Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kids first time going to VBS…….



this week, and my what a great time they had… It was a blast for them. People had always told us how fun it was, but we just never seemed to remember when sign up was, or something always conflicted with the time.

This year, the kids were excited to join a few friends in this journey. They made lots of new friends along the way as well.

This years theme for this church was Saddle Ridge Ranch; Rounding up questions, Driving home answers. The songs they sang where amazing, and the hand gestures were just to cute.

Here are a few pictures from the week….








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Friday, July 30, 2010


I've been among the missing lately...

My head is killing me,

but I promise some cool giveaways this weekend!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our trip to the ocean….

was a nice success!!! We had a blast. The kids were super excited, and beyond happy to head out to the beach. We gathered all our sand buckets, packed our picnic baskets, and umbrella (ok, that was more for me).

Of course the 2 hr trip to get there was not their favorite. However, they only started to ask if “we were there yet” as we were nearing the last half hour.

Once they did see the beach, they were super excited! The view was gorgeous! The water was so blue and amazingly beautiful!


The kids had no fears and ran right in… luckily it was fairly shallow for a bit, and they were able to go out a while before they were over their heads. They absolutely loved trying to jump the waves, and just testing their under water skills.

We sighted a few para-sailers, and dolphins! It was a wonderful day, and everyone had a blast!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What have you been reading??


We don’t have a specific list we are going by or anything… we just love to read in this house. I was just curious to see what we could accomplish in one summer without over doing and driving the kids nuts. What better way to keep track than sharing with you??

So far Hunter has read:

  • Magic Tree House Hallows Eve
  • Magic Tree House Carnival at Candlelight 
  • 39 Clues Book 4
  • 39 Clues Book 5
  • 39 Clues Book 6
  • 39 Clues Book 7
  • 39 Clues Book 8
  • Percy Jackson The Lightening Thief
  • How to train your dragon Book 2

So far I have read to the girls:

  • Princess Ellie   Book 1
  • Princess Ellie   Book 2
  • Princess Ellie   Book 3
  • Princess Ellie   Book 4  
  • Rainbow Fairy’s Book 4

Rachel is also reading any Level 1 and 2 books in the library she can find. Her reading has improved greatly over the summer.

Do your kids love to read?? What have they been reading, and what is their favorite book? We will check back at the end of the summer and let you know any others we read…

Now we are off the the Library to pick up some more books!


Total Pillow Review & Giveaway

I was super excited to get this review…. Mostly because I find it so hard to find a decent pillow to use for reading, or while I’m on my computer, traveling or anything like that. I’ve tried tons of different pillows and none of them ever work without making my neck hurt!

The Total Pillow is amazing in the way you can move it and make it work for what you need it for.. It is so versatile! It also comes with two compresses, so you can make it hot, or cold, if your neck is bothering you. Its just wonderful!  I love it! My kids even love this pillow.. its a fight in our house now as to who gets to use it. The kids like to use it when reading, or watching TV as well. We haven’t taken any trips but I think that it would be popular in the car as well.

Here is what the company has to say:

VERSATILE TRANSFORMING PILLOW Cradles you with Comfort While Asleep and Awake
Most people spend approximately one-third of their lives asleep on their pillow, however the new Total Pillow has uses for the two-thirds of time spent awake.
There are pillows for all types of issues but no one pillow that bridges all conditions, until now. The Total Pillow™ is for use overnight, on the couch, sitting at your desk, driving, while on a plane or train, in college dorms, or just while watching television.  This donut-shaped pillow transforms in just seconds to more than five supportive shapes for customized relief.  The patent pending locking technology enables the Total Pillow to support the neck, lower back, ankles and knees.
"Consumers own many different pillows for different applications, identifying the need for a multipurpose pillow solution." said Steve Heroux, CEO of Hampton Direct. "The Total Pillow transforms into five different shapes to answer a wide range of conditions."
The Total Pillow's ergonomic design allows your body to be cradled in support whether you're a side sleeper and like support between your knees and/or ankles or are a frequent traveler. It's also great for the businessperson, who needs lumbar support for the long periods of time spent seated.
Available for $19.99, The Total Pillow and can be ordered online at www.buytotalpillow. com.
Hampton Direct, Inc. is a leading international importer and distributor of consumer products. The Vermont-based company's offerings include common household problem solving products that includes the As Seen On TV Wonder Hanger®, Twin Draft Guard® and Total Pillow®.

 I have one Total Pillow to giveaway to one lucky reader!!

To Enter:
Leave me a comment telling me a travel tip. (Mandatory to Enter)

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The giveaway ends August 8th @ EST. Open to US Residents only. The winner will be chosen by and will have 48hrs to respond or I will chose a new winner.

*This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Total Pillow for this review."

Monday, July 26, 2010

Simple Woman’s Daybook:







FOR TODAY... Monday July 26th, 2010



Outside my window... The sun is out, but it is a bit gloomy… the tropical storm is bringing in a lot of rain.

I am thinking... Wow, it has been a week already?? We had a great time, but had some rough days too.

I am thankful for...time spent with family and friends. I miss a lot of my friends!   

From the learning rooms...Hunter is doing some writing assignments this week. We finished some more books… and of course Math.

Rach- is still working on her reading skills (doing good with level 1 books and we are starting on level 2 ), and addition

Sage- Letter sounds, and sight words

From the kitchen... Polynesian Pork Loin in the crockpot

I am wearing...My normal, shorts, t-shirt, and croc’s!

I am creating... nothing much at the moment…need to get back to my scrapbooking!

I am going... hopefully have a better week… last week had its good moments, but a lot of depressing and sad ones too… I’m tried of being emotional. Ugh!

I am reading... Not sure…gonna start a new one.

I am hearing...The kids watching a movie… they got up early today for some reason.

Around the house...A bit of cleaning to do..

One of my favorite things... Not feeling like a emotional mess!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Not much… Maybe a trip to the pool, library, doctor appts, VBS each night…

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Hunter with his new bear… He finally got his second one from build-a-bear after having be so patient about it!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shades of Morning book winner is…

Sorry i’m late getting this up.. been a very crazy week/weekend… My kids have been acting like there is a full moon coming! AGGHHHH!

Without further ado the winner is:


Ashley said...

My Favorite store is Best Buy :)

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another milestone has been reached…


and that means my baby is getting to old to call a “baby” anymore…

This weekend…we had to take her for her first official haircut at a salon. She was so excited (beyond excited). I loved to watch her and listen to her when she is excited.


She has beautiful hair…but it was starting to get very split ends at the end, making it very tangled in the morning. Plus she was like a sheep dog, and couldn’t see out her bangs anymore.


Therefore, it was not a drastic cut, just enough for us all to be happy… and her to feel like a big girl, like her sister.




Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fun projects with Glue Dots



I was really excited to jump at a chance to do a project with Glue Dots, and review some of their product. I absolutely love Glue Dots. I only used them once a few years ago for a craft project, when the kids were a bit younger. I instantly fell in love with them! They are so much less mess, and easy to use. Especially for younger kids.

I was super excited to do some projects with the kids and use Glue Dots. I set my mind at work, and started looking for projects to do.

Our first project we decided to use the Glue Dots on was at our recent Girl Scout Event. We were making princess hats, with the Girl Scout Laws on it, jewels, and ribbons. These came in perfectly for this project. As we were using them with 5yr old girls, and lots of little objects.




Reasons to use Glue Dots… Well they are great to use, instead of hot glue guns, and liquid glue. You can use them on just about any surface. They work great on paper, foam, gems, photo’s and so much more! For little kids they are great cause you don’t have to stop and wait for things to dry. Face it we all know how impatient they can get!!

You can find more info on Glue Dots Facebook or Glue Dots on Twitter. Want more info on Summer Bonding projects? Go Here.

I wrote this post in participation of the Twittermoms and GlueDots blogging contest to be eligible to be entered in a contest for a $30 gift card. If you would like to participate, you can find more info click here.

*I received Glue Dots in order to create my project.  I received no monetary compensation.


Snikiddy Snacks Review & Giveaway:


We were lucky enough to try out these delicious healthy snack… Snikiddy is a great healthy alternative to potato chips….such as
  • All Natural
  • Gluten-Free
  • Wheat-Free
  • No Corn Syrup
  • Peanut Free
  • No preservatives
  • No Trans Fats
  • No hydrogenated oils
  • 50% less fat than potato chips
My kids love chips, but I hate to give them such unhealthy food. Therefore when we find great options like this I love to give them a try. My kids liked them, and thought the Cheddar Cheese ones were great! They really want to try the Mac & Cheese cheese balls next. I love that they are so good for them, and have such a wide selection of flavors!!
Go here and get a $1 off Coupon!
Not only are they a great for you, they are a wonderful deal for a 4.5oz bag for $1.79.
Check them out on Facebook, and Twitter!

Snikiddy has also been generous to offer one of my readers a chance to win, one bag to a lucky winner!!!

To enter:
Leave me a comment about what kind you want to try! (Mandatory)

Extra Entries:
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Giveaway ends July 30th @ 10pm EST … Open to US residents only. Winner will be chosen by and will have 48hrs to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

*This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Snikiddy for this review."

We are beach bond….



today… so we hope that you are all having a wonderful day too…


(Photo Courtesy of a friend)

We will be back tomorrow with some fun photo’s to share!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Simple Woman’s Daybook:







FOR TODAY... Monday July 19th, 2010



Outside my window... The sun is shining and it is starting to get pretty hot…

I am thinking... phew gonna be a long day… been up off and on all night and up for good at 4am.

I am thankful… I really do love pictures!  

From the learning rooms...Hunter is still working on his Amphibians unit study, multiplication (with a Lego unit study as well), and reading…. 

Rach- is still working on her reading skills (doing good with level 1 books), and addition

Sage- Letter sounds, and sight words

From the kitchen... Teriyaki Burgers, and salad

I am wearing...My normal, shorts, t-shirt, and croc’s!

I am creating... A plan for the next year of Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts activities. Some blog posts too..

I am… today is the start of Hubby’s 4 day vacation… and we are going to have a fantastic time!

I am reading... Big Girl by Danielle Steel

I am hearing...Sage sing, and the tv. Hunter and I are watching a DVR’d episode of Food Challenge

Around the house... Laundry! Lots of laundry! UGH!

One of my favorite things... Time with my family!

A few plans for the rest of the week: A movie night, trip to the mall, family dinner out, trip to the beach, and having lots and lots of fun!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Sage planting flowers for the Sunshine Foundation!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bookstore Fun Anyone??


We love our local bookstore, not this should come as a surprise to any of you who know us. Our family loves to read!

Well this summer Books-a-million is offering some events on Saturday’s in July for kids to have fun. You can find more information about it here

Today was beach day… here are a few shots of the kids having fun!






Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Site Review: My Coupons


t My-Coupons-logo


Do you like coupons?? I know, I do!! I am always on the look out for coupons to use to help us save money. Especially around back to school time. I still can’t believe that some schools are starting back up in a couple weeks, and others are quick to follow. We have about a month left before our kids head back….but there is so much on the list to buy. From uniforms, school supplies, to backpacks!

Well My Coupons has come up with a back to school section of their help all us mothers who are in need of saving money!

When first going to the site I was excited to see that it was easy to navigate. I hate the sites you have to keep clicking to “hope” you will stumble across what you want to see. Not with this coupon site. Everything is in categories, as well as alphabetically. You can find anything from online codes, to printable coupons as well as discounted gift cards (due to a partnership with

Right now some of the good deals are $5 off $50 with Sears, or a $5 off $50 with Kmart.

I know with things as tight as they can be around my house, being able to save even $5 is huge! School can get expensive if you are not careful.


You can find them on Twitter & Facebook as well.


*This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: My Coupons Website for this review. I was given money in exchange for this review, but the opinions are honest and mine.


How to get your kids to Embrace Summer Reading??


Reading has never really been a huge issue for our family…my kids LOVE to read. However, for some its hard to get them to read in the summer. For the smaller kids I CAN READ! is a great way to start. Two of my youngest girls are just learning to read. One just finished Kindergarten, and the I CAN READ! books are the best ones for her to get excited about reading. Even for my youngest who is about to start Kindergarten, they offer the best of both worlds. The pictures to keep them stimulated, and the small words to help her learn to read. Where do your kids fall??
Do your kids hate to read?? Or just not happy they have to read, since school is out? Here is a list of things that help us with reading in the summer…

  • Look for incentive programs, like at bookstores. My oldest is working towards getting a free book from all the bookstores near us.
  • Check your local library for incentives as well. Ours offers a weekly drawing for free books.
  • Local Restaurants sometimes offer free food for kids who read so many books.
  • With my oldest, we read a certain book, and when we finish we watch the movie to compare.
  • Find different places to read, such as the park, beach, etc.
  • Subscribe to a magazine for each child to have something special for them to read.
  • We always have one book, that we read together each week. By taking turns reading and having that time together all my kids love this.
  • Be an example, when you ask them to read…set aside a few minutes for you to be able to read as well.
  • Have fun with reading… do activities around the book you are reading!
I hope this helps with some ideas for reading… Speaking of reading. We are off to the library this morning to pick up some more books. Hope you all have a fabulous time reading!!!

A bit about I CAN READ!

The number one beginner reader series in the country, I Can Read!, is the open door to a child’s adventure with the most beloved characters in the history of children’s literature. It is the premiere and proven series for encouraging young readers from early reading together to advanced reading alone. The series debuted in 1957with the introduction of a familiar favorite, Little Bear. It was one of the first ever easy-to-read books that children could read independently, and has been in print ever since. Now with more than 6 million I Can Read! books sold, including 200 titles, I Can Read! books is the best series to take children step by step into the wonderful world of reading on their own.

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms blogging program to be eligible to get an "I Can Read!" book. For more information on how you can participate, click here.”

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shades of Morning by Marlo Schalesky Book Review:


Shades of Morning book cover


Summary of the Book:

Marnie Wittier has life just where she wants it. Quiet. Peaceful. No drama. A long way away from her past. In the privacy of her home, she fills a box with slips of paper, scribbled with her regrets, sins, and sorrows. But that’s nobody else’s business. Her bookstore/coffee shop patrons, her employees, her friends from church—they all think she’s the very model of compassion and kindness.

Then Marnie’s past creeps into her present when her estranged sister dies and makes Marnie guardian of her fifteen-year-old son—a boy Marnie never knew existed. And when Emmit arrives, she discovers he has Down syndrome—and that she’s woefully unprepared to care for him. What’s worse, she has to deal with Taylor Cole, her sister’s attorney, a man Marnie once loved—and abandoned. As Emmit (and Taylor) work their way into her heart, Marnie begins to heal. But when pieces of her dismal past surface again, she must at last face the scripts of paper in her box, all the regrets and sorrows. Can she do it? Or will she run again?

About the Author:

Marlo Schalesky is the author of several books, including Beyond the Night and Empty Womb, Aching Heart. A graduate of Stanford University , Marlo also has a masters of theology with an emphasis in biblical studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. Married over twenty years, she lives with her husband, Bryan, and their five children in California .

My Thoughts:

I thought this book was a bit hard to get into at first..but did enjoy it once I got through the first few chapters. After that it was a breeze and easy read. I enjoyed it… and it really made you think. I don’t want to give away anything, so you will have to read it to figure out what I mean.

Buy it:

At Amazon  or Barnes & Nobles

I have one copy of this book to give to one lucky reader!

To Enter:

Leave me a comment telling me your favorite Place to Shop…. (mandatory to enter)

Giveaway ends July 24th @10pm EST. Giveaway is open to US Residents only! Winner will be chosen by and will have 48hrs to respond.

* This book was provided by Multnomah Books in order for me to review it.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Simple Woman’s Daybook:






FOR TODAY... Monday July 12th, 2010



Outside my window... The sun is shining and I dare say it is going to be really humid and hot today!

I am thinking... Organization is much as I love it, can be an awful lot of work!

I am thankful calls from my mom! 

From the learning rooms...Hunter is still working on his Amphibians unit study, multiplication, and reading…. He has already knocked out one reading list… on to the next!

Rach- is still working on her reading skills, and addition

Sage- Letter sounds, and sight words

From the kitchen... Not sure either pork chops or a pork loin. Can’t decide…hmmm

I am wearing...My normal, shorts, t-shirt, and croc’s!

I am creating... A plan for the next year of Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts activities.

I am going...finish planning our trip to the coast, and hanging with my kids!

I am reading... I have a few books going at once, as usually!

I am hearing...The kids clanking their spoons in their cereal bowls… and talking about something. 

Around the house... Not much going on this week. 

One of my favorite things... Being out of the box

A few plans for the rest of the week: Ummm… Pool today, Girl Scout stuff tomorrow, Library on Wednesday, Hunter has a library thing on Thursday, and not sure what the end of the week will bring yet.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Rachel not sure what to think of the huge snake they just took out…


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Turtle, snakes, and lizards oh my!



I have to tell you, I love that our local library offers such great events in the summer… They do a series of 4 different events, from Magicians, Mad Science, and even a Reptile show.

We have been able to attend 3 of the events this summer. One called the Jiggleman, which was really funny. He was like a Mime but also did some bouncing and such…




The absolute favorite of the kids was the Reptile guy. He had a gopher tortoise, pine snake,crocodile, rat snake, snapping turtle, bearded dragon lizard, and a python snake. I’m not a huge fan of these creatures, but it was neat to learn about them, and see them (since I didn’t have to touch).





Does your town have a great library program for the summer??

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July ….


Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th of July!

I know we did!

This year we had a nice big Bbq here at our house… with our family and friends.  It was nice to be joined, by our friends from “A Caring Heart”.

Along with fabulous food, we had a fabulous fun! The kids made wonderful Firecracker Hats, and played with Bubbles. As well as played in the rain. (Hey we had to make the best of the weather right??)






While us adults cooked, and played some games! It was really one of the best holidays we have had since moving here… I think because for the first time, it reminded me of something we would have done up north…


Then we headed to our local park for some fun! It took us almost a half hour to find a place to park.. but it was worth it. We got to see Joe Diffie perform, and the kids had a blast dancing. 




Unfortunately the clouds started getting really dark and rolling in a again about the time fireworks were suppose to go off… Which means, we got completely soaked from head to toe! May I just say… I thought it was worth it, and so much fun! Great adventure to end the day. Sadly we didn’t see any fireworks, they never set them off.

Great day anyway!!!

What did you do for the 4th???

Simple Woman’s Daybook:


FOR TODAY... Monday July 5th, 2010

Outside my window... It is rather cloudy and blah… We have been having a lot of rain lately, due to storms off the coast. 

I am thinking...Wow we had a great weekend! Movies, friends, and games!

I am thankful for...everything!

From the learning rooms...Hunter is starting his Amphibians unit study, plus his math, and reading.
Rach- is still working on her reading skills, and addition
Sage- Letter sounds, and sight words

From the kitchen...Left over's from the 4th!

I am wearing...My normal, shorts, t-shirt, and croc’s!

I am creating...Some crafts for the kids and a schedule for the next few weeks.

I am going...finish planning our trip to the coast, and hanging with my kids!

I am reading... I have a few books going at once, as usually!

I am hearing...The kids playing quietly in there room, while they wait for the rest of the house to wake up… Don’t think they know that I’m awake yet!

Around the house...Things are quiet and clean!

One of my favorite things...Fun, and Crazy! That is me in a nutshell really!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Ummm… Laying low Monday, Library on Tuesday, Library on Wednesday or maybe a movie, not sure if we will make it to the pool this week or not.. (pretty rainy week ahead)

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Some fun from yesterday!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!



I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday from our house to yours!!!