Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Lion King

After stopping by to see Koda. My FIL got us front row seats to see the Loin King Show. We have been there before, but it truly is an amazing show. If you ever go to Disney be sure you see this show. I want to share a couple shots of the show…it was dark in there so I only got a few good photo’s.

We sat in the Giraffe section which made Hunter happy as he loves those Giraffe’s.

The zebra & snake

The monkeys were awesome

The dancers in this show are just amazing! They really get in the spirit, and are wonderful.

Awesome on Stilts

Hunter joining in the show

This last picture is of Hunter joining in the show. He was chosen along with his sisters, but they were to chicken to go. To shake maracas around the center stage while they were singing. He was completely amazed, and excited. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of his face, it was so priceless! All and all the kids really loved this show, and we can’t wait to see it again another time.

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Martha said...

FOTLK is one of the very best shows at Disney. I love the energy! My favs are the "monkeys"