Thursday, April 30, 2009

Book Basket

This weeks book basket included:

  • Eliza’s Kindergarten Surprise by Alice McGinty: This was a very cute book about a girl starting Kindergarten...I think it shows them how to think of Mommy as always being there. My 5 yr old really liked it since she starts school in the fall.

  • Late for School by Stephanie Calmenson: My 4yr old loved this book the best. Since it is simple, and easy for her to memorize, she can read it alone…which boost confidence!

  • Pigs in the Pantry by Amy Axelrod: A funny book, that shows how a recipe works... Got a lot of giggles out of this one. More for Ages 2-4

  • Read all about it by Laura and Jenna Bush: We thought this book was ok, encourages kids to read, and they learn that imagination can bring a book to life.

  • The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin: This was a neat story to show how people come from different backgrounds, but can learn about each other.

  • The Butterfly by Anna Milbourne: Is such a cute book about how caterpillars become butterflies! My kids thought it was really neat, and it explained it in a way they could understand.
  • The dark, dark night by M.Christina Bulter: Shows kids how things can be mistaken in the dark.. Very cute book for Ages 2-4 yr

Be sure to check back with Happy Housewife’s blog to see what others are reading as well. :)

Thursday Thirteen:




Last week was the letter “P”
So this week I bring you the letter “Q” could prove to be hard, lets see what I can come up with shall we??

1. Queen: I have always loved history, and learning about the past. I like to find out things about Queens of past eras. Its interesting to see how they got there, or what they accomplished. Don’t you think?? I also have a “Queen” in my house. My middle daughter likes to think she is Queen bee most days!

2. Quadruplets: Could you imagine having that many kids at once?? Holy banana’s! I will admit I always wanted Twins, no such luck though.

3. Quit: I’m not a big fan of quitting things. Except for dieting.. for some reason I have the hardest time there. Maybe its cause changing your whole life around is difficult. Especially when everyone else isn’t on board with you??????? I try to teach my kids that quitting is not ok either. That you need to follow things threw.

4. Quebec: I have never been there..sadly as close I used to live from the Canadian Border. However, I would one day love to go there, as I hear it is a beautiful city.

5. Quality: I think so many people waste money on items that are cheap. Yes they are cheap, but the quality isn’t there so they end up spending more money in the long run. Of course their are so exceptions. Do you shop for Quality or Cheapness???

6. Questions: My daughters are going through the question stage all over again. Oh my, it is driving me crazy. “where are you going to put that?” “Why do you need that” so on and so forth… I love that they are inquisitive but their has to be a limit right??

7. Quiet: My children struggle with Quiet time.. or being Quiet. Do you have this trouble as well? Any suggestions? I constantly have to remind them to use their inside voices. I mean they will yell to each other and they are 2 ft away. Drives me nutty!

8. Quests:  When my children are bored, I will often send them on a quest. To find something, or to look for something… Sometimes I just make things up, and they feel like they are looking for treasure. They find it exciting. I love it!

9. Quarter:  My son is always confusing the Quarter for a Nickel. So I taped each coin to a piece of paper, and made him a chart, so he can see which one is worth how much. He enjoys working on it.

10. Quake: I have never been in a real Earthquake… and I hope to never be in a bad one. Can you imagine the fear of not knowing what is going to happen kinda like a tornado.

11. Queasy: I hate feeling queasy… it is worse than being sick I think. Mostly cause you dont’ know whether you should eat or not.

12. Quote: I love to look up quotes. Its amazing some of the ones people have come up with. There are tons of them out there too. :) What is your favorite Quote?

13. Quarrel: I feel that is all my kids do! AHHHHHHH!

Well there you have my 13 “Q’s” not easy to come by…but I did it!

Stay tuned for next week the letter “R”

Monday, April 27, 2009

Simple Women’s Daybook




For Today April 27th, 2009

Outside my window.... Its sunny and beautiful! Slight breeze…nice way to start the week. 

I am thinking....  Wow, we had an awesome weekend…….

From my imagination....How to organize everything… Boy is their a lot I should organize! 

I am thankful for....  Nice family days free of drama, yelling, and fighting!

From the kitchen.... Pork Chops and something!

I am wearing..... Jean shorts, a t-shirt, and of course my croc’s!

I am reading.... A new book recommended by my friend.

I am hoping..... Less craziness this week.

I am creating... Nothing this week...

I am hearing....  The T.V. the kids are watching cartoons before we get our day going.

One of my favorite things....Watching my son at baseball and the way his face lights up when he hits the ball.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Baseball game, Cub Scouts, cooking, reading, picture taking,laughing,and having fun! (for us a relatively calm week)

A picture I am Sharing.…  A picture I took at the beach on Saturday… We had a blast!

Sage 3

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Honeymoon Island State Park:


This is where we spent our Saturday. After a 2 hr drive the kids where ready to have some fun. I have always enjoyed checking out the State Parks…especially in Maine when we lived there, so why not continue here. They sometimes offer some inexpensive fun for the family or exercise. LOL!

Here are a few snap shots of our day!


Chillin by the water

Handsome man!

Hunter & Rach

Love this photo

Sage 2

The end result of their sandcastle

There is a peak at our day at the beach. I hope everyone else had a great Saturday as well.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wonderful find:


One day we decided to stop into the Dollar Tree and see what nice buys we could find for the day. I also wanted to get some art supplies for the girls, as we needed to stock up on our “Rainy Day” crafts.

While wandering down one of the isles, I stumbled across this cute bag, and normally I’m like they are to cheesy it will just fall apart… but this one was made of that nice plastic that is washable…if you happen to spill something on it. It has three small pockets along the front, and had velcro to help hold the big pocket closed.. Plus it had an adorable monkey on the front. I know wish I had picked up two. I may return to see if they have anymore left. (don’t you hate it when you kick yourself later for not buying a couple, I mean after all it was only a dollar)

Dollar Store Find 2

My plans for this bag?? Well, we are forever going to appointments, or car rides and pulling our hair out cause the kids are driving us crazy and bored. So they want to run, jump, or just whine. Therefore, I have decided to use this as our activity bag for on the go… I am going to stock it with a couple coloring books, crayons, book or two (Hunter likes to read when we are waiting on Doc’s) a few smaller toys, and sometimes maybe the gameboy. (not often, as I like them to use their imaginations) What do you use?? I’m always up for more ideas, so I can change out the bag every once and awhile, so they don’t get bored with the stuff. So please leave me a comment telling me what you have in your on the go bag???

Friday, April 24, 2009

Our Book Basket:

Over at “Happy Housewife” she came up with this great idea..that I just was eager to join in. Our family visits the library every week to every couple of weeks, and at any given time take out between 20-30 books for the kids. Phew! I don’t know about you but after a few months of this we start to run out of books to read. Our library however has a books by mail program as well, where you can request books from any of the other libraries in our county. That still doesn’t always help me if I don’t know what book I’m looking for, or what author you would like to research.. So, I think this Book Basket is a great idea. Gives people an idea of what books they may like to try before going to find it.

Here are the books we currently have in our Book basket (Bag in our case)…. I will also be updating them with a review as we read them, if you want to check back.

  • The Trouble with Cauliflower: Very cute book ... we enjoyed it and giggled with it. Ages 2-4

  • Little Raccoon’s Big Question by Miriam Schlein: We found this book to be perfect for the 2-4yr range. The Raccoon is in search of when his mom loves him the most. It was really cute.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day Dolores by Barbara Samuels: Cute book for the younger kids, teaches a great lesson about snooping in other peoples stuff.

  • Millie Waits for the mail by Alexandar Steffensmeier: We enjoyed this book a lot. It was cute, funny and also teaches a good lesson about being nice. My daughter liked it cause it was about a cow!

  • Pigs Love Potatoes by Anika & Christopher Denise: Also geared towards 2-4 yrs old, very cute book that helps with counting.

  • The Spiderwick Chronicles 4 (The Ironwood Tree) by Holly Black & Tony Diterlizzi: We loved this book just like the other three. It keeps my son on the edge of his seat, and he likes to compare it to the movie.

  • The Spiderwick Chronicles 5 (The Wrath of Mulgarath) by Holly Black & Tony Diterlizzi: My son loved the conclusion to this! We are very excited to know start the Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles series... Its a very good book for kids 7 or older.

  • Too many TOYS by David Shannon: Is just as good for a beginner reader as "David NO". My girls liked this book.. Age 2-4

  • The Ugly Duckling by Jerry Pinkney: Love this did my kids. They even got the concept when I asked ...that it was a story to teach you that everyone is different and that is ok. They are all a Swan in their own way.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




This weeks letter is “P”

1. Plaid: Not sure why but I enjoy plaids.. Wouldn’t wear them much, but like them in blankets and such. :)

2. Peanuts: Really the only nut I will eat willingly! I’m not a huge fan of nuts.

3. Ping Pong: Never really got the “Rules” for it, but think it can be a pretty fun game.

4. Pictures: My only really big hobby is taking pictures. I love pictures.. Black and White are my favorite. I love to just snap shots, and see what I get when I’m done. I would really like a new digital camera to support this hobby better!

5. Platypus: I think they are cool. I have never really read up much about them, but I think I will sometime soon. Can you imagine having a beak like that though?

6. Popcorn: This is a nice snack every once and awhile. But I hate it when the kernels get stuck in your teeth don’t you? I like to add a bit of cheese on mine… Yum!

7. Playground: We spend a lot time in the summer at the different playgrounds. We like to check out new ones as well. We are eager to see how the new one that is being built next to the library is going to be! 2 more months they should be done! (huge project, not just playground, out door music theater, parking lots, tennis court, and pools)

8. Plantains: Have you ever tried one? We like to pick a new fruit and vegetable when we go shopping to try every month… trying to expand my own and my kids food limits. We tried to fry our plantains, and the kids and I just didn’t really care for them.. but always up for a new one to try. We’ve found a lot that we do like, and a few that we don’t.

9. Power: Something I really couldn’t live with out. Not sure how they did it back in the day. Its a major part of my daily life, what about yours? What is one appliance you can’t live without?

10. Picnic's: Another one of our favorite things to do in the summer. Is to get a blanket pack a lunch and pick a spot to have a picnic….read the kids a story, and just enjoy our time together. We’ve even had a picnic in the house on rainy days… Just to make it more fun! We are planning our first picnic this weekend when we go to the beach. Such fun!

11. Pansy: Is a cute little flower I think. I enjoy cute little flower gardens…don’t you? I love how pretty all the flowers look together, nestled in like they belong. Gorgeous!

12. Potato:  How many potato’s does your family on average go through in a week? We can polish off a 5 pd bag in no time at our house. Why?? Cause we have 7 mouths who love mashed potatoes! How about you?

13. Pickles: I love pickles, does anyone else love pickles? I like sweet and dill.. Sweet for putting them on things like my hamburgers, and sandwiches.. Dill for when I just want to pop on in my mouth!
I also use the word “Pickles” quite often… when I get really mad, and don’t want to use a naughty word… or when I hurt myself. Why you ask?? Well my 4 yr old has started to copy me, so now we all say “Oh Pickles” Its rather cute!  What sayings do you use?

Well there you have this weeks letter “P”
Stay tuned for next week and the letter “Q” (this one could get tricky)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We left looking like this….


First Eye Doc Appt

Picture 013

And came home looking like this!

To get these new glasses!

Handsome isn't he

Rachel had her first Eye Doctor Appointment today…

She needs glasses for Reading…

Nope, she isn’t sad about it at all.

Cause she got Purple ones (just like mommy’s)

Hunter has been before a few years ago

but he had been complaining of headaches lately…

Well he needs them too.

For reading, computers, or all the time if he so chooses.

He has a stigmatism in one eye, and is far sighted in one eye.

He really wasn’t heart broken either.

I think he looks really handsome in them!

Who was really heartbroken…

Sage who isn’t old enough to have her first appointment, and so desperately wants glasses cause everyone else has them…..

What beautiful days bring!


Since we celebrated Hunter’s birthday on Friday… we spent Saturday hanging out around the house having fun. It was a beautiful day in the 80’s, with a nice breeze. Hunter couldn’t have asked for a better day on his birthday!

We started the morning off with some muffins.. I made white chocolate raspberry muffins. Then Daddy and Hunter decided to play with Lego’s creating this beautiful mess!

Picture 001

After taking a long break, he managed to get these all picked up and sorted by color, so he can find his pieces easier.

Mid morning we decided to all go out and have some fun with Chalk… We love to draw with chalk in this family.. and the creations are always wonderful. Never know what you might find in our driveway when we are done.

Take a bucket of Chalk:

Picture 006

And get this:

Picture 017

Hunter’s Lifesavers

Picture 013

Rachel’s butterfly

Picture 014

Sage’s flower (she later colored in)

Picture 020

Andy’s Dragon… (sorry they are so light, they picked bad colors for taking photo’s! LOL)

Hunter and Rachel decided to go play Star Wars after that.. and I actually caught them getting along can you believe that??? Here is proof!

Picture 024

Then we all decided to come in for a bit.. read some stories, hang out with Auntie S, and enjoy the doughnuts she brought! Then the rest of the afternoon they played outside with a ball. I didn’t get any pictures of this, but there was most always plenty of giggling going on! It was a beautiful family day!

What does your family like to do on beautiful sunny summer days?


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hunter’s 7th Birthday!


Sniffles, Hunter is now officially “7”! Since everyone had to work on his birthday, other than me…. We decided to have his family party on Friday after his baseball game. (where might I add they all sang “Happy Birthday” to him, it was so cute, and he blushed)

We decided to do a Star Wars birthday for him this year. As he is so into them! He was very excited about this.. He even stopped to make a wish this year before blowing out the candles. (He truly is getting to big to fast)

Picture 009

Picture 012

He was very eager to find out what was below that wrapping paper! He was very happy with what he got.

Rachel gave him Socks, but not just any socks, his two favorites.. Yoda, and Dinosaurs!

Picture 003

Sage got him a Star Wars Calendar…. (way cool)

Picture 004

Mommy and Daddy got him two sets of Star Wars people, small set of Star Wars Lego’s, and a Keyboard..(to start learning to play the piano)

Picture 002

Nana and Papa got him two big sets of Star Wars people and vehicles! He was very excited!

Picture 008

I think he was very pleased.. and had a great birthday.. I’m still coming to terms with how big he is getting. He is a wonderful boy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Simple Women’s Daybook


For Today April 20th, 2009

Outside my window.... Its sunny and beautiful, if only it stayed this way, and never got humid!

I am thinking....  Phew, we made it through last week, now we just have to get through this one!

From my imagination.... Not much, its been spent! (I think it is on vacation)

I am thankful for....  Awesome friends.. they are truly a wonderful gift!

From the kitchen.... Not sure… got lots going on today! AHHH!

I am wearing..... Jean shorts, a t-shirt, and of course my croc’s!

I am reading.... Not much this week, looking for a new book.

I am hoping..... for a smooth week, even though it is crazy, and a fun weekend!

I am creating... Nothing this week...

I am hearing....  The fan hum in the distance!

One of my favorite things....Spending time with my babies!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Eye Doctors (two different days), Library, Baseball game, Cub Scouts, Doctors appt, cooking, reading, picture taking,laughing,and having fun!

A picture I am Sharing.…  My FIL Orchid isn’t it pretty.. I was playing with the camera again!

Picture 005 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Handsome!


Such a nut


Oh how time has flown! To think that 7 yrs ago you entered this world. From day one you where always a happy baby… now seven years later you are…

  • Such a Ham, always being funny
  • Sensitive and caring….you love to give me hugs, and I hope you stay like that for a bit longer
  • Imaginative…. and love to explore
  • Smart oh so smart…. and you love to read
  • A big brother
  • Loved by so many, you capture every ones heart!
  • Athletic, and energetic

I’m so proud of you my little man. You are amazing, and a joy to have! My our next years adventures be as fun as the first 7 yrs!  Happy Birthday baby! I love you!

Ready for his first game!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Our first celebration with friends:


Since we are new to the neighborhood, and still living with the parents. We decided that this year was not a good one to try and have a party with Hunter’s friends from school. As we all know how crazy a bunch of little kids can be! (Lol)

So, we decided to have a small party at Cub Scouts this week. Got Hunter a Madagascar 2 (Escape to Africa) cupcake, cake to share with his buddies. Here are some of the fun they had!

Here is the cake…. however the boys got to it before me. It was a nice cake though… He liked it.

His Madagascar 2 Cake, boys got to it before I took a pic

Look at that frosting

Look at all that frosting! He was in heaven!

After they had some cake we started on their Psychical Fitness Belt Loop. They had to do a series of activities in which they will repeat in a month, to see if they improved. We did Push-ups, crunches, Long Jump, Timed run around the church, and Frog jumps. Here a few photo’s I captured:

Doing Crunches:


The pain!

Hunter did 27 Crunches…can you see the pain in his face??

The Push-ups:

Push ups... LOL! 

Most of you are laughing about a 6 or 7yr old doing a push up, I know I surely was. They made it fun and put in a great effort. Hunter did 12 proper push up in a minute.

Frog Jumps:

Frog Jumps 

I couldn’t resist this shot! He was to cute! We wore them out really well… I pushed Hunter and he ended by doing 25 Frog jumps. After running twice around the Church and doing a long jump. I’m beginning to think Hunter should be in Track. He did awesome with the run, and long jump. They had a great time, and I’ll let ya know if he improves in a month!

Shhh… don’t tell him, but he is getting a Star Wars Cake on his birthday too!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:


This weeks letter is “O”

1. Octopus: I think they are a beautiful sea creature. I love the sea, and learning about the creatures. I always wanted to be a “Marine Biologist”. I think it would be amazing to have 8 arms like them. Don’t you think that would be helpful?

2. Obedience: I’ve often wandered how neat it would be to have a child with perfect obedience! Wouldn’t life be so much easier?? But then I think, what fun would we have without trials?

3. Opera: I have seen one Opera in my life. It was good, and surprising to me. I never thought I’d enjoyed it, not a huge fan of musicals, and thought it would be the same. I would like to one day see another. Have you ever seen an Opera, if so which one?

4. Outhouse: I absolutely hate outhouses! I think they are disgusting and vile! I’m all about sanitary. I don’t think, I would have last back in the day when that was all they had to use! What about you?

5. Overeat: I think most of us are victim to this! I know, I struggle with it often. Why does it seem to be such a demon? I wish I knew. May we all one day overcome this!

6. Oranges: There is nothing better than a fresh picked orange off the tree in the morning. Or squeezed for juice. If you have never tried it, put it on your list of things to do!

7. Onions: I am not a big fan of onions. Over the years, I have become tolerant of them, and will eat them if food contains them. I do not like raw ones though, and often pick them out. Do you like onions?

8. Opponent: Hunter learned what those are…. He is learning how to play chess! He found out the computer does not make a good opponent and kicks are butt every time!

9. Overload: I feel overloaded often! How about you? I’m an interesting person…. I feel overloaded, but yet I thrive and enjoy being busy. Does that make sense? I like to have a purpose…. I think that is what my problem is, I need to feel like I have a purpose, so I overload myself with things to do. Do any of you do that?

10. Oblivescence: I have this problem often too. (Click here for definition) Which scares me cause I’m so young. I need to start exercising my brain more! :) Maybe its just being a mom??? What do you think?

11. Olives: I love olives! Black are my favorite! I could eat them all day long…right out of the can. Green are ok, and I like them as well, but not as much as black olives! Do you like them?

12. Ozone: Do you think we will have much of an Ozone in another year? Do people really care about the ozone? What are you doing to go green? We try to do our best, we are not perfect by any means, but we are trying one day at a time to make a difference.

13. Organ: It is an interesting instrument. I love listening to an organ being played. If you could play any instrument, which would you pick??? Hunter wants to learn the piano. :) I would love to learn to play the violin… You?

There you have this weeks letter.

Stay tuned next week for the letter “P”

Monday, April 13, 2009

Simple Woman’s Daybook:


For Today April 13th, 2009

Outside my window.... Its sunny and beautiful! 80’s today!

I am thinking....  Wow, Hunter turns 7 at the end of this week. Where has the time gone???

From my imagination.... An obstacle course for Cub Scouts!

I am thankful for....  The time I get to spend at home with my kids, instead of having to work.

From the kitchen.... Leftovers from Easter dinner… Yummy, Ham! 

I am wearing..... Khaki shorts, my red Minnie mouse shirt, and my croc sandals! 

I am reading.... More cookbooks

I am hoping..... We have better luck this week with our House search!

I am creating... nothing this week, I need to get back to my scrapbook pages however.

I am hearing....  the girls talking…and Mickey Mouse on TV!

One of my favorite things.... relaxing and watching movies… and reading books with my babies!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Baseball game, Library,  trip to the dentist, cooking, picture taking, reading, a birthday party (or two) laughing,and having fun!

A picture I am Sharing.…  Sage during our Easter Egg Hunter yesterday!

She had so much fun!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 09


Holiday’s are not the same since we left Maine. Not to say they aren’t fun, but they are not the norm we are used to. We miss the Family back north we always spend our Holiday’s with.

Easter was fun none the less. The Easter Bunny left the kids their stuff on the kitchen table, so the cats wouldn’t attack it.

Presents from the Easter Bunny

We had a nice breakfast with eggs, bacon, and toast. After we cleaned up the kids were eager to venture out to do our egg hunt.

Where could they be

Searching for the eggs… aren’t they cute?

Found all their eggs

Here they are with all their eggs they found. They had a certain color to find. They were so excited!

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out as a family playing games together. Had a nice dinner…and called it a day!

Hope everyone had a great Easter as well!

Easter 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yanni Voices

I was recently lucky enough to review this product. I have always enjoyed Yanni's music, even as a younger generation. I found it soothing when you just needed some quiet time. This Cd is no different except it has voices in the music. I enjoyed it, however think that some of them would have been better without the voices. On this album Yanni was joined with other artists, Nathan Pacheco, Leslie Mills, Chloe, and Ender Thomas. Among these were some amazing artists, Chloe, and Ender have amazing voices.

This Cd also has a feature Dvd with the "Making of Yanni Voices Featuring Tour Highlights".

It has the 17 tracks:

  • Omaggio (Tribute)
  • The Keeper
  • Our Days
  • Never Leave the Sun
  • Before the Night Ends
  • 1001
  • Mas Alla
  • Unico Amore (Enchantment)
  • Vivi Il Tuo Sogno (Almost a Whisper)
  • Orchid
  • Set Me Free
  • Kill Me with Your Love
  • Mi Todo Eres Tu (Untill the Last Moment)
  • Ritual De Amor (Desire)
  • Moments without Time
  • Nei Tuoi Occhi (In the Mirror)
  • Amare Di Nuovo (Adagio in C Minor)
You can buy it at any Walmart, Target or Bestbuy for between $13 and $18 dollars.

Yanni is on Tour right now, and to see if there are any shows near you click here!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




Last week was the letter “M”

This week is brought to you by the letter “N”

1. Nose: Is it really a helpful body part, or just in the way? I mean you can breathe thru your mouth.. so other than catching dust, blowing out snot,and making you sneeze… what is it really good for?

2. Neat: I’m not the neatest person you will ever meet. However, I do strive to one day have a sense of organization. Will it ever happen who knows! I would like to say it will…but unless I turn OCD is it achievable?

3. Nickel: Why is the nickel special? How come it gets to be bigger than the dime, but worth less? It confuses my kids, they often think of it as a quarter. We are working on identity of Money right now.

4. News: I don’t watch it or keep up with it as much as I should. Mostly because I find it sad, depressing and sickening. Why stress yourself out over things you can not change or make you sad? I keep up with enough to know what is going on at most times, but don’t get in depth, unless I feel the need to get more info.

5. Nectarine: I love this fruit! Yumm.. a nice ripe juicy nectarine. I find it way tastier than the peach. I would some day like to pick some from a tree. Nothing like fresh fruit picked from the tree. What is your favorite fruit?

6. Noodles: My kids love noodles! They could eat them all the time. It’s crazy! That is all they ask for all the time! Never ask them what they want for dinner?!

7. Nephew: I have 3 of these now….. I never thought I would have any being an only child. I was lucky to have married into a big family…. But even luckier to have such wonderful friends that feel like family, so I actually have more like 6! :)

8. Nevada: I have never been there, but would love to visit it someday. I have an Uncle that lives in Las Vegas. I would love to see some of the historical sites, and such. Have you ever just looked to see what great knowledge each state has to offer?

9. Neighbors: I don’t have any close neighbors anymore. I haven’t gotten to know any of them..Our very next door neighbor is an old couple. On the other side was wonderful friendly guy that I did not get the opportunity to get to know long enough. He was a solider who had been to Iraq a few times, and sadly left us to go to heaven a couple months ago. Good neighbors are so hard to find, and sadly are worse to lose. I had the best neighbor ever, my dad, and it was hard to move away.

10. Nuts:  We are all nuts in our own way! :) As for the actually nut family, I’m not a big fan. I will eat peanuts sometimes, but not often. They have an odd taste to me… what is your favorite nut?

11. Numbers: I find it weird that I have always had a good memory for numbers, but was never good with math. I can tell you birthdays, phone numbers, and such…but Algebra forget it! Or measurement forget it!

12. Navigator: I have always been somewhat good with a sense of direction…But with streets being one way, and going every which way…I decided it was time to buy a GPS so we could Navigate our way around easier. Especially for our trip back to Maine this summer, as we wanted to stop a few places on the way back home. I hate being lost, and men always hate to ask for directions! GRR!

13. Noon:  Is ok, but makes life very difficult. I’m always rushing to get things done before noon. Then afternoon comes, we are rushing to get things done before dinner. So really it is hard to keep noon out of your head isn’t it?

Stay tuned next week for the letter “O”



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Geochacing Fun


On Monday morning of last week we decided to venture out. We needed an adventure, so that is what we turned our outing into….

Lake Kissimmee Sate Park

After searching a few options of where we could go, we decided on Lake Kissimmee State Park. This State park is really only about an hour away from us, though it seemed a bit longer than that. Our GPS got us there nicely… we have enjoyed exploring the area around us, and this is one way to do it.

We enjoy geocaching cause it is an adventure. With just a few clues you are off to find the “treasure”.

Start of our hike

Follow the signs

Here is our pretty spider we saw!

Our pictures are of us starting out, and the sign we followed… Then our find of the day.. our pretty spider friend. We followed the marked trails of yellow, and blue, until we found our clues to take us to our “treasure”.

Yup we found it

What shall we pick to bring back with us

In geocaching tradition you sign in, and then you can leave something behind, if you choose to bring something with you. Of course that meant we had to come up with 3 things to leave, cause each child has to choose something! So, we had our adventure, and we had a great time! We hope to have another adventure soon… stay tuned for more to come…..