Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen




This week is the letter “G”

1. Google: I use this all the time! I don’t think, I go a day without using it.

2. Games: My family loves to play games. Our favorite with the kids would have to be Memory (of all themes). My favorite with out the kids is Monopoly!

3. Green Beans: My favorite vegetable….. So tasty!

4. Growing: That is what my babies are doing far to fast! Often leaving me the question, where does the time go?

5. Goodbye: I hate goodbye’s, so I try not to use the word often. It feels to final.

6. Grasshopper:  I think it is neat how they can rub their legs together, and create such a sound. We have these huge Grasshoppers down here. I have yet, to catch a picture, but when I do…. you are going to be shocked by the size!

7. Grandfather: Both of mine have passed away. One was sick as long as I can remember, and the other was dead before I was born. I always found it sad, I didn’t get to know them. I hope for my children to create that bond, I never got with there grandfather’s.

8. Griddle: I think this is the best tool you can have in the kitchen! Love mine!

9. Giraffe: My son loves them! I find their necks incredible! They are beautiful creatures. We love seeing them at the zoo.

10. Germany: I think it would be nice to visit there someday.

11. Girardelli’s: Amazing chocolate place! I love that at Downtown Disney their store gives out a sample of there flavors everyday! YUM! They also have amazing ice cream!

12. Glass: I think they do amazing things with glass. :) I would like to take my kids to a place where they blow glass.

13. Grande: I really wish, I had got my Grande caramel ice coffee this morning. Yum!

Stay tuned next week for the letter “H”


Martha said...

Grande Caramel Iced coffee sounds good right now......

I didn't know my grandfather's either, and neither does Tara... sad. My dad was such a great pop pop to my siblings kids, but he passed long before Tara was born

Scribbit said...

I'm with you on Ghirardelli!