Friday, February 27, 2009



After leaving Asia, we hiked on to Africa. Our first stop was to see “King Louie”.

All of us with King Louie

That was a nice surprise to thee kids. From there Andy and Rachel went over to the Safari Ride and got us Fast Passes. While we waited for our time to come we went over to catch the train to Conservation Station. The only way to and from there is the train. At Conservation Station we got to pet animals at the petting zoo. Learn what we can do to help with keeping our earth safe for our animals. Then we got to see some more characters. Our battery died on us, so I will share the couple photo’s we got right before this…

She loved her

Sage was so happy to see her! She didn’t want to let go.

Aren't they cute

What a cute couple!

We also saw couple others but our camera died as we were about to get the pictures. After going back to Africa we went over and went on the Safari. We saw a wide varitey of animals, including a Giraffe…which completely made Hunter HAPPY! :)

Our last stop of the day was at the Gorilla trial. We went through, and saw the gorilla’s. We stopped to see some Hippo’s. Then we stopped at the last Kid Discovery Station, were they learned how to track by tracks and poop. Hunter found it pretty interesting. The girls just giggled.

We had a great day. Lots of laughs, smiles, and memory making.


Martha said...

Yeah for poop! Giggle giggle

Elli said...

I have 4 kids and we live in Sweden.

Berry Patch said...

It certainly looks like you had a fabulous time! I'm tired just reading all the posts!!! LOL ;-)