Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hunter mastered the………


the Monkey Bars!!!!!

I got it!

He says he is now a big boy!

How cute is that???

Such a big boy

He is getting to big for me….

I made it mom!

Next he will be going on a date!


Oh my!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vacation means….


that Hunter and Rachel get to go to the library with Sage and I! That is huge in this house! They love the library, and hate that they miss story hour during the school year. So when vacation arise that is the first thing they get excited about doing.

This vacation they got to go twice which made it all the more special…. The first week was about Christmas, and this past one we did books and activities about snow. We made snowflakes!

Picture 002


Check out the stack of books Hunter came home with??? He is loving that he has more of a variety to read now!

Picture 005


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!


I hope that everyone had a splendid Christmas! I know we did…. Santa was very generous to my kids this year, as were us parents and grandparents. I must say for the first year my kids were really really excited about Christmas. They had a hard time staying asleep all night, and kept waking up with something silly to say or do. So we got up about 7am, and proceeded to open our stockings.

Once everyone was up and had, had a cup of coffee it was time to start in on the action. It only took us about 2hrs to go through all the presents to open them. The kids favorites were for Hunter his Lego's, star wars sets, and his Diji… For Rachel her new bathtub Barbie, and her Tinkerbell Jewelry Box… For Sage her new Barbie's, and My little Pony set. For me…My NEW CAMERA!!! I was so happy. I haven’t had a camera for almost 6 months. I’ve been using my in-laws… so it is so nice to have one again. Its a small thin one but has AMAZING features, I'll be playing with it for awhile. I love that it is small enough to slip in my purse and take with me too, for all those pictures you never know your gonna take it til the occasion arises!

We had a wonderful Christmas I hope you did too!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Collage

Monday, December 28, 2009

Simple Woman’s Daybook:





For Today December 28th, 2009

Outside my window… its a bit chilly, but nice. We are around the 60-70’s right now…which is perfect weather for the winter time.
I am thinking…. Thank goodness we made it through the week. The kids have one more week of vacation and then back to the grind.
From my imagination…. Not really a lot lately… I need to work on some stuff for scouts and get some plans in place.
I am thankful for…. a very giving family.. that is always there when we need them, and willing to make things the best for us.

From the kitchen... Steak, potato and a veggie ( I think )
I am wearing….  Pants, t-shirt with my green sweatshirt over it, and socks! Brr!! (sad I know)
I am reading… Some books from Debbie Macomber….loved her movie on ABC Family this Christmas so I decided to check out some of her books!
I am hoping…. That the rest of vacation goes by without any major meltdowns and fun is had by all. Looking forward to a couple of play dates, and good times!
I am creating…. some organization…we had to get some order restored after all the Christmas toys. Oh my! Weeding out the old to make room for the new.

I am hearing….. my kids talking…we are getting ready to head out the door… for an appt.
One of my favorite things…. Cuddling up on a cool day with a snug blanket and watching a movie, or reading a book.
A few plans for the rest of the week…. Appt, playing, library, play date, more playing, some reading and lots of laughs!
A Picture I am sharing…. A priceless expression from Hunter when he opened his Star Wars Diji on Christmas. I’m so glad I was able to find such an awesome deal… he LOVES it!
So happy he got a Star Wars Diji!!!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

How much Cereal do you eat??


Here in our house we eat a ton of cereal! My kids eat an average of two bowls almost every morning. Then some of us adults will poor a bowl for a afternoon, or evening snack. In a month we can easily go through about 10-15 boxes… Can I tell you how expensive that can be?? So, I always make it a point to stock up on the coupons for when I can find my B1G1 Free deals. Yup, I hate paying full price for a box of cereal…. it can be anywhere from $3-$6 now isn’t that NUTS!!!! Absurd I say!

I know your all looking at this with your eyes bugging out…How can I let my kids eat so much sugar coated cereal?? Well, calm down…. I don’t allow much sugar cereal in my house. My kids favorites include Cheerio's (regular and Honey nut), Corn Flakes, Kix’s, and Frosted Shredded wheat. I usually let them each pick one sugary cereal out a month for their treat.

With that being said, I was very excited to hear that General Mills announced a commitment to further reduce sugar in cereals advertised to kids under 12 to single digit grams of sugar per serving. Then increasing key nutrients, such as calcium and Vitamin D, and providing some whole grain!

Some quick facts from General Mills:

  • Ready-to-eat cereal eaters consume less fat, cholesterol, and more fiber than non-cereal eaters?? While also getting more important vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients, making cereal a top source of key nutrients in children’s diets.
  • Ready-to-eat cereal is the #1 source of whole grains in a child’s diet today.
  • More frequent cereal eaters tend to have healthier body weights and lower Body Mass Index Measures.
  • Plus children perform better at school after having breakfast! Then children who skip.

If you would like to see more information about kids and cereal, you can visit Cereal Health and Wellness.

General Mills Cereal would like to offer everyone a $1 off Coupon for one of four General Mills Cereals which you can get HERE.

*This information, and product where given to me by General Mills through Blogspark. Thank you General Mills and My Blog Spark!!!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa Cookie Making Fun:


I needed to make cookies for Santa, but my husband was working overnights and needed to sleep. As you all know kids can’t be quiet when excited about things like that. So, I decided to see if my friend was up to making cookies, and just go hang out at her house, to make them. This is what kind of fun we had!

Cooking Making Fun Collage


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve:


My your day be filled with laughter and joy,

and smiles….

We will be dancing, singing, giggling, cooking,

playing, watching and reading Christmas stories


What about you??

The kids are super excited, the stockings are hung,

the presents are wrapped…..

Let the celebration begin!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!


We will be playing with toys and cuddling for the next

few days… when we return we will have lots of

great pictures to share, and stories to tell,

and hopefully some giveaways to enter!




Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Have you kissed a frog??



No?? Why not?? Does the slime stop you dead in your tracks?? I know, it would me!

We don’t often go to the movies, but some friends of ours managed to get us two free tickets to see the Princess and the Frog. How was I going to say no?? The kids had been asking to see it. For them going to the movies is a VERY special treat.

The kids in front of the movie poster

That was our celebration that we made it to the start of vacation. Now lets hope the kids are able to behave for the duration of the vacation so we can celebrate the end!!!

I must say this movie was very cute… we didn’t get the best seats in the house, cause the place was packed, so the only spot available for 5 people, was right up in the front 2nd row back from the screen. I think my neck still hurts!  The movie was a good one, sorta like a Cinderella story, but with a twist. It had a bit of dark spots in it with the Voodoo guy, but nothing to scary. My girls were perfectly fine, and loved it. Hunter liked it even though it was a bit girly he said! (getting to old for those I guess??)

All and all it was a fabulous night, and the kids were excellent for the movie, and ate lots, and lots of popcorn. They even fell asleep before we made it home.

Next they want to see Chimpmunks the Squeakquel, Sherk the final, and there were a few others they said looked good. I wish it was a bit cheaper so we could go more often… however, it usually costs us 60-70 dollars by the time it is said and done…


The kids in front of the Chipmunks

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hike ….


This past weekend we decided to take the scouts on a hike. To find “Real” woods is hard in Florida. So, I have to say the trail we picked this time was very much the closest to woods we have gotten thus far.

The kids had a blast as usual…. my kids love nothing better than to get out their with nature. My leg is still healing, so it was a bit hard at times for me to keep up, and it was ready for a rest at the end, but all and all was a good hike.

Writing down what trees he sees

Looking for the Geochace, we never found it

We were able to see some deer tracks, lots of types of trees, a hawk, spiders, and a few other things along the way. Not sure how long of a hike it was…I'd have to say at least a mile. I’m hoping to do another one soon. We love to get out their and explore nature! 

Monday, December 21, 2009

Fall Into Reading…How I did:


Ok, now for the list of books I said I’d read…

  1. Last Song by Nicholas Sparks
  2. The Magician’s Elephant by Kate DiCamillo
  3. What Matters most by Melody Carlson
  4. Limelight by Melody Carlson
  5. The Boneman’s Daughter by Ted Dekker
  6. Thirsty by Tracey Bateman
  7. Firefly Lane by Kristen Hannah
  8. Between Sister by Kristen Hannah
  9. Prince Caspian by CS Lewis
  10. Blood Sisters by Melody Carlson
  11. The Scrapbook by Peggy Baker
  12. Scrap Everything by Leslie Gould
  13. Peeing in Peace by Beth Feldman
  14. Because I said so by Dawn Meehan
  15. Life’s a Beach by Claire Cook
  16. Holly’s Inbox by Holly Denham
  17. Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult
  18. Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand
  19. White Picket Fences by Susan Meissner
  20. True Blue by David Baldacci

Now aside from my 20 books I wanted to read… I’ also wanted to work on a couple of series with my kids. With my son I was going to read “39 Clues Series” with him…

  1. Maze of Bones
  2. Wright In Time Arizona by Lisa M.Cottrell-Bentley

and with my daughters we were going to work on the “Tinkerbelle Series” of books.

Now here is the list of books I read besides the ones I listed…

  • Tell me something true by Leila Cobo
  • Wisdom Hunter
  • Shadow Government
  • Take your best Shot
  • A Field Guide to Burying your parents by Liz Palmer
  • Girl talk by Gigi Garner
  • Leaving Carolina by Tammy Leigh


As you can see… I didn’t quite get all the books read that I wanted too. However, I think I made a pretty darn good dent in them. The others are still on a list, and will be read. With birthdays, and holidays things got a bit crazy and disorganized around here! I had a great time with this challenge though, and hope to participate in another one! I didn’t provide a review of the book here, but if anyone wants to know about a book just leave me a message and I will get back to you with my thoughts!

Happy Reading Everyone!!!


Simple Woman’s Daybook:


For Today December 21st, 2009

Outside my window:…… its a tad chilly but nice… cooler

I am thinking…… Going to be a long week for my kids… (daddy is working nights, means they have to be more quiet during the day)

From my imagination…..  Nothing really…been taking a break, since I had an issue with my leg, and Christmas stuff to get done.

I am thankful for….. Quiet afternoons, where the kids are playing nicely, and everyone is calm and happy.

From the kitchen... Steak, potato and a veggie (maybe)

I am wearing….. Pants, t-shirt, and my green sweatshirt!

I am reading….. Nothing right now… waiting on my next book from the library!

I am hoping….. That Christmas goes well, my emotions don’t get the best of me, and everyone can be happy…. with lots of laughter and joy!

I am creating….  some lists of things I really need to get done! I’m very far behind on lots of stuff.

I am hearing….. Silence, my kids are still sleeping thank goodness!

One of my favorite things….. My mom, and oh how i miss her during the holidays… its hard to be this far away from her.
A few plans for the rest of the week…. Finish wrapping presents, spend lots of time with my kiddo’s, Library, visit a friend, make cookies, and have a wonderful Christmas!
A picture I am sharing…… a bit of Christmas to get you in the spirit!

Center Pieces

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Vacation Day 1 and 2:


Awakened by screaming….. someone took someone’s toy!

They proceeded to have breakfast and fought over who was allowed to sit next to who…..Seriously??

Back to room to play..and minutes later they were screaming AGAIN!!!

After a ton of fighting later, finally time for bed! YAY!

Today they were much better…..

Only a few screams, a bit of griping for picking up their room

One got stuck under the mattress while making her bed…

Played in the dirt for hours,

and played some board games….

went to bed so quickly and quietly!

Why can’t everyday be like that???

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Cub Scout Dinner:


This year our pack decided to do a Dinner for the December meeting… which turned out great I think. They made Lasagna, Salad, and garlic bread. Does it get any better than that?? The Tigers, and Wolves, brought drinks, and the Bears, and Weebloo’s brought dessert. One of our den leaders did a fantastic job getting it all put together!

During this meeting the boys got their newest awards. Hunter got another belt loop. and bead towards earning his Wolf Badge. He also got a patch for going to the Tribal Nations Camping Trip, and for selling popcorn, along with his prize a wind up flash light. He loves it!! He also wants to thank our friends and family again that ordered popcorn from him!!! He also got his pinewood derby car, and we got one for each of the girls, cause they are having a sibling race this year. We will talk more about that when we are in January!

It was a great night, and a nice start to the holiday season!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday fun:


The Glitter, Glisten, and Shine Festival has now officially become one of our Christmas traditions. Since coming to Florida, a few of our traditions have been lost, and new ones gained, or being developed. I mean after all Traditions are the best part of Christmas right??? 

The kids love this festival for many reasons, but the biggest being that there is a big pile of SNOW to play in. After all how many places in FL do you know of to play in snow? With this being said it is also the biggest attraction for all these kids!

Glitter,Glisten,Shine Collage

Along with the snow they have schools that come in and do caroling, and some skits. Which are very cute… along with a couple of dance schools in the area. Always a joy to watch. Plus they have crafts for the kids, cookie decorating, hot chocolate, sleigh rides, and of course SANTA! Best part of all??? Almost all of it is free! How can you go wrong???

This year it was a cold day, but prefect for the kids to get a chance to use their gloves. Before we were through it started to rain, so we left a bit early…but we came home to have hot cocoa, cookies, and watched a Christmas movie with our friends. We were so happy to have our friends join us this year, and hope that this also can be a part of our tradition!

What are some of your favorite traditions?


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Potluck Survival Guide Book Tour Review:


Potluck Survival Guide Book Cover

I love cookbooks, so I was excited to get the chance to review this book. I don’t often cook for crowds but found the things she thought were great for them, and bad for them very interesting. Love the whole section on what kids will eat, and what to cook for picky eaters. This book was jammed packed with useful information!  My kids and I were very anxious to try some new recipes…. They were yummy and crowd pleasers.. I can see myself using this book for reference numerous times.

About the Author:
Cherie Kimmons loves food, enjoys preparing it, consuming it, and sharing it with others. She comes from a rich culinary tradition that blends Italian and Cajun French Cooking.  Over the years she has spent working as an award-winning reporter and columnist for Knoxville’s Press Enterprise, a web writer for HGTV, and a freelance writer.  She chaired school committees, created menus, and cooked countless meals for her kids’ sports teams. While keeping an eye out on which foods were eaten first and which went home untouched. Then combined her first-handed experience with her writing skills and a healthy dose of humor. The result?? Her Potluck Survival Guide, the prefect tool for parents, volunteers, and hosts faced with the daunting task of feeding the masses, while maintaining their sanity!

About the Book:
Potluck Survival Guide, a light-hearted handbook for beginning and experienced cooks, helps frazzled parents, volunteers, event chairs and novice hosts feed the masses while keeping their sanity. Author Cherie Kimmons, who has spent years in the cooking trenches, helps readers prepare all-time potluck favorites for school, athletic, scouting, band, social and church events. Featuring kid-tested and approved recipes (with modifications for adult palates), the guide includes a unique section of in-depth recipes that serve as a starting point for endless variations. It also explores considerations for feeding young children and athletes, buffet strategies, decorating tips and fun menu ideas. To learn more about her, you can go HERE.

You can buy your copy today! It sales at Amazon or Barnes and Nobles or Five Star Publications for around $22-$24!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Will be back later this weekend....

to post some new stuff. I need to rest my leg right now... and hopefully the doctor can get it feeling better this afternoon, so I can get back on track! Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tis the season for Joy and Laughter.....

 and decorating tree's of course! This year we were all able to be here to decorate the tree. Nana, Papa, Auntie Stacey, Curtis, and of course all 5 of us. It made it a bit more festive and crazy that's for sure...but could you really imagine any other way?? We had fun and that is all that matters! 

The kids were very eager to put the ornaments on, which led to some arguments and a few tears. All three of them thought they HAD to be first. We need to come up with a system next year I think! Despite the few melt downs, we had a good time, and it was a spirited evening.. here are a few of my favorite photo's: 


Our tree is decorated with all Disney ornaments this year (fitting since we live next to Mickey's home). Do you have a specific theme?? I'd love to hear the different ones out there!

Merry Christmas!!!  

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not my Gumdrop Buttons!!!



with Christmas on our heels… I had decided to make this afternoon a fun one for my kids! Starting with some Gingerbread Bears… We needed to be a bit different!! Sage and I started to make cookies, so they would be ready when Hunter & Rachel got home from school. Here is Sage attempting for the first time to learn how to roll out cookies.



Then after they had time to cool, so they could be decorated once they had finished their homework. They had a blast and it put us in the holiday spirit!





After that we were off to deck the halls, and the tree!!! More on that to come…..


Healing Sands (A Sullivan Crisp Novel) By Nancy Rue & Stephen Arterburn Book Review:


Healing Sands Book Cover



About the Book:

In the struggle for healing, when do you fight and when do you surrender?

Ryan Alexander-Coe is a talented photojournalist who has been on assignment all over the world. But when her two sons choose to live with their father after her divorce, Ryan must give her career up for a small-town newspaper job in order to be near them.

Life spirals out of control when her fifteen-year-old son is arrested. Desperation--both over the fact that she cannot believe her son committed this crime and that he refuses to talk to her--sends her anger level soaring . . . and eventually sends her storming into Dr. Sullivan Crisp's office in search of ways to cope with her anger. Sully is in town assisting at one of his clinics and continuing his search for Belinda Cox, the woman whose guilt-inducing counseling caused the death of his wife and daughter. When Sully's search ends in disaster, both he and Ryan will have to fully rely on God--rather than themselves--to survive these storms.


About the Author:
Rue has become a successful, best-selling author of books for ‘tweens and adults. Over her career she’s written more than 100 books. Nancy travels the country speaking and teaching at schools, churches, home school groups, and for groups of ‘tween girls and their moms. She lives in Tennessee with her husband, Jim. Their daughter, Marijean, and son-in-law, Brian, live in nearby Nashville. The Rues’ two Lab puppies share (and eat) Jim and Nancy’s home. To learn more about Nancy Rue go Here

My Thoughts:
I was really not sure what to expect from this book. I have never read any of Nancy Rue’s books, or heard of her before this. I must say this book really surprised me though…..from the moment I started to read it, I couldn’t put it down. The story of Ryan Cox, really just captured me. I had to go with her on her journey. A very compelling story! I would absolutely recommend this book to my friends… I think it would be great for a book club as well (there is even a discussion booklet in the back) Everyone could use the truths hidden in this book, for their own lives.

Buy the book:
You can go to Barnes and Nobles, or Amazon to pick up this book. It ranges for about $11

* This book was provided by Thomas Nelson Book Bloggers in exchange for my review. This is solely my opinion. To become a Thomas Nelson Book Blogger go HERE.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sage got to see….



Sage with Santa 2

She was so EXCITED! We happen to see him in the mall, with no lines! It was great, she got to take her time, and really talk with him. Santa was very nice and listened to all she had to say…

Sage with Santa

here she is telling him all about the Mickey Car she wants… Oh and I think she mentioned books, Barbies, and some stuff that Rachel wanted as well… (what a nice sister)

Some Girly fun…..


Every once and awhile, you need an escape and some fun… Sage and I have been getting a bit stir crazy in the house lately. So we decided to head off to do some Christmas shopping, or gazing… We ended up at a small mall near our house, which usually isn’t very busy, even less so during the week. It was a prefect escape for part of the day, especially on this rainy day.

We stopped off at Claire’s and decided to do a fashion show….

Trying on hats 3

Trying on hats2

Trying on hats

The last one is my favorite… What about you???

AuqaFresh IsoActive Toothpaste:


isoactive toothpaste


I recently had the oppurtunity to try the new AuqaFresh IsoActive Toothpaste from SheSpeaks. I was not really sure what to expect at first. I’m very picky about my toothpaste. Some might even say ridiculously picky… I have to have the right taste, after taste, and feel. I want something that is going to work, taste good and not leave me with a gross taste in my mouth for hours. AuqaFresh IsoActive did all that and more! I was blown away. The taste was average but likeable, it left my mouth feeling minty fresh, and clean…very clean! I also was so happy with the container. How many of you can’t stand the toothpaste being all over the cover or down the side of the tube?? I know, I can’t!!! This was easy to use, and no MESS! Even my kids could use it without making a mess. It was WONDERFUL! Plus for a good toothpaste, its not really any more expensive compared to others out there. It runs about 3.50 a tube.

AquaFresh IsoActive removes three times the bacteria as your leading brand, and it whitens. It foams to get more between the teeth where more cavities form because it is often forgotten. Go to AquaFresh for more info on this toothpaste, and a dollar off coupon!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Jiffy Lube Gift Card Winner……



is DEB!!!!  CONGRATS!!

Anonymous said...

I learned that the driving I do is considered 'severe driving' since I do mostly short, stop and go trips. Hence, regular oil changes are important. I leave that job to my husband!

Please email me your address…. You have 48 hrs to respond, or I will pick a new winner.

Simple Woman’s Daybook:

For Today December 7th, 2009

Outside my window:…… it is cold and damp… we have a had a few days of rain.

I am thinking…… Wow, the last couple months have flown by! Where is the time going?

From my imagination….. A few small Christmas crafts for the kids… we usually do a couple every year. Kinda  tradition I guess.

I am thankful for….. Being pretty much done with my Christmas shopping. Just a few stocking stuffers, and two gifts left to get. YAY!

From the kitchen... Not sure, a stew is sounding really good though!

I am wearing….. this may come as a shock, but pants, and a sweatshirt… with socks! I’m so cold! The dampness is settling in my bones!

I am reading….. True Blue still… bit slow this week.

I am hoping….. for a fabulous holiday season, full of cheer… so far pretty good. We are getting in the spirit, and I love that!

I am creating….  Some Christmas cheer!!!

I am hearing.... Sage talking to herself in her room… the kids are off to school, and all is quiet! 

One of my favorite things….. Christmas lights, I love the joy and laughter they bring to my kids, and what just seeing them can do to lift your spirit. Amazing it is!

A few plans for the rest of the week…. grocery shopping, dance, girl scout awards and holiday party tonight, library, play date for Sage, Cub Scouts, reading, relaxing, and some holiday fun towards the end of the week!  

A picture I am sharing…… our Lego Advent Calendar, the kids are absolutely loving this… I got a pretty good deal on it… it has a new Lego for each day til Christmas. So far they have gotten a snowman, sled, bench, lamp post, boy with snowballs, and a skater.

Picture 004

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vision of Sugarplums: A collection of Christmas Cookery by Lizzie:

Vision of Sugarplums cookbok

About the Author:
This book was written while Lizzie from A Dusty Frame was in college. It was for her home economics class. (which was her major) After many years of wanting to type it up and share it.. she decided this year to tackle it.

About the Book:
Visions of Sugarplums contains 50 recipes–from old family favorites to international treats. It also includes charming quotations from classic books and authors as well as tips for Christmas and a few cooking helps.

My thoughts:
It has some wonderful recipes in it… my kids and I tried a few and they were delish!  Our favorite was the Gingerbread waffles, peanut butter dip, and Mediterranean Meatballs! There is so many things to try out though! Some of the other recipes include:

  • Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Toffee Squares
  • Triple Layer Brownies
  • Vintage Molasses cake

just to name a few! The other big thing I liked about this book, was that she had a list of books her family likes for Christmas, and a list she likes. I’m huge on reading themed books around holidays with my kids, so we are excited to read some of these!

To Buy it:

You can go HERE. Its only $7! Keep in mind it is an E-book, but you could always print it off add it to a personally decorated binder for a nice Christmas present!!!

"This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Lizzie @ A Dusty Frame for this review."

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How my week started out:


busy, very busy… after a week of vacation, and sickness… I had put a lot of stuff off. (note to self: Not a good idea) After a morning of blog skimming, and email reviewing and returning. I rested with Sage, since I still wasn’t feeling 100%. Waited for the kids to get home from school, and prepared to head off to drop Rachel at dance.

From there, I had to run to Target and drop off prescriptions…. and pick up Andy from work. On my way home, my car started shaking a bit, and it was not normal. My car is a bit out of alignment (on my list of things to get done ASAP, when the money fairy appears) Close to home, I asked Andy to look and see if the tire was really low in air pressure cause it was just not acting right. He said it was fine, so we went on…. Over the railroad tracks, and BOOM! My car makes this horrible noise and all I could here was WHACK, WHACK! I pulled over and just said only my luck!! This was my spare on there already, since my original tire was very worn. Was hoping this one would get me thru the month…at least until after Christmas when I could afford to replace all 4 tires and get an alignment. I crept home, cause I was only a block away… going less than 5 miles per hour. (Note: the tire wasn’t flat, so I knew it wouldn’t bend the rim)

I got home to see this:

My tire

So needless to say my first trip out on Tuesday after dropping the kids off at school, and Andy off at work, was to Wal-Mart for 2 new tires! Next an alignment. Why do these things always happen right before Christmas???

Oh, and something cute Sage said… We were on our way to get tires, and she says to me… No, we need Grandpa Ray for that. (my dad is a mechanic, and he always fixed our cars in Maine) We miss him dearly! I thought it was cute and funny that she remembered that he usually helps us.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trying to be like Vader:


in Hunter’s quest to be more like Darth Vader, he ended up with Pneumonia, or at least the beginning of it. Yuck! Just when we thought we were safe from catching the millions of flu germs that have come way to close for comfort to us, he ended up with this. Sage also had a nasty cough, but hers was not quite as developed as his. So we were able to just give her an antibiotic.

Hunter on the other hand ended up with this very cute new look.

Hunter with Nublizler

He had to have a treatment every 4 hrs for 3 days… and he was a really good spirit about it. The worst part was that it was pretty cold out for a few days, and I wouldn’t allow him outside to play. Big mean mom, I am!

We went back on Monday and he has since stopped whizzing. Just have to finish out the treatments til the weekend. Rachel’s lungs where crystal clear, and we are hoping it stays that way!!!

White Picket Fences Book Winner is……



Angela said...

Pride and Prejudice
November 15, 2009 12:26 PM

Congrats! I have sent you an email… you have 48hrs to respond or I will pick a new winner. Thanks!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Motor Oil Review and Giveaway:


The things our parents say usually never stick in our heads. Well I must say that my dad from the time I was little has always told me “You oil & water your vehicles and they will last forever” …. He was a mechanic. Therefore, I learned a lot about cars. I can change my own oil, but very rarely ever do! I can also take cars apart (not so good at putting them back together) and help change a transmission. Knowing your car is a good thing to learn. Has saved me more times than I can count.

So, when Blogspark gave me the opportunity to try out Jiffy Lube and have my oil changed, I was excited. I could hear my dad nagging in the back of my head. I’m only 2,000 miles past due on changing it after all. I have never used Jiffy Lube, but they were fast, friendly and great to deal with. My car is certainly happy now!


Did you know:

  • According to a study by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, nearly 9 out of 10 female motorists are involved in their household's vehicle maintenance and repair
  • According to a national survey that polled 522 women, 46 percent incorrectly assumed simply switching from conventional engine oil to synthetic oil enables the number of miles between oil changes to be safely extended*
  • Using a quality motor oil in the right grade can help maximize fuel economy, and help save money by preventing costly engine damage
  • Off-brand, no-name or discount oils that do not meet industry standards or the vehicle manufacturer´s requirements could cost consumers in the long run by potentially damaging the vehicle´s engine or possibly voiding the manufacturer´s warrant

* Jiffy Lube Survey Conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, 2006

You can find a Jiffy Lube near you here.

Win: A $35 gift card to Jiffy Lube (great for a stocking stuffer)

To Enter:  Visit Motor Oil Matters site, and tell me something you learned?  (mandatory to enter)

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Giveaway ends Dec 7th @ 9pm EST 
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Shell Lubricants and provided me with the gift card and information through MyBlogSpark.


Simple Woman’s Daybook:


For Today November 30, 2009

Outside my window.... a bit chilly, but feeling more like fall for us now.

I am thinking.... must make a plan for Christmas vacation so the kids are going to drive me nuts! 

From my imagination...Not much this week, been to busy nursing the sick back to health!

I am thankful for.... having people to cheer me up when I’m down. Which is a lot during the holiday’s.

From the kitchen... Not sure, a stew is sounding really good though!

I am wearing..... jeans, t-shirt, sweatshirt, my Christmas socks, and croc’s. (surprising I know)

I am reading....  True Blue

I am hoping.....that I am able to come up with enough money, and find what I am looking for to pick up the last of our Christmas Gifts.

I am creating... a list of people to send Christmas cards too!

I am hearing.... Silence, everyone is back to school! Sage is quietly playing and I’m sitting at the computer. Ahh!

One of my favorite things....Christmas lights, and Christmas movies. I have so enjoyed watching some Christmas movies this weekend to get me in the holiday spirit!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Rachel has dance, Doctors appt, Cub Scouts, reading, another Doctors appt, and then some quality time with my kiddo’s!

A picture I am Sharing.… Sage playing a new game I bought to help her learn her ABC’s… The last time I was in Toy’s R Us… I found an ABC Go Fish Game… The kids have had a blast playing and learning!

Picture 003

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Carolina Pad Product Review:




Due to some illness in our house this past month… we have not been able to finish our projects using the stuff that Carolina Pad sent us…

This month was their 13 Birthday for Ghostline products. To help celebrate they are giving 13 lucky classrooms a year supply of Ghostline display, Foam, and presentation board, with an estimated retail value of $500!!!

We were very excited to get some of their products to try. For my preschooler we are making a presentation board of letters, shapes, numbers, and sight words…for her to use to help learn and practice with. She loves it!

My son made a mini board with birds on it, as he is trying to learn about different birds, and teach his fellow Cub Scouts.

We used some of the poster paper, for a few fliers for a few upcoming Scout events!!! We had so much fun using them.

When I was a kid… I remember using their products to do my big projects, and school assignments. We loved that with the Ghostline, you didn’t have to draw out the lines to follow in a straight line, cause its already there for you. Dark enough for you to see when making it, but light enough it won’t be seen from a distance. How genius is that? Another thing I love is that their products are not expensive, so no need to stress when your child has that school project to do!

We will do a follow up post when we finish our projects now that everyone is on the mend.

If you would like to see all the cool products that they offer, go to …. they have a great selection! We love all their products! Thanks again Carolina Pad!

I received the products free of charge to do my review and also information about the contest from Carolina Pad. The opinions are my own.

What we did…. with a week’s vacation:


my kids were ever so lucky to have this holiday week off. Not so sure if I was lucky or not! LOL! Ok, they were ok…we had our meltdown moments of course, and we had some really good laughs, family times, and cuddling. It was nice to have them all home to spend time with them. Just wish they hadn’t been still recovering from a icky cold, so we could have done more.

We did manage to sneak in a game night! Where Sage & Rachel won at Alphabet Fish ( cool card game, I got at Toys R Us for learning your letters..matching upper and lower case!) Then Sage won again at Sorry! We love to play this one, cause it helps with their counting skills, and cause its just plain fun. Always full of suspense cause the game can turn at the last minute.

Sage playing cards

Sage playing Sorry

Kids in front of the Sorry board

Another day we made some puppets from a kit I got from Target! I must say I bought them on clearance for $2.50 for 3 puppets, and I think it was worth it. They are cute, and pretty sturdy… and have provided a few hours of fun, and hopefully many more!

Puppet Collage


Of course Rachel and Hunter where super excited that they got to go to see Mrs. D at the library! That is really the whole holiday vacation treat for them, is a trip to the library. They love it. Then of course after we had our story,craft, and picked out books.

We had a great Thanksgiving…. with lots of yummy treats!

We did manage to make it to the playground for a bit on Sunday, after we got all bundled up! Yes, for Florida we had some cold weather. It was chilly out!