Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-in

Another week has passed, and the results are in. I didn't budge, one way or the other. Which isn't bad, but not what I was hoping for either. I should be happy, but its that expectation when you get on the scale. You prayer, hope, and beg for a smaller number.

This week wasn't a horrible week, but it wasn't one of my better weeks either. Exercise was a bust this week, it was to chilly, so the kids didn't want to walk without whining. Which anyone with kids knows, that is more hassle than worth. I need to get more consistent with excuses. I'm working on this. I'd love to have a treadmill, so I could walk anytime of the day, without leaving the house, while helping my son with homework, or reading the girls a book. Oh the convenience would be tremendous! One day hopeful! I've been using a pedometer everyday, just kinda of a reference to me. Or a reminder to get up and move! I average about 6000 a day. I just need to find a way to add in that other 40oo....

I'm rather proud of me in the eating department. My snacking has diminished by half, which is a big relief. We took the girls out to Mc Donald's for lunch yesterday, and I order a salad instead of a grease dripping burger!!! Of course, I love salad anyway. It doesn't come with a drink, so I shared half a soda with my husband. Just think of the calories I cut! GO ME! (sorry, gotta toot your own horn once in a while right) I'm drinking a Slim Fast in the morning for breakfast most days, cause otherwise I don't eat until 1ish, and that isn't great for you either! The steps are there, I just have to concentrate on the one in front of me, instead of the whole set! There ya have it, hope your all sticking with your plan/diet/lifestyle change. Good Luck! Keep up the good work.... see you next week. :)


Berry Patch said...

Keep up the good work!

Amanda said...

Congratulations! I am fighting my own weight loss battle.

Thank you for participating in my giveaway last week at Beautiful Blog Designs.

Martha said...

You are doing great. It is hard when there is no loss, but you are making all of the right changes, and eventually all of those "little" changes will add up to lost pounds!

I'm going to try again with a different pedometer, and warmer weather this weekend to start tracking my steps!