Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kids Discovery


All through Animal Kingdom there are Kids Discovery Stations, where kids get to participate in activities, and learn about Wildlife Conservation. Which is really awesome, and doing this got Hunter his Wildlife Belt loop and pin for Cub Scouts! A plus for our day out….

Here are a few things we got to learn and see at these stations.

Trantula 2 This is the Tarantula we saw…. did you know these are not poisonous? They might bite, but not dangerous. Hunter thought it was cool, the girls not so much!

3yr old Tiger Paw

This is a tiger paw print. The tiger who made this print was only 3 yrs old, can you imagine? Sage tired to compare it to her hand…. she thought it was funny!

There were a few other stations which I was not able to get pictures of. One of them was a log, where they stuck their hands in and had to guess what they were feeling. Then they had to look for bugs on a list they were given that you might find in your backyard. Our last one we found, that was interesting was about tracking animals. They were officially learning about animal poop! For this they actually looked at Elephant poop, that had a glaze over it. Gross! I know… and yes I made the kids sanitize after! LOL!

So there you have our kids discovery stops. It was really cool, and the kids thought of it as an adventure!

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The Eagen's said...

This place sounds very neat but I definitely would have been okay not seeing that tarantula. Thanks for the nightmares!