Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ears, fluid, usually a bad sign!

Long, long night we had last night! My little man was very much in pain. Anyone following our story knows, that we have been struggling with his ears. As of this May we would have been a year tube free....sadly we did not make it that far. He was up half the night with severe pain in his left ear. By morning it had started to rupture. After making it through the night, we called the doctor as soon as they opened. Unfortunately, we could not get in until 11am. Besides the puss coming out of his ear, we were ok at that point anyway.

The doctor prescribed him an antibiotic, and another one to start after he finishes this one. The second one is going to be a prevented antibiotic, to help stop him from getting an ear infection. I'm skeptical about this, but am not looking forward to the reoccurring problems, or having to put in tubes again. So, we are hoping for the best.


The Eagen's said...

I hope Hunter feels better soon and that the preventative antibiotic works!

Berry Patch said...

No fun! I hope all goes well with the preventive antibiotic.