Therefore, yes again I am committing to try again to lose weight… The start date none other than the 1st of the year. No more excuses, no more I don’t have time to exercise, no more I didn’t have any other options to choose a better meal. I am 30 and need to make this work. I need to be healthier for me and my children, I need to be able to live to see them all grow up. Not end up with cholesterol or diabetes issues… I need to do my part. I need to be their role model and eat right….cause if I don’t who will??? I will be posting about my journey here and there…. so I hope you follow me while I start my new One-Day Way!
She is a fantastic writer, and has so much to share with her own struggle to lose 200 pounds. If she can do it, anyone can right? I love that the books have some other personal stories and journey’s that touched my heart, and hit close to home, as I have also felt those same feelings.
I would absolutely recommend this book to any of my friends, or family that want a new start. A new way to look at life, and how to lose that unwanted pounds..Whether it be 10pds or 200pds, we all have feelings and struggles.

Buy it:
You can purchase it through Random House HERE or at Barnes & Nobles HERE.
Win it:
Random House has been kind enough to send me an extra copy for ONE lucky reader to win.
The first mandatory entry is to leave me a comment telling me What your best tip for losing weight is?  Must have this one for any other entries will count.

Extra Entries:
Leave a separate comment for any of these to count.
  • Follow my blog
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Tweet once per day about my giveaway be sure to leave me the link in the comment
  • Blog about my giveaway
  • Add my Site button to your blog
Giveaway ends Jan 18th at 10pm EST…. Open to US residents only. Be sure to leave me an email to contact you. Winner will be chosen by and will have 48hrs to answer my email or I choose a new winner.

*This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

Simple Woman’s Daybook:

For today January 4th, 2010
Outside my window… it is down right cold, yes, I know most of you are saying…Florida how cold can it be, but let me tell ya! Its been in the 20-30’s this past few days, and I’ve heard that it is suppose to hit the teens sometime this week. Very cold for us!!! BRRRR!
I am thinking…. wow can it really be 2010 already?? I mean, WOW! I remember 2000 like it was yesterday. Where has the time gone??
From my imagination…. Not to much…getting myself back into the swing of the normal routine. Amazing how almost a 3 week vacation can throw you off. Phew!
I am thankful for…. being able to spend almost 3 weeks with my kids. Even though they may not have been always the best behaved, we had some really good times, and made some great family memories.

From the kitchen... Not sure, that is up to Hubby tonight. Back to the grind for me…. Got some activities tonight.
I am wearing….  Pants, t-shirt with my green sweatshirt over it, and socks! Brr!! (sad I know)
I am reading… Some more books from Debbie Macomber….and I have one from Susan Wiggs to read this week. Plus a few new ones I picked up for a buck at the bookstore…
I am hoping…. The kids are able to transition back into school ok, and not be to tired and cranky from yet another change.
I am creating…. Organization! Yes, I did get the kids room cleaned, and purged out after Christmas… and I have done half of mine… What a difference! Oh my, I feel better already.

I am hearing….. Silence….Everyone is still sleeping. I decided I needed to get back on routine, so I’m up!
One of my favorite things…. Spending time with my friends and family… sharing giggles and stories.
A few plans for the rest of the week…. Dance, Girl Scouts, Library, Cub Scouts, Grocery Shopping, helping out a friend, Leaders meeting, a play date for Sage maybe… and this weekend is kick off for Girl Scout Cookies!!!
A Picture I am sharing….  Sage being silly at the playground. She loves to climb up in these spots and just chill.
Sage relaxing

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I thought I’d be brave!


Not really sure what I was thinking…

I let the kids go for a bike ride to the post office….

Trip to the post office2

Which mind you is not far from our house, but….

It was a challenge, that is for sure!!

We made it there and back safe and sound….

the kids are still in one piece…

guess we did good huh???


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year:


Can you believe the “New Year” is upon us already??

Where did the year go?

I’m not complaining, cause by far this has been a really bad year for many things…..

Not that their wasn’t some good times too…but it seems some of the bad out weighed the good.

We are anxious to start another new year with hopes of good things, and more happy memories to be made.

I didn’t really make any new resolutions this year, cause as we all know they never stick with us…

I did however, decide to try to work more on…

Losing weight,


Spending more “Quality” Time with my friends and family

and by far just having FUN!

Welcome to 2010 may it be a happier, healthier year!!