Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen




This weeks letter is “F”

1. Flowers: I love how flowers can brighten any room. I was never big on people buying them for me, but for some reason lately I think it would be a nice thing to get every once and awhile.

2. France: What I would give to go there! I have always wanted to visit there, and see the sites. However, I think it would also be nice to wait until my kids are between the ages of 8- and teen….so we can all get something out of it, and do it as a family. (my dream)

3. Family: A very strong word. After many years, I have learned family is more than blood, and some of the best family can be those not even blood related. After all many things make a family!

4. Forest Green: One of my favorite colors!

5. Frugal: Something many people should learn to do. I feel so out of my generation sometimes, as most of my generation would laugh at me if they were looking for frugal ways to live. Words to live by “MONEY CAN’T BUY LOVE OR HAPPINESS”

6. Friends: Something I miss terribly from back home. I’m trying to make new ones here, but hard to do when you spend most of your time at home! :) Good friends are so hard to come by! I like the saying “Best friends are ones that feel like family”

7. Figs: Not a fan of them. Though, many people tend to cook with them.

8. Fox: Interesting animal, that seems more intelligent than most people give them credit for. The TV station has many good shows on it. A lot of my favorites!

9. Five: A splendid number.. my daughter is enjoying five, and all it has to offer. In the question stage!

10: Four: Another good even number! My youngest daughter turns 4 in less than a week. It seems hard to believe that she is that old already! Time sure does fly! I’ve been blessed to spend this wonderful time with her, while she explores and learns the ways of life.

11. February: A cold, winter month. One of my favorite months of the winter though, cause it likes to tease you that spring is coming. :) I also enjoy it, cause their are a couple family birthday’s in this month! Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone!

12. French Fries: Oh goodness, this is one of my biggest weakness! I love French fries, especially fried in oil! Tasty! YUM!

13. Fudge: Nothing like a good dose of fudge! I love peanut butter the best, however at Disney they make some of the best flavored fudges! Oh, another weakness!  Nothing better than pure sugar right?

There you have this week’s list, please join me next week for the letter “G”

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Martha said...

Great list... ohhh Disney Fudge. I just have to stay out of the candy shops. I love the one on Main St, MK! February is a great month, my b-day is in 10 days, and I was married in Feb too (now that isn't a day I really like to remember!)

Berry Patch said...

I love reading your Thursday Thirteen Lists, Monica! Fun!