Wednesday, February 18, 2009

4 years old already!


On Monday, we embarked on a new adventure…as Sage turned 4 yrs old! What do we have to look forward no one really knows, but she is so similar to Hunter.. I suspect there will be some interesting adventures ahead. She amazes me more and more everyday with her stories, conversations and determination. Sage has learned to write her name, and wants to read. She loves to dance, sing, and run! She is a kind hearted spirited, full of love, and smiles. She is truly a blessing to have around. Happy Birthday my precious girl! I LOVE YOU!

Love this pic of Sage

Always got a hug ready for anyone who wants one.

Fell asleep on the way to pick up Dad

Could sleep anywhere……and snores loudly!

Another Monkey

Is brave and loves to climb!

Blow out the candles


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Berry Patch said...

Happy Birthday, Sage!