Thursday, February 26, 2009



We didn’t really got to spend as much time in Dino-land that we would have liked to, since the place was really mobbed. We did get to check it out though, stopped at our Kid Discovery Station, and grabbed a quick snack. The kids wanted to go on the Dinosaur ride, but the line was really long, and we knew they couldn’t handle waiting 30 minutes or longer.

Dino Ride Above is the picture of the ride they wanted to go on. After we explained the line was really long, we got them to move on to the really big Boneyard Playground. The place is huge, with lots of slides, and things to climb on. Here are a few shots of them playing…

Can't go fast enough

Having fun

She flew down this one

Rachel almost landed on her butt coming done this slide! Laugh did she laugh. After so much fun there, we decided to move on to Asia…..

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