Monday, November 30, 2009

Motor Oil Review and Giveaway:


The things our parents say usually never stick in our heads. Well I must say that my dad from the time I was little has always told me “You oil & water your vehicles and they will last forever” …. He was a mechanic. Therefore, I learned a lot about cars. I can change my own oil, but very rarely ever do! I can also take cars apart (not so good at putting them back together) and help change a transmission. Knowing your car is a good thing to learn. Has saved me more times than I can count.

So, when Blogspark gave me the opportunity to try out Jiffy Lube and have my oil changed, I was excited. I could hear my dad nagging in the back of my head. I’m only 2,000 miles past due on changing it after all. I have never used Jiffy Lube, but they were fast, friendly and great to deal with. My car is certainly happy now!


Did you know:

  • According to a study by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, nearly 9 out of 10 female motorists are involved in their household's vehicle maintenance and repair
  • According to a national survey that polled 522 women, 46 percent incorrectly assumed simply switching from conventional engine oil to synthetic oil enables the number of miles between oil changes to be safely extended*
  • Using a quality motor oil in the right grade can help maximize fuel economy, and help save money by preventing costly engine damage
  • Off-brand, no-name or discount oils that do not meet industry standards or the vehicle manufacturer´s requirements could cost consumers in the long run by potentially damaging the vehicle´s engine or possibly voiding the manufacturer´s warrant

* Jiffy Lube Survey Conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, 2006

You can find a Jiffy Lube near you here.

Win: A $35 gift card to Jiffy Lube (great for a stocking stuffer)

To Enter:  Visit Motor Oil Matters site, and tell me something you learned?  (mandatory to enter)

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Giveaway ends Dec 7th @ 9pm EST 
Open to US Residents only.

Shell Lubricants and provided me with the gift card and information through MyBlogSpark.


Simple Woman’s Daybook:


For Today November 30, 2009

Outside my window.... a bit chilly, but feeling more like fall for us now.

I am thinking.... must make a plan for Christmas vacation so the kids are going to drive me nuts! 

From my imagination...Not much this week, been to busy nursing the sick back to health!

I am thankful for.... having people to cheer me up when I’m down. Which is a lot during the holiday’s.

From the kitchen... Not sure, a stew is sounding really good though!

I am wearing..... jeans, t-shirt, sweatshirt, my Christmas socks, and croc’s. (surprising I know)

I am reading....  True Blue

I am hoping.....that I am able to come up with enough money, and find what I am looking for to pick up the last of our Christmas Gifts.

I am creating... a list of people to send Christmas cards too!

I am hearing.... Silence, everyone is back to school! Sage is quietly playing and I’m sitting at the computer. Ahh!

One of my favorite things....Christmas lights, and Christmas movies. I have so enjoyed watching some Christmas movies this weekend to get me in the holiday spirit!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Rachel has dance, Doctors appt, Cub Scouts, reading, another Doctors appt, and then some quality time with my kiddo’s!

A picture I am Sharing.… Sage playing a new game I bought to help her learn her ABC’s… The last time I was in Toy’s R Us… I found an ABC Go Fish Game… The kids have had a blast playing and learning!

Picture 003

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Carolina Pad Product Review:




Due to some illness in our house this past month… we have not been able to finish our projects using the stuff that Carolina Pad sent us…

This month was their 13 Birthday for Ghostline products. To help celebrate they are giving 13 lucky classrooms a year supply of Ghostline display, Foam, and presentation board, with an estimated retail value of $500!!!

We were very excited to get some of their products to try. For my preschooler we are making a presentation board of letters, shapes, numbers, and sight words…for her to use to help learn and practice with. She loves it!

My son made a mini board with birds on it, as he is trying to learn about different birds, and teach his fellow Cub Scouts.

We used some of the poster paper, for a few fliers for a few upcoming Scout events!!! We had so much fun using them.

When I was a kid… I remember using their products to do my big projects, and school assignments. We loved that with the Ghostline, you didn’t have to draw out the lines to follow in a straight line, cause its already there for you. Dark enough for you to see when making it, but light enough it won’t be seen from a distance. How genius is that? Another thing I love is that their products are not expensive, so no need to stress when your child has that school project to do!

We will do a follow up post when we finish our projects now that everyone is on the mend.

If you would like to see all the cool products that they offer, go to …. they have a great selection! We love all their products! Thanks again Carolina Pad!

I received the products free of charge to do my review and also information about the contest from Carolina Pad. The opinions are my own.

What we did…. with a week’s vacation:


my kids were ever so lucky to have this holiday week off. Not so sure if I was lucky or not! LOL! Ok, they were ok…we had our meltdown moments of course, and we had some really good laughs, family times, and cuddling. It was nice to have them all home to spend time with them. Just wish they hadn’t been still recovering from a icky cold, so we could have done more.

We did manage to sneak in a game night! Where Sage & Rachel won at Alphabet Fish ( cool card game, I got at Toys R Us for learning your letters..matching upper and lower case!) Then Sage won again at Sorry! We love to play this one, cause it helps with their counting skills, and cause its just plain fun. Always full of suspense cause the game can turn at the last minute.

Sage playing cards

Sage playing Sorry

Kids in front of the Sorry board

Another day we made some puppets from a kit I got from Target! I must say I bought them on clearance for $2.50 for 3 puppets, and I think it was worth it. They are cute, and pretty sturdy… and have provided a few hours of fun, and hopefully many more!

Puppet Collage


Of course Rachel and Hunter where super excited that they got to go to see Mrs. D at the library! That is really the whole holiday vacation treat for them, is a trip to the library. They love it. Then of course after we had our story,craft, and picked out books.

We had a great Thanksgiving…. with lots of yummy treats!

We did manage to make it to the playground for a bit on Sunday, after we got all bundled up! Yes, for Florida we had some cold weather. It was chilly out!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Santa’s Letter:


My kids were so EXCITED to write their Christmas lists this year. I think it was more of the fact that they really understood it this year. I mean Hunter was old enough last year, but we didn’t get a chance to do it, cause we had just moved, and things were hectic. This year however, he was so proud of himself to write out his whole list by himself, he only needed help with like two words. I was rather proud of him too! The girls I helped write their letter, and then they got to sign their names to the bottom.

Santa Letters collage
Sorry the quality isn’t better

I was rather surprised by some of their requests. I was kinda sweating bullets for a few minutes, as I had pretty much finished my shopping. Just need to get a few last minute items. However, when they finished and I looked the list over, I was surprised to see that Santa had really done a great job this year, and hadn’t even asked them what they wanted yet. Truly Magical!

Now we need to send these letters off to Santa right away!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What mornings look like at my house:


Picture 001

even though not all mornings can look like this… (since Rachel and Hunter go to school) you will usually find us like this on most weekends, or vacation days. The kids will climb in bed with me, to cuddle, watch TV, a movie or even for us just to read. Its nice, and I love that time spent with them.. no being rushed, no tears, no fights… Just us!  and maybe a few giggles!

Picture 002

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wright In Time Book 1 Arizona by Lisa M. Cottrell-Bentley Book review:


 Wright in Time Book Cover


About Book:
This is a Children’s Chapter Book, for Ages 5-12+… It retails for $12.99

Explore a desert cave with the Wright family as they begin their 50 state RV road school tour of the USA. What will Aidan & Nadia discover? Bats? Minerals? A mysterious device? This is where the fun begins!

Our Thoughts:

My son and I thought this book was FABULOUS! When we first looked to see what the book was about, my son begged me to get it. When if finally arrived he was thrilled! Then to see it was signed by the author made it even more special to him! He and I always have at least one book going at all times to read together. He can read most of these books on his own, but we do it together to give us that one on one time, and to help encourage his reading! He does great! This book was pretty easy for him, except for a few of the bigger words about the minerals and such. However, with that being said…we love the fact that there is a glossary in the back, to see what a word means. Plus facts about the state, which is another big plus! We loved the story line, since my son is trying to get me to homeschool him for next school year. We also enjoyed the characters. Hunter’s favorite was Aiden, mostly cause of his funny sayings like “Freaky Cool”! Great book for young readers…and they learn so much while reading it! We are anxious for the next book to come out, and I am anxious to keep buying the books for him!

About Author:
Lisa M. Cottrell-Bentley has been writing since she was a child, winning her first writing contest at age 9. She’s been writing professionally since 2002. Lisa and her daughters spent many hours searching for children’s books about homeschoolers, but found very few. So, they decided to create their own. As they discussed their dream storylines, the Wright on Time series took shape. While they haven’t found any mysterious devices yet, they have done lots of field research trying out many of the activities described in these books.

Lisa lives and learns while writing in southern Arizona with her husband Greg, two happy always homeschooled daughters Zoë and Teagan, and three cats. Her desire is for all people to live their own personal dreams, now and for always. To learn more about her books and family you can go to Wright On Time Books!!

Buy it:
You can go HERE to buy the book, and preorder the newest one coming out in Dec!


This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Lisa M. Cottrell-Bentley for this review.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Simple Women’s Daybook:




For Today November 23, 2009


Outside my window....Its very dark…I’m getting to this really late for me! :)


I am thinking.... This has been a very challenging couple of weeks for me.


From my imagination...Not much this week, its to stressed out!

I am thankful for.... My mom and Friends… they are my strength lately.

From the kitchen... Pancakes, the kids wanted breakfast! Sounded good!

I am wearing..... pants, t-shirt and croc’s. Starting to get our cooler weather now.  

I am reading....  Nothing right this minute..getting ready to move on to a new one.

I am hoping.....The kids coughs are just that a cough, and don’t get any worse!

I am creating... a list of things to finish before Christmas… its getting shorter!

I am hearing.... Nothing… the kids are in bed! Where I should be!  

One of my favorite things....talking to my friends and family… I miss them a lot at this time of year!

A few plans for the rest of the week: This week is fairly quiet. Tomorrow is library and movie night, Wednesday not sure yet, family time on Thanksgiving, and then on Friday a doc’s appt.

A picture I am Sharing.…  My little goobs at the Night time story time, they have once a month, and give them cookies and milk after! Its very cute! Thanks Cara for talking them! (Rach and I where at Girl Scouts)

Kids at Night time Story time

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hal & Holly Moose:

I’m so excited to be telling you about the new movie coming out on ABC Family this Tuesday (Nov 24). Why?? Well, its going to be a big family night for us. Last year, Santa brought my kids the Holly and Hal moose friends. Like you can see here…. So of course you can imagine the excitement when my kids found out there was going to be a movie!!!
When Santa dropped of the Moose’s last year, he also left us the book. We loved the story and are anxious to see the movie. To share in our excitement, I want to share with you the movie trailer. 

For more on this movie, and other Build a Bear stuff coming up and your chance to win one of their Frosty the Snow Man Plush go on over to She Scribes and sign up! Be sure to also swing by and check out what new stuff Build-a-bear has out! Some really cool new furry friends!

Hope you have a great family night watching this movie… I’m sure we will!!!! Happy Holiday’s!

* I was not paid to advertise for them, this is all my own thoughts,.

Jantsen’s Book Winner:


is…….. 6

MKB said...

The book would be for me!
November 13, 2009 3:03 PM

You have 48hrs to respond to my email, or I have to pick another winner. Got a lot more book giveaways coming, so stay tuned for more!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Never to old:


to take a nap! My youngest daughter who will be 5 in February has pretty much stopped taking naps for quite some time. However, that does not mean she doesn’t need one! She is usually up with my other two at 6am, so she is ready for a nap by 1pm if not earlier! Most of the time she will fall asleep in the car, if we go somewhere after lunch time, or around lunch time.


PictureWith Rachel's new floor pillow


Then on rare occasions, I can get her to fall asleep if we are home. Today was definitely one of those days!


Do your kids still take naps?

Pillsbury Gift Pack Winner:

is 4

JACLYN said...

Our tradition is cooking in all day, watching the parade on tv, and playing Christmas music.

November 19, 2009 12:26 PM

You have 48hrs to email me back, or I have to choose a new winner. Thanks again!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thirsty by Tracey Bateman Book Tour:


Thristy Book Cover


I have read some of Tracey’s other books and loved them. However, I was not sure what to expect from this book since it was different than her other books. What I had read about it sounded good, but still wasn’t so sure. I was hooked from the first couple of chapters…I love books with suspense in them! Nothing like a book that leaves you hanging. I found myself liking the character Hunt, and his struggle to move on from his ex-wife, that had numerous problems… while raising his two kids. I would diffently recommend this book to my friends! Maybe even buy it and give it to one of the book lovers in my family!

About the Book:
There's no place like home, they say.
"Hello, I'm Nina Parker…and I'm an alcoholic."
For Nina, it's not the weighty admission but the first steps toward recovery that prove most difficult. She must face her ex-husband, Hunt, with little hope of making amends, and try to rebuild a relationship with her angry teenage daughter, Meagan. Hardest of all, she is forced to return to Abbey Hills, Missouri, the hometown she abruptly abandoned nearly two decades earlier–and her unexpected arrival in the sleepy Ozark town catches the attention of someone–or something–igniting a two-hundred-fifty-year-old desire that rages like a wildfire.
Unaware of the darkness stalking her, Nina is confronted with a series of events that threaten to unhinge her sobriety. Her daughter wants to spend time with the parents Nina left behind. A terrifying event that has haunted Nina for almost twenty years begins to surface. And an alluring neighbor initiates an unusual friendship with Nina, but is Markus truly a kindred spirit or a man guarding dangerous secrets?
As everything she loves hangs in the balance, will Nina's feeble grasp on her demons be broken, leaving her powerless against the thirst? The battle between redemption and obsession unfold to its startling, unforgettable end.

About the Author:

Tracey Bateman
Tracey Bateman is an award winning author of more than sixteen books. She lives in Missouri with her husband and four children where she is active in music ministry at her church. Tracey has been a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) since the early months of its inception and served as President for nearly two years.

Buy it:
You can buy it at WaterBrook Multnomuh Books for $13.99

*This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Touched by a Vampire by Beth Felker Jones Book Tour Review and Giveaway!



Touched by a Vampire Book Cover


I had never heard of Beth Felker Jones before, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this book. Its a short, quick read that explains to you the biblical sense of the “Twilight Series” by Stephenie Myers. If you haven’t heard the books yet, you may not want to read this, as it will give away big parts of the story line. I found some of her insights to be very interesting. I would suggest this to anyone who wants to view the book in different ways, or for those parents who are afraid to let their kids read the books, because your afraid of what they will be learning. This book will clear up a lot of your questions. Or for any of you out their that run a book club. There is a 3-4 page section in the back with discussion questions for you.

About the Book:
People around the world are asking the same question, enraptured with Edward and Bella’s forbidden romance in the Twilight Saga, a four-book serial phenomenon written by Stephenie Meyer. The bestsellers tell the story of a regular girl’s relationship with a vampire who has chosen to follow his “good” side. But the Saga isn’t just another fantasy–it’s teaching girls about love, sex, and purpose. With 48 million copies in print and a succession of upcoming blockbuster films, now is the time to ask the important question: Can vampires teach us about God’s plan for love?
Touched by a Vampire is the first book to investigate the themes of the Twilight Saga from a Biblical perspective. Some Christian readers have praised moral principles illustrated in the story, such as premarital sexual abstinence, which align with Meyer’s Mormon beliefs. But ultimately, Beth Felker Jones examines whether the story’s redemptive qualities outshine its darkness.

Buy it: 
At WaterBrook Multnomah Books for $13.99

Win it:
I have a copy for one reader to win. Just tell me if you read and liked the Twilight Series, and if you didn’t read it … are you planning to??

One reader will be picked by Giveaway ends Dec 4th @ 9pm EST

Open to US residents only.

*This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hunter’s first big Camp Out in Florida:


Since being in Florida, this is Hunter’s first official Camp experience. As last weekend was more of a get used to being outside kinda thing! He had however, been to camp in Maine, which you can read about here. Hunter was so very excited about this camping trip. He had been looking forward to it for the past couple of months. He loves cub scouts, and all that it has to offer. We are very proud of him!

Andy was able to join him again this year. I thought about us all going, but money wise, we really couldn’t swing it. I like to be there to see Hunter excited about this stuff, but I also like to see him get the quality time with Dad. I am at all his meetings (being the asst leader and all) and get so see his accomplishments there, more than dad, so it evens out.

This particular trip was geared around the Indian theme. It was called Tribal Nations. Which is fitting, since as a wolf they learn a lot about Indian culture. They got to see some Indian dancers, drummers and such.

Hunter was able to do Archery, BB guns, crafts, wrist rockets and some other activities this time as well. He came home dirty and happy…is there any other way?? Here are a few pictures of his weekend!

Picture 007 

Picture 011 

Picture 035 

Picture 044 

Picture 053

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pillsbury Thanksgiving Cookies & Giveaway:



Do you have any Thanksgiving Traditions?? We used to have many more until we moved to Florida. Now being further away from our family, we have had to start new traditions. Which is sometimes difficult. One of the things we like to do is cook together as a family, or with friends and decorate cookies.

Blogspark, has recently asked me to review Pillsbury Thanksgiving Shape® sugar cookies. We have not yet gotten a chance to do these, because my kids have been sick, and we have been very busy this week. However, in the best, we have used Pillsbury cookies, and loved them! We have made their Valentine ones, and Halloween ones. My children loved how they baked and came out with a really cool picture on the top!!!  These are only in the stores for a limited time, so be sure to go get yours today!

As soon as we are able to get ours and make them, I will make sure to post pictures of us making them! Enjoy! 

Win it: They have also offered to give one of my readers a Pillsbury® Ready to Bake!TM Thanksgiving Shape® sugar cookies gift basket! Which includes a coupon to try the cookies, pencil, finger puppet, and a turkey-shaped stress reliever. I want you to be able to enjoy this before Thanksgiving…. so I am doing a quick Giveaway!

Enter:  Leave me a comment about your tradition at Thanksgiving!

Giveaway is open to US Residents only and will End Nov 19 @ 9pm EST


Pillsbury provided you with the free product, information, and gift pack through MyBlogSpark

Friday, November 13, 2009

Blog Tour: White Picket Fences by Susan Meissner Book Review & Giveaway!

White Picket Fences Book Cover

Susan Meissner is the author of The Shape of Mercy as well. I have never read any of her books, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, this book had me hooked on the very first pages. It was a great read. Tally reminded me a lot of myself at that age…not wanting to let anyone else in, for fear of getting hurt. The book was very well written, and easy to follow. I’m anxious to try and read some more of her books soon.I would absolutely recommend this to a friend, or even give one for a Christmas/Birthday present.

Book Summary:
Amanda Janvier’s idyllic home seems the perfect place for her niece Tally to stay while her vagabond brother is in Europe, but the white picket fence life Amanda wants to provide is a mere illusion. Amanda’s husband Neil refuses to admit their teenage son Chase, is haunted by the horrific fire he survived when he was four, and their marriage is crumbling while each looks the other way.
Tally and Chase bond as they interview two Holocaust survivors for a sociology project, and become startlingly aware that the whole family is grappling with hidden secrets, with the echoes of the past, and with the realization that ignoring tragic situations won’t make them go away.
Readers of emotional dramas that are willing to explore the lies that families tell each other for protection and comfort will love White Picket Fences. The novel is ideal for those who appreciate exploring questions like: what type of honesty do children need from their parents, or how can one move beyond a past that isn’t acknowledged or understood? Is there hope and forgiveness for the tragedies of our past and a way to abundant grace?
Authors Bio:
Susan Meissner cannot remember a time when she wasn’t driven to put her thoughts down on paper. Her novel The Shape of Mercy was a Publishers Weekly pick for best religious fiction of 2008 and a Christian Book Award finalist. Susan and her husband live in Southern California , where he is a pastor and a chaplain in the Air Force Reserves. They are the parents of four grown children.
Buy it:  Pick up your copy of this book at Random House.

Win it:  I have an extra copy to give to one lucky reader!

To Enter: Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite book of all time is…..

Giveaway ends  Nov 30th @ 9pm EST

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This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We did a lot of this, this week:


After a very long exhausting week, my middle child came down sick. With a fever and a headache…so she spent most of the last two days doing this…..

Still not feeling 100%

She is starting to feel a bit better now, but still fighting off that nasty fever! Hopefully we will be germ free soon!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jantsen’s Gift by Pam Cope & Aimee Molloy Book Review & Giveaway!


Jantsen's Gift Book Cover


About the Book:
Nine years ago, Pam Cope owned a cozy hair salon in the tiny town of Neosho, Missouri, and her life revolved around her son's baseball games, her daughter's dance lessons, and family trips to places like Disney World. She had never been out of the country, nor had she any desire to travel far from home. ...

To read more of an expert from the book you can go to Hachette Book Group.

About the Author:
In 2000, Pam Cope founded Touch A Life Foundation by establishing a shelter in Saigon for homeless children. Touch A Life now supports 224 children in Vietnam and helps fund the Place of Rescue in Cambodia, a safe haven for famillies who have been stricken with the AIDS virus. Pam is now working to raise funds to build a center for children in northern Ghana who have been rescued from slavery. Pam lives in Joplin, Missouri with her husband, Randy, and her children, Van and Tatum.

My Thoughts:
I wasn’t sure about this book, but after reading some other really touching books…I decided to give it a try. I was very glad I did. It was a fantastic book. It touched my heart and soul especially being a TRUE STORY. This book makes you want to get out there and do something to help change the world. I can’t imagine going through the pain that Pam went through after unexpectedly losing a child to a heart condition that they never knew he had. Not only what a shock, but how do you recover from that?  However, to triumph and come out on the other side by helping hundreds of kids. Is just amazing and inspiring! A great book to read if you need help to get over your rough patch. This book comes straight from the mom’s heart, and soul. Telling not only the good times after Jantsen’s death but the bad and ugly truth about her struggle. It surely makes you appreciate your family by the end.

Buy it: 
You can go to Barnes and Nobles!  It sells for $17.99 there.

If you would like to learn more about Pam’s foundation and what they do, you can go HERE.

Win It:
I have a copy to give away to one lucky winner! I will choose one winner by Open to US Residents only…

First Mandatory comment to enter is: 
Tell me who the book will be for?

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I wish you all the best of luck ! Giveaway ends November 20th at 9pm EST.

The product was provided by: Hachette Book Group for this review.In association with MamaBuzz.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Good Deal Alert!!!!


I just stumbled across this while going thru my twitter updates this morning! I just had to share! I was super excited to find this, cause I’ve been wanting to get my Christmas Cards done…I like to mail mine out right after thanksgiving! Ok, I know your wanting me to get to the point!!! Over at Freebies 4 Mom you can get a code to get 50 free Christmas cards for See here FujiFilm! So be sure to get over there quickly and snag up yours! Shipping is also free, so this whole thing doesn’t cost you a cent, til after you get them.. Then you have to pay for postage!! To bad we couldn’t avoid that cost right?? I just ordered mine this morning and got the cute Red Happy Holidays background, but there are numerous ones to choose from… Have fun!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our Crazy weekend!!!

Sorry I haven't been on much the last couple of days... it has been a crazy long weekend. Starting with Friday....Sage and I went out and did some Christmas Shopping. We couldn't let a few good deals pass us up! Then we had to do a bit of shopping for the Cub Scout Pack Camp out this weekend.

We came home to pick up the kids from the bus, and then the boys packed their stuff. Trying to hurry so we wouldn't be putting up the tent in the dark. With the new time change their isn't much light after supper. We did get it mostly set up before the darkness sat upon us.

The girls and I came home, and had a movie night on my bed. Watching the new Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure movie. Which was very cute by the way...much like the first. Then we all fell asleep, having had such a long day!

Rising bright and early this morning, we got up, got dressed, and rushed out the door again! We had to make it to Walmart, and pick up food for the boys and make it to the Camp out before 9am. We made it with 10 mins to spare! Can you believe me, being the picture taker and all, forgot to take any pic's??? I am so ashamed! Hopefully my husband will do better at the next camping trip next weekend. As their will be Indian Dancers and such...

Rachel missed daddy and Hunter so she decided to stay behind tonight, to camp out with them. Sage and I stayed all day and left around 7pm tonight, cause we were tired. The wind has been so crazy all day, that we had a very hard time to get a fire going and keeping cook dinner. It was nuts, tents were almost blowing away too! I have a nasty wind/sun burn going on, on my face and neck! YUCK!

Sage and I are now curled up watching a movie on my bed, and getting ready to give in to our droopy eye lids! So we can get up early and go help a friend make a Fire Truck birthday cake for her son. (Wish me luck) and then go back to pick up the boys and Rachel..... and then come home clam down, take showers, and get ready for a new week to start. I hope that you all had a great weekend! If i get any pic's I'll post some soon!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Blog Tour: Leaving Carolina by Tammy Leigh Book Review:


Leaving Carolina


I was excited to get this book.. I had never read any of Tamara Leigh’s books, but this one looked really good. I was very happy with this read. I was quickly able to get into it. Piper reminded me of myself at times, eager to runway from your home…but, in the end its where you always belong. Overall, loved this book! I will absolutely be looking for more of her books to read!


Piper Wick left her hometown of Pickwick , North Carolina , twelve years ago, shook the dust off her feet, ditched her drawl and her family name, and made a new life for herself as a high-powered public relations consultant in LA. She’s even “engaged to be engaged” to the picture-perfect U.S. Congressman Grant Spangler.

Now all of Piper’s hard-won happiness is threatened by a reclusive uncle’s bout of conscience. In the wake of a health scare, Uncle Obadiah Pickwick has decided to change his will, leaving money to make amends for four generations’ worth of family misdeeds. But that will reveal all the Pickwicks’ secrets, including Piper’s.

Though Piper arrives in Pickwick primed for battle, she is unprepared for Uncle Obe’s rugged, blue-eyed gardener. So just who is Axel Smith? Why does he think making amends is more than just making restitution? And why, oh why, can’t she stay on task? With the Lord’s help, Piper is about to discover that although good PR might smooth things over, only the truth will set her free.

Author Bio:

Tamara Leigh has been writing since 1994. Leigh’s first novel, Warrior Bride, was followed by six more best-selling, award-winning romances in the general market. Her inspirational Chick-Lit debut, Stealing Adda, was published in 2006 to great critical acclaim. Her twelve novels include Faking Grace; Splitting Harriet, an American Christian Fiction Writers "Book of the Year" winner and RITA Award finalist; and Perfecting Kate. She holds a master’s degree in speech and language pathology, is a stay at home mom, and lives near Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and sons.

You can purchase this book at Random House.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blog Tour: Limelight by Melody Carlson Book Review:

Limelight Book cover

Again I was thrilled to do a review for a Melody Carlson book. She has some really good books. This one took me a bit more time to get into, but by the second chapter was getting more into it. It isn’t like most of her books, but still good. I found the character Claudette to be funny, interesting, and secretive, which kept me reading…I wanted to know more about her, and her past. If you like Melody Carlson Books, you will like this as well. 

Book Summary:
Claudette Fioré used to turn heads and break hearts. She relished the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle because she had what it takes: money, youth, fame, and above all, beauty. But age has withered that beauty, and a crooked accountant has taken her wealth, leaving the proud widow penniless and alone.

Armed with stubbornness and sarcasm, Claudette returns to her shabby little hometown and her estranged sister. Slowly, she makes friends. She begins to see her old life in a new light. For the first time, Claudette Fioré questions her own values and finds herself wondering if it’s too late to change.

Author Bio: 
Melody Carlson has published over ninety books for adults, children, and teens, with sales totaling more than two million and many titles appearing on the ECPA Bestsellers List. Several of her books have been finalists for, and winners of, various writing awards, including the Gold Medallion and the RITA Award.

Buy it:  You can go to Random House to buy this book.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

Book Basket:


Book Basket



We haven’t been able to post much lately, about our book basket. Things have been crazy around here. Sage and I have finally been able to get some books, and wanted to share them with you!

  • The Birthday Pet by Ellen Javernick : Hunter read this one, and really liked it. Its about a quest for a little boy to find the prefect pet for him.
  • Delicious by Helen Cooper: This was a cute story about 3 animals on the hunt for a yummy soup. But the duck didn’t like any of them, until they found an orange one, and even though it wasn’t pumpkin soup. Very cute!
  • Finn Throws a FIT! by David Elliot: This was one I specifically picked for my daughter, cause she likes to throw fits. She even realized it was a lot like her. However, it was cute!
  • Goldilicious by Victoria Kann: We loved the first two books, Pinkalicious, and Purplicious. My girls have been anxiously awaiting this book since it came out. It was just as good as the first two. I love the imagination in these books! Its wonderful!

So there is our list for this week. Some really cute books! We hope to have more next week. We welcome any suggestions you have! Happy reading! :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Girl Talk by Gigi Garner Book Review:


Girl Talk Cover


About the Author: As the daughter of actor James Garner, life came with some benefits, of course, but it also let Gigi Garner know she'd never be content with simply being known as a star's daughter. Gigi grew up in Brentwood, California, and attended the film school at the University of Southern California. If you want to know more about her go HERE.

My thoughts:

I received this book from a few weeks ago… At first I was not sure what it was going to be about. Especially when I saw that it was a bunch of little stories/paragraphs from celebrities. Then I picked it up one afternoon while I was waiting for my kids to get off the bus. Within the first few pages, it had me laughing! If you don’t have a lot of time to sit and read a book, this one is for you. You can pick it up and put it down, and not loose your place or story line, since it is just a bunch of short stories.

This book has lots of cool advice and tips. I have even used some recently. They are divided up into groups, some of them include: “Friend Talk”, “Health Talk”, “Kitchen Talk”, and many more. There are things from advice on how to get that career you want, to recipes, and laundry tips on getting that bad stain out.

I thought this book was cute, funny, and interesting. Whether I would buy it for myself from the bookstore, probably not. However, I think it would be a book I might buy for a friend or family member. It had lots of useful information. It was nice to see that even celebrities need to know everyday things like me.

You can buy Girl Talk from Five Star Publications for $15.95. Want to know more about this book, go HERE

*I received this book  provided free by the publisher/author for a review for MamaBuzz.*

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009:


This year was a crazy Halloween… I ended up working a Toy Media Event for the day. So I left before the kids even got up in the morning, and didn’t get home until dinner time.We had fun though….

Hunter was Luke Skywalker this year…. he had most of the pieces to his outfit, but we had to make up some of it with stuff we had around. He was a handsome man!

Hunter as Luke Skywalker

Sage was a Ballerina this year… She has been begging to be one for awhile… We used a old costume dress that Rach had had from a previous year of dance. She was a gorgeous!

Sage the Ballerina

Rachel decided to be Iridescent from Tinkerbell. We have lots of fairy costumes and that is what she wanted to be…so her toughest decision was deciding which one! She was a very pretty fairy!

Rachel as Iredescent the fairy

We went to the same Church we went to last year cause it is so fun. They give out candy to the kids, they have games for the kids to earn candy, bounce houses, slides, and food! Its a blast! Then we came home to go around our housing development! We hope you had a great Halloween too!


Group shot

Blog Tour: What Matters Most by Melody Carlson Book Review:


What matters most


I was beyond excited when I had the chance to review a Melody Carlson Book. I have never read any of her Young Adult books, but I love some of her other books. Even though this was a Young Adult Book, I was hooked. I didn’t have all the details cause I haven’t read the previous books yet, but that really didn’t play a huge part. However, I will be looking into the whole series now! For a young adult book, it had me thinking. I was really inspired and drawn to this book. I would encourage any teen to read this book. Melody Carlson, is a truly wonderful writer, I love her books!!

Book Summary:

Maya’s Green Tip for the Day: Recycled fashion is one of the most fun ways to go green. A pair of jeans could be transformed into a denim skirt. A sweater into a vest. A bunch of old ties into a dress. A blanket into a poncho. Accessorize it in new way–with beads, buttons, appliqués, buckles, stencils, or ribbons…your imagination is only the limit. (65 words)

Sixteen-year-old Maya Stark has a lot to sort through. She could graduate from high school early if she wants to. She’s considering it, especially when popular cheerleader Vanessa Hartman decides to make her life miserable–and Maya’s ex-boyfriend Dominic gets the wrong idea about everything.

To complicate matters even more, Maya’s mother will be released from prison soon, and she’ll want Maya to live with her again. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. And when Maya plays her dad’s old acoustic guitar in front of an audience, she discovers talents and opportunities she never expected. Faced with new options, Maya must choose between a “normal” life and a glamorous one. Ultimately, she has to figure out what matters most.

Author Bio:  

Melody Carlson has published over ninety books for adults, children, and teens, with sales totaling more than two million and many titles appearing on the ECPA Bestsellers List. Several of her books have been finalists for, and winners of, various writing awards, including the Gold Medallion and the RITA Award.

Buy it: You can go to Random House to purchase this book.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Simple Women’s Daybook:


For Today November 2nd, 2009

Outside my window.... is warm, buggy, and nice all at the same time.

I am thinking.... the next two weeks are going to be really busy. How will I ever keep up??

From my imagination....Scout lessons, stuff for our pack campout, and preschool lessons. (still)

I am thankful for.... times spent with friends, and their families. We have such great times!

From the kitchen.... Left over pork ribs, and macaroni salad!
I am wearing..... Capri’s, t-shirt, and my sandals (which of course are croc’s)

I am reading....  Magician’s Elephant by Kate DiCamillo with a long list of books waiting for me.

I am hoping.....a smooth week, and weekend…

I am creating... stuff for Sage to work on. She has finally mastered her name, including the S going in the right direction.

I am hearing.... the sound of my ceiling fan and the tv.

One of my favorite things....Coffee, and muffins. Maybe I will make some blueberry muffins tomorrow.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Dance, Cub scouts, Library, Scout meeting Thursday, and a pack campout on the weekend.

A picture I am Sharing…  a picture of the kids, that is done in a pencil sketch.. Thought it was kinda neat.