Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Animal Kingdom


Sunday we spent the day in Disney! Andy finally had a day off from work on the weekend for the first time in weeks. Plus Nana & Papa had the day off, we were all excited to spend the day together. We arrived at the Animal Kingdom at a few minutes after 9am.  Our first stop was to see Timon! Sage was so funny with her need to hug them tight and not let go. Once inside the gates, we were at a loss as were to go.  To many directions, and so much to see! We started with a few trails in the front to see some animals.

Black Swan A Black Swan

One of my favorite things about the Animal Kingdom is all the different animals you can see, and get close too. Its amazing! Hunter is also a huge animal fan, so for him and I this is our favorite Disney Park. You can learn so much in a day here as well.  Next along the trail we saw some McCaw’s and an Anteater.

McCaw 3 A multi colored McCaw

Anteater 2

The Anteater, sleeping…so I couldn’t get his face.

I thought the Anteater was neat. They blend really well with things around them, it took us awhile to see it. I thought they resemble a skunk in color.

We traveled through these trails for awhile, seeing lots of birds and ducks. We were hoping to catch a glimpse of the Kangaroo but it wouldn’t come out of hiding. Rachel was very sad about this.  From there, we headed to the Tree of life, to see the “Tough to be a bug” show.

Tree of Life 2 You can’t take pictures inside the show, so I have a few from the line on the way in to share.

Another poster on the way in 

Entrance to Tough to be a bug With their 3d glasses on

The tough to be a bug show is a 3-d show. The girls were completely freaked out by it. Its cute, but a bit to real for the younger crowd I think. Sage was scared a bit, but just hid her head in my shoulder. Rachel on the other hand was crying! Not to worry it didn’t traumatize her or anything, she was fine at the end. Hunter thought it was the coolest thing ever!

I don’t want the post to get to long, so I’m going to break our day up in sections. Stay tuned for Kid Discovery, Camp Minnie & Mickey, Dinoland, Asia, and Africa.


Berry Patch said...

It looks like a LOT of fun!

The Eagen's said...

Love the 3D glasses! I can't wait until we can come down to see you guys and have you show us around to all these fun places! It may be a couple of years, though. Gotta make sure the kids are at a good age!