Friday, October 31, 2008


I know a lot of people don't tend to like Halloween. Many think it is a commercialized thing, and many think it is worshiping the Devil. I don't necessarily believe that parts of Halloween are great, but I do explain to my children that it is just a Holiday. They are not allowed to eat much candy, so it last them up until Christmas most years. We go thru it before they are allowed to eat any of it, cause as we all know there are still crazy people out there. I also stress that our Halloween costumes are not to be to scary or violent. Most years, I try to test them to come up with more creative ones. :) This year, with us moving, and it being late when we decided to get our costumes, and not knowing if we were even going out this year. I wasn't sure if I wanted them to, not knowing the community, but my in laws felt our neighbor was safe enough, and we have since gotten to know our neighbors well, and they are great. Course my kids weren't very happy with my almost canceling Halloween. We started first by going to a Church function, where they had some games, and a safe house for trick or treating. They also had, hayrides, bounce houses, fire trucks, crime dogs, and music. It was pretty cool and only a few blocks from us. After we left there, we came back to go Trick or Treating in our neighborhood. The kids had fun, and get plenty of candy, rings, necklaces, and noise makers! :)

Hunter was a Transformer.

Sage was a Fairy.

and so was Rachel.

Before I leave you ...I want to leave you with some photo's from our fun evening. These are from our time at the church.

Hope you all had a great Halloween! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sensory Fun

Today we went to Downtown Disney while trying to kill sometime. It was just me, the girls, and my mother in-law. We started out by walking around, took a few pictures in front of the Mickey Mouse Pumpkin. The girls thought it was cool. Then we moved on, to the big toy store, where the girls pointed out everything they could ever possibly want, but we did however get some ideas for a few of our friends back in Maine.

They were getting a bit cranky, so our first play stop was at the Lego store, where they have stations for the kids to build stuff. I snap a few pictures of there creations, that I am sharing with you. I have to say, I was very worried about my girls using lego's (regular, not mega bloc
ks) at this age, as they sometimes still put things in their mouths. However, they have showed me such creativity that I have a hard time denying them anymore. So, under supervision they are now allowed to play with them. They have a blast, and a big mess! After that we stopped for a snack next to the water, as they checked out the huge lego displays!

Next we moved on to check out the new Dinosaur Restaurant. No, we didn't stop to eat, that would be way to expensive... but they do have a huge display. Then we went around the corner and we discovered they had a place for the kids to dig and sweep off bones. My girls found this to be awesome. It was a spot with little pebbles, so Rachel abs
olutely loved running her fingers, and feet thru it. (you have to take your shoes off) Both were so excited when they found a bone and uncovered it, with their little brush. We must have been their about a half hour before moving on and headed home. I must say there are a few cool activities there for kids to do, that don't cost money... we love to just go and look around, see the new decorations. It was a fun morning, and a beautiful day for it.

To top the day off, on the way out the girls got some more "Pixie Dust"... so they are ready to be fairies tomorrow for
Halloween. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Library Time

Since I bragged up the Library's Story Time down here I decided that i had to share some photo's. I finally remembered my camera this morning. Today's theme was Pumpkin's. It was a rather slow day at the library today... it was just us and a couple other kids. I was told that when the temperature drops much below 60 degree's Florida people do not like to come out.

In the picture you will notice the corner of the children's section where we have story
time. We all sit on the pretty colorful rug, and listen. Then there is the tv, and puppet stage. Every time is started out with a song "The Whole Wide World is at the Library" and all the kids sing it. Then typically there is two or three tables set up for the craft. This weeks was a pumpkin puzzle, and a coloring page of a scarecrow.

The girls were a bit sluggish this morning, as we went to the library last night for Bedtime Story time. Where they did kinda the same thing, except the kids come in their PJ's and bring a pillow, and at the end they serve milk and cookies. :) It was quite fun! They do Bedtime Story time once a month for the winter months, for something different. Regular story time is every Tuesday morning unless there is a holiday, and then they move it to a Wednesday morning. The girls and I are kinda sad, as our Story Time is canceled next week, cause she is on vacation. (Sniff, sniff) We were sure to get some extra books, so we wouldn't miss it to much. Mrs. D is also very nice, and always gives us an extra project, coloring page, or whatever we are doing that week for Hunter to be able to do at home.

This week Mrs. D also set aside a couple new books (never been on the shelves) that she new the girls would like for us today! They were so excited about this. I'm also impressed by Mrs. D's amazing ability to remember every child's name. After the first time of meeting us, she always addressed the kids by first name. It just makes it that much mor
e special to us!

Since I love pictures, I am going to also share one I took of the girls. We normally get there a half hour early so we can return our books, and start looking for other books. There is also puzzles for the kids to do, (as you will see the girls doing below!) and computers that have only kids programs on them for use... were they log in with their own special number, and then it counts down a half hour. They are allowed a half hour a day to use them. We are going to try and check out a couple other libraries we have heard about but we wanted to share our favorite thing to do so far.

Could it be??

Oh my! I can't believe I'm saying this! It was 47 degree's here this morning. On my way to walk Hunter to his bus stop I had to wear a SWEATSHIRT. Can you believe this??? I mean it was not as bad as the people who yes, really had on winter jackets, but still. I'm in Florida, that isn't suppose to happen. Though, for the next few days it is suppose to be cool here. No higher than 70's during the day, and down in the 40's at night. Breaking us in early I guess.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Some Progress!

I had posted in a previous blog that I was working on some scrapbook pages. I've been pretty good about getting pages done. Creativity has been on my side! So I wanted to share some of the ones I have gotten done. :) This one is of Hunter Dancing with his sisters... precious....

This one is of Sage as a baby!

Easter of this year ... Rachel

Rachel on Halloween of this year.

Lots more to go, but its a start! :)

Rachel is Five!

Yes, my little girl is 5! Can you believe it! I sure can't! In my new tradition of birthdays I'm going to list what Rachel is like.

~ Favorite color is Purple
~ Loves princesses
~ Loves to dance, playing dress-up
~ Fights with her siblings
~ Favorite princess is Cinderella
~ Favorite movies are Barbie
~ Loves to read, or be read to!
~ Loves to learn
~ Loves to laugh, and smile
~ Is so smart!
~ Very stubborn
~ A big sister
~ Middle child
~ Macaroni & Cheese (from a box or my homemade one) is her favorite food

Being five opens up a whole new world for her. I can't wait to watch her explore it more! She is anxious for school, and eager to learn. :) May you have another wonderful year of memories my little princess! I love you!

The Simple Women's Daybook!

Outside my window.....
Its a another beautiful day! Gonna be in the 80's.

I am thinking.... Wow my little girl is 5 today!!!

From my imagination.... the girls preschool work, we are working on the Letter "B" this week. Sage did so well with writting an "A" last week!

I am thankful for.... Beautiful days, and fun times spent with family.

From the kitchen.... French toast for supper. That is what the Birthday Girl Requested. Nana is working nights tonight, so we are doing a cake tomorrow.

I am wearing..... My brown carpi's and my blue t-shirt, my hair down...feet bare!

I am reading.... Still trying to find time to read some more of Twilight.

I am hoping.... for a fun and exciting week.

I am creating... lots of new recipes from the kitchen lately.

I am hearing.... the girls playing, and the cars going by!

Around the house.... Happy spirits, and laughter!

One of my favorite things.... No fighting and lots of laughter!

A few plans for the rest of the week..... Celebrate Rachel Birthday, Maybe go to night time story hour for a treat tonight and they said they would put a candle in Rachel's cookie (how nice is that) , go to regular story time tomorrow, prepare for Halloween, emails, reading, cooking, and spend time with family!

A picture I am sharing..... The pretty lights of the city of Tampa... from the 5th floor of the parking garage at the Stadium. I love city lights at night! Its not as pretty as it would be in person, but it was the best my camera could do!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let's play some HOCKEY!

As I previously stated in one of my post....we were going to a Hockey Game last night.
It was Tam
Bay Lighting against the San Jose Sharks! It was an hour drive to get to the stadium. This was a boyscout event, so we carpooled with another tiger cub in Hunter's pack, along with his mother, who is the Den Leader for Tigers. :)

We arrived an hour and a half early. Whi
ch wasn't a bad thing, cause parking fills up fast. There is so much stuff to do before the game. There is a nice park beside the stadium on Channelside Drive. In front of the building was a live band playing..... and they were inflating some stuff for the kids. Rescue dogs to check out..... It was also "Pink Out" night, so they were raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness, and such. For that there was a pink hats, shirts, hockey sticks, and yes even pink pucks! The Pink Hockey Sticks I must say were AWESOME!

Once we picked up our tickets at the Box office, we headed out and around to the entrance. Luckily there wasn't a huge line for security checks (looking threw any bags), and once you entered they handed everyone a bobble head hockey figure. I believe he was #26, so Hunter was very excited as it was his first souvenir of the night. After making our way in and finding "Shots", we picked up our free Hot Dog and Soda. Yes, as part of our boyscout purchase..... they included a free hot dog and soda. Then we headed to our seats. Up, up. and away! Yup, they were in the nose bleed section, or at least the beginning of it. Though for high up seats, they weren't to bad. We had a good view of the rink, and everything else going on. ;)

Hunter was so excited when it started, they had a good intro. He got right into the clapping and chanting with everyone. I explained a few of the basics and he asked a few questions. Like how do they get the words painted on the ice? How doe
s the ice harden? And a few more I couldn't answer them all. Luckily we had the best goalie out of 44 attempts from the other team, he only missed 3, and that was after he hurt his hand. Our defense was awesome too, but our offense needed some major help. After a few fist fights, a few good checks, the Lighting Bolts lost 3-0. The Sharks ate us up. :)

Really good game though, Hunter really enjoyed it. We are very excited to go back in the Spring for another game. First Hunter says we have to find some Jersey's to wear back when we go. :) He also received a patch for going. It is shaped like a half jersey. If he goes back in the spring that will be the other half of the jersey so they can piece together. We thought that was really cool! I am leaving you with some photo's from the night.

The Ice Rink before the Game!

Good times!

Can you find the puck???

So much fun, he passed out on the way home! :)


Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Spirit

You Are

An Angry Pumpkin Face

You would make a good smashed pumpkin.

What color are you??

You Are Having an Orange Day

Right now, how your day is going can change on a dime. It's been both frustrating and fun so far.

You're used to making the best of days, and today is no different.

You are seeking out comfort and security wherever you can find it today.

Your little “pick me up” could be anything... a phone call to a friend or your favorite dessert.

To do your own, go to

Stress Reliever- - - Click the water to feed them!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Was it boring??

I was reading some emails this afternoon, while Hunter and Andy were taking a walk. Sage was in the living room reading books out loud. Which I love, cause I can hear her making up parts of the story, and her creativity to keep going. She got kinda quiet after a little while.... so I called to her, and there was no answer. I decided to go check on her, since quiet usually means bad things. Nope, she had fallen asleep while reading her book. :) So cute! I just had to share. She loves a good book!

We found it!

After many phone calls, we finally were able to get Hunter put into another Cub Scout Pack. Another step towards our semi normal life! :) He was missing it a lot, and wanted to be able to start it back up. Well unlike Maine, towns have many different troops. Therefore, we had to find the appropriate one for us. Then once we knew which Pack he was in, we had to find the meeting place. Sounds simple right???? Wrong, it was at a church.... yes we knew which one, but may I tell you their is like 4 of the same church in one town!!! Making it sometimes difficult to find the right one. We drove around on Monday trying to locate it. I found one, and I was pretty sure it was the right one. Now, we had to wait until Tuesday evening to arrive. Hunter was anxious, and dying to go... As soon as he was off the bus, he asked if it was time to go. Sorry Hunter, it didn't start until 7pm.... 3 hrs to wait. He did pretty well, and jumped for joy when it was time to go. Church was only 15 mins away from our house, so we didn't have to leave to early. Arrived and he was so excited he ran to the door, even not knowing where he was to go. It was set up nicely though, had the different levels split up in rooms. Due to a bad car accident the day before our Den mother was late (her friend was in it, and her 4 yr old daughter was air lifted to the hospital) When she arrived she was sorry she was late, not realizing we were there. She was very nice, and Hunter made a new friend with her son. There is only 3 Tiger cubs this year, so we should be able to do a lot. Hunter should be able to get to be close friends with these two boys as well, which will be nice. I on the other hand was excited cause she seemed like someone I could click with. I think that her and I will become good friends. We talked for the hour about different things, and got to know each other. While the boys made puppets for one of their tiger tracks! I found out that her son is homeschooled, well actually he is virtually schooled, which might I tell you is very interesting, and it may be the way I go for the girls. Hunter seems to be doing ok so far in his school. Time will tell, and that is a different story. Anyway, Hunter is very excited cause our first activity with them is going to be going to a Hockey Game in Tampa Bay this weekend! Heck, I'm excited..... I have been wanting to go to a Hockey game for the best couple years! Long ride, but I'm hoping it will be so worth it. Andy and I are both going with him. Nana and Papa have agreed to watch the girls for us! We will keep you updated on Boyscouts as we make our way threw the book!

Simple pleasures....

Yesterday was another beautiful day here in Central Florida. It was a little over 70 degrees, and there was a slight cool breeze. After our trip to the library, and making an apple upside down cake, the kids decided they wanted to go outside and play. So, Andy and I took our books went out on the porch and watched them play. It was so nice, and peaceful. Simple, yet wonderful. We hope to enjoy many more afternoons like that.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh my goodness!

I am very touched. Lisa from "The Berry Patch" picked me for a blogger award! I was shocked, out of all the nice blogs she reads she picked me! I started reading Lisa's blog last year when I became interested in Homeschooling my children, and she started talking to me about it. Come to find out we lived very close to each other, so we was able to move our friendship from just reading each others blogs, to real life as well. I didn't have a lot of time to get to know her before I moved to Florida, but I am VERY grateful for the time I did get. She is an amazing woman! I hope that we are able to stay friends and keep in touch for a long time. :) Thanks again Lisa!

So I have been asked to list 6 things that I value, and 6 things that I don't value, and then pass it along to 6 other lovely bloggers. So here goes nothing!

6 Things I value

1. My family: I love that they are always there to support me. Even when I tend to do crazy things....(yes, I can be nuts at times) That they love me no matter what. That they pick you up when you fall!

2. My children: Even as crazy as they can drive me at times... my children truly inspire me to do the best I can in life. They keep things interesting and full of laughter. They drive me to always do the best I can, and for that I am grateful.

3. My Friends: They know who they are, and I don't want to go getting all mushy on ya. :) But I am grateful to have such faithful friends to stand by me. I have some that have gotten me through some of the toughest times of my life. They bring lots of happiness and joy to my life. Thanks!!!

4. Freedom: Can you imagine life without freedom?? I mean we have the freedom to choose our education, husbands, and where we live. I can't imagine what life would be like if that was all taken away from us. I like that if I choose to homeschool my child cause I don't agree with public school I can. I just think that our freedom is a wonderful thing!

5. Recreation Departments: I know call me crazy, but I find these places amazing. I was lucky to have been able to work with one for a short period of time. I hope to be able to again sometime, as I found a new passion in doing it. I have found one down here, and I just have to say... the opportunities they gave to kids, to keep them out of trouble is a very nice thing. The people who give their time to these children are wonderful, and need to be thanked. I certainly appreciate them!

6. Ice Cream: What??? Lisa picked soda! I just have to say... ice cream is a wonderful thing!!!! :) Great for those stressful days when nothing else makes you feel better!

6 Things I don't value

1. Those who think they are always right: People who think their way of thinking is the only way of thinking. Drives me crazy, and I just can't stand their closed mindness. Not everyone is prefect but our opinions are what makes us " ourselves"

2. Raising Cost of Fuels: Why do they need to sky rocket? What means is making it impossible for everyone to afford to go to work going to do for us? (as a whole) How is making it so people freeze to death, or take drastic measures to get heat helping us? I just don't understand, how people think...

3. Public Schools: Who think they are teaching children the right things. When in reality they are teaching them to be lazy, or pushing them threw the system to get them out of the way. Or the ones who think that everyone should know what they expect from their childs homework when there is clearly no instructions with it!

4. Potholes: Not fond of those nasty buggers at all! I wish that they could make roads that you aren't going to fall into a creator on your way to the other end! Or a road, that you don't lose your parts, or get a flat tire! UGH!

5. Bad drivers: Where do people get their license's out of these days? Are they still giving them out in the cracker jack box? I hear down here in Florida all you have to know how to do is pararel park, they test is givin in a parking lot in under 10 mins... What the heck! Then they wonder why there is highway fatalities, and fender benders every time you turn around!

6. Lavish prisons: Ok my final grip of the night. Why is that people who commit murder or fraud, get to stay in a place that gives them 3 square meals a day. When there are people struggling to feed their families everyday! Plus they get state of the art excerise equipment, and a free ride to college while watching cable tv everyday!! What makes them any better than the rest of America??? I can get them needing some help to get a fresh start, if they truly want one, but isn't there other ways to do it?

Here are the 'official' rules: *Mention the blog that gave you the reward and comment on their blog to let them know that you have posted their award. You also have to list 6 things you value and 6 things you don't value. Lastly, you have to pass the award onto 6 other friends! *

So here are the six folks I'm passing this along to....

1. Di a "Fall has arrived"

2. Holly at "Our slice of heaven"

3. Tara at "Butterfiles and Bug-A-Boos"

4. Sarah at "Stinson Family"

5. Amy at "Price Family"

6. Dawn at "Because I said so"

The Simple Women's Daybook!

Outside my window..... Its a another beautiful day! Warm but cool, and breezy! Loving fall in Florida! :)

I am thinking.... I need to take a shower and get dressed!

From my imagination.... the girls preschool work. Getting back to our homeschool routine for the girls.

I am thankful for.... time spent with my babies.

From the kitchen.... Apple pie, or baked apples, need to use them up!

I am wearing..... my blue capri's and a t-shirt... lazy day.

I am reading.... Just finished P.S. I love you, and starting the twilight series (that has been much raved about)

I am hoping.... for a less stressful week.

I am crea
ting... a preschool curriculum for two different levels.

I am hearing....
The girls playing in their room, the wind blowing outside, and the keys of the keyboard!

Around the house.... are 4 crazy cats, 4 looney adults, and 3 zany kids!

One of my favorite things.... Easy going days, with no yelling, no fighting and lots of smiles!

A few plans for the rest of the week..... Tomorrow is library day for the girls...which means lots more books coming home, Hunter's first day back to Boy Scouts with his new troop, cooking, cleaning, getting prepared for Rachel's B-day, some shopping, and lots of fun family time. :)

A picture I am sharing..... Sage loves to help me cook, but she also is such a good helper when it comes to cleaning up.. I love that my kids like to help with clean-up as much as the fun parts too! :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

For a dearest friend................

In honor of my dearest friend Holly! Who is more like a sister to me. We have know each other almost 15 years now. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for her. We have lived states apart, and almost next door to each other.....but no matter how far, we are always in each others hearts. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
In spirit of my new birthday blogs (ok I started it with my mother's) I am going to post a picture and list the things I love about this person. Sorry in advance about the pic, its the only one I have....on hand.

Some of the things that I think are special about my dearest friend!

1) She has an amazingly open heart!

2) Despite the pain she raises in every morning, she does whatever it takes to ensure a very happy day for her two beautiful children.

3) She has two beautiful, wonderful children.

4) She is Gorgeous inside and out!

5) She loves the color pink..(hence the inspiration for the text color)

6) She loves dogs, except when they get sprayed by the skunk!

7) She is a wonderful wife!

8) She is the greatest friend and sister in the world!

9) I love her to pieces!

10) She does her best to always stay in touch with me! :) lol... Love ya girl!

I must say that if I was still in Maine, we would be out celebrating like no tomorrow! Since I can't we are going to just, quiet, relaxing, and really hot guys! Then one day we can say..... finally we got our spa day!

I love you girl! I miss you tons!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another good deal

You know me and my deals. I love to find them, and get a bargain. Before we arrived in Florida my in-laws found a good deal on this really nice Captain's bed for Hunter. Its real wood no less, and came with the mattress. (for less than 100)... Not sure if you can see it or not, but there is 3 drawers on the bottom as well. So, Hunter was set.

Now the girls have
been patient... in our search for them. We stumbled upon a few good deals on Bunk beds, but usually were to late, and they had already been claimed. We were finally able to get them some this past Monday. I found a set on A great place to look for things might I add!

We were really excited with this deal... I found them Bunk beds, with two mattresses included (only a year old
), a bookcase, five drawer dresser, and a desk, all made of solid real wood for a little over 100. Yup, that is right can you believe that?? I was psyched! Of course there is some wear and tear on these, but nothing a bit of sanding and re varnishing can't fix. I mean after all its REAL WOOD, not that partical crap you find every wear now.

Here are the bunk beds, and the dresser.

We put the bookcase in the closet. Cause there wasn't enough room in the room to put it out. But it worked out better, cause they can use it to put their toys on. Which keeps them off the floor to be stepped on!!! Plus it is more organized which always makes me happy!

The desk which we decided would be for all the children to use. As the girls will need one eventually too. Has for the time being until we get to our own house, been put in the "office" where papa's computer is. So, the Hunter finds this neat that he is in with papa to do homework. :)

Pretty nice huh?

Also among our deals, Andy's dad found us a dresser, that used to be in the All-star resort at Disney. They are nice dresser's, however eventually we are going to have to paint the front of the drawers, cause the orange, won't match my bedroom colors! :)

There is one more just like this, and if you put them together they form a cubby in the middle for a tv! Not bad for 10 bucks. Huh?

I'm in heaven

Isn't it a beauty??? I love it!!! Now, before you go getting to excited for me, no, its not mine..... (still hoping for Christmas, to get a red one) This particular one belongs to my mother in-law. I've been so excited to be able to use it. So far, I've made banana bread in it, whoopie pie's, and of course the filling. I'm going to try it out next week for pizza dough. I think it has relifted my once crushed spirits for cooking. I have had this desire to cook, and bake lately. Which as any of you that really know me, I lost last year. With the picky-ness of kids, and them constantly not liking anything.. I got discouraged and didn't even want to cook anymore. Not that any of that has changed, they still don't like much, and complain about most meals, but I have found the joy of cooking again! I have even gotten 4 or 5 Cookbooks out of the library, and am trying out some new recipes. The kids are enjoying the opportunity to cook with me again, and I am enjoying the chance to cook as a family again. (yes, even Andy is joining in the fun) Which, I think makes the kids more apt to want to try and taste new things. Here is to a new outlook on food.... suggestions always taken. :)

Cooking Fun

On a lazy afternoon with not much to do, what better than to cook some goodies. Ok, well next question what kind of goodies?? Cookies, nah we had some of those the other day. Cake, nah doesn't get eaten quick enough. Pie, nope just made one of those on Monday. How about WHOOPIE PIES! Yum! Sounds good to me.... and to put an autumn twist on them, we colored the filling green and orange. I must say these came out really good and moist. I was rather proud of myself! The recipe said it made 16... I was figuring way less, cause they never make as many as they say. But to my surprise we ended up with 18! So, we are going to freeze a few to take out at a later date. Don't the just look delicious?? The best part after we were done making them, everyone helped with clean up. You have to just love that part!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Street Signs!

Alright, I must know... who comes up with the names of streets??? I am just confused by them sometimes. Does any creativity, or thought really go into them? Now in the north, they have names like oak, fir, east, west, south, fall, summer... You come down here to the south and get things like Swifty, Mystery House, Pink Apartment, Hibiscus... you get my drift! So, I must stop and pondered what really goes into naming a street or road??? Is it what person lived on it at one time, or what building or tree once inhabited that spot?? I know this blog is kinda random...but that is me!!! :)

7 years!

Yup, that is right 7 years today we have been married. With lots of trials and mistakes along the way. Headaches, tears, and heartache, but we have managed to make it threw somehow. I'm sure there will be lots more of all of that, but with time, love, and understanding, I'm sure we can make it through! I often wander how people who last 50 plus years do it. :)
I wish that my family and friends were here to celebrate with us... We miss you all greatly, but we know in our hearts we made the right decision for our family and for "US". Things are going good for us. I have faith that all things will come together for us.
No big plans for our Anniversary today...other than hanging out with the girls, sending Hunter off to school. Then we are going out for dinner this evening, as Andy's parents said they was going to watch our kids so we could. Nothing big, just maybe some Chinese food, or something like that.... We will celebrate big for our 10th!

The Simple Women's Daybook!

Outside my window..... A nice sunny day, perhaps a shower this afternoon.

I am thinking.... It's a wonderful day... Today I am celebrating my 7th year of Marriage. Can you believe that?

From my imagination.... Lots of ideas for pages, Christmas presents, and things to try to bake.

I am thankful for.... Such wonderful parents and in-laws.....

From the kitchen.... whoopie pies with green, and orange filling.

I am wearing..... my brown carpi's, purple tank top, and barefeet

I am reading....
A True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters, Scrapbooks Etc Magazine, and a couple of new cookbooks that just came out. :)

I am hoping.... That I have many more years to celebrate... :)

I am creating... Halloween cheer, and lots of scrapbook pages. I feel overly creative this month.

I am hearing.... The girls giggling from their room.... as they play with the blocks, and mermaids. (what a combination I know)

Around the house.... are four crazy cats, 4 looney adults, and 3 zany kids!

One of my favorite things.... Sam's Club, which we attacked yesterday. Seven people, two carts and lots of food later! Hunter says its his favorite store! Lol.. I say it is most diffidently mine. Never know what you are going to find. I've opted using the click'n pull option from the website, but that would take the fun out of looking around right??

A few plans for the rest of the week..... Enjoy my anniversary, take the kids to the library for story time on Tuesday, do some baking, cleaning, go for some walks, work on some scrapbook pages, read some more books, take the kids to the library so Hunter can pick out books on Thursday or Friday night, that about sums it up for me.

A picture I am sharing..... She always looks so mischievous!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Silly Girl

Here is a silly conversation I had with Sage this morning..

Sage: "I don't want to eat"

Me: "your not hungry this morning?"

Sage: "yes, I just said that cause I don't cereals"

Me: "ok, then what do you want for breakfast?"

Sage: "I guess, I want brownies for breakfast!"

Me: "you want brownies?"

Sage: "yes"

Me: "silly we don't have brownies for breakfast!"

Sage: "ok, then I guess I'll have to have cereals"

Happy Birthday MOM!

Happy Birthday Mom (Grammie)

My mom usually reads my blog, so I'm posting a birthday message here.
I miss you greatly! I hope that you have a good birthday, full of happiness and joy! We wish we could be there and give you a birthday hug & kisses!!! Another year older, another year wiser?? Is that saying really true? I've always wandered. I don't usually feel wiser. (LOL)

Things about my mom:

1. She is an amazing women, wife, and mother!
2. She is a great carpenter... self taught!
3. She has a "Merry nose" and passed it on. (thanks)
4. She is a very hard worker!
5. One of the most thoughtful people I know (where do you think I get it?)
6. A great cook!
7. She likes owls!
8. The best grandma "Hands Down"
9. Gives the best hugs!
10. Is a health nut...
11. A jack of all trades!
12. An outstanding Daughter!

My mom is also retiring this month, so I want to wish her the best of luck with enjoying it. I hope that she gets to do things she has always wanted to try....and to find time to enjoy her hobbies. I'm sad, I won't be able to be there to spend time with you, and have mother/daughter days, but I hope you find the time to stay in touch with me.
So, again mom I hope you have a wonderful birthday.... and I miss you very much!

I Love You!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Afternoon Rain Storm fun

What better way to spend an afternoon in the Rain???

Such memories

Another Florida Creature...

This is what we saw in our backyard this morning!

This is outside our front door!
Just to set your mind at ease, these are fake.... Dad just likes to freak people out!


Any of you with kids, must have noticed that "Routine" makes a huge difference. I know, it does with my kids....however with moving, being at someone else's house(even family), and activities not being the same. My kids have gone into major whiny mode, fighting, and just plain driving me up a wall!
With all that being said, I am trying to establish a new Routine and Chores for them to follow. Any advice is more than welcomed! So far we only have a few things in place. Such as every afternoon at 3pm, we walk to Hunter's bus stop to pick him up. This gives us some excerise, and gets us out of the house. (of course Andy & I, or one or the other walks him there in the morning too, however the girls are usually asleep) Then Hunter has to do his homework if he has it... and the girls are encouraged to go play, or read a book, so they are quite while he does this. We are working on a set Dinner time....(Nana & Papa are not used to this) After the kids are done with dinner they take turns with helping with clean up, and picking up their room. Bedtime is still really early for them, because Hunter has to be up by 6am, in order to be to the bus stop on time.
As far as a Routine, well the girls and I have started with Tuesday. Every Tuesday morning we go to the Library for "Story Hour" and to look at books, meet new friends, etc. This morning, we were able to get our Library Cards....Well at least the Kids & I were. Andy has to wait until he has proof of his physical address (torture on his part). Starting rules are only 2 books out per person the first time, (that was torture for us, cause we usually get like 5 or more a piece) after that an adult can take up to 20 out at a time, and kids can take 10 out at a time. After a month, you can take out movies..... I can't remember how long you have to wait to take out books on tape, or cd. Not long I don't think. So, we are very excited about this. The girls each picked out their 2 books today... and I picked out 2 for Hunter as he was in school. Story time was good, this weeks theme was "Owls". The girls really enjoyed it.
So Tuesdays, have a schedule, now we just have to come up with something for the rest of the week. I'm looking for some activities for them to do at the local Rec Center, but things are in limbo there right now. They are in the middle of a huge project, redoing their local park, two playgrounds, swimming pools, and a banquet building. I am excited to see it when they are done. :)
Of course we weren't able to bring much of our stuff with us yet, so all of our craft stuff is back in Maine. So, I'm looking for ideas for the kids to do, without having to spend to much money. I'm usually pretty good at these kinds of things, but I'm at a loss this month. My brain must be on vacation! I think, I'm going to start doing some preschool stuff with the girls again, cause they aren't able to go to preschool right now. I was kinda trying to come up with a theme for each day or something I guess...Am I making any since?? Like one day I think will be a cooking day.... Ok, I'm done rambling for now. Thanks...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cookie Cooking Fun!

In spirit of fall and cooking... we decided to do some cooking today. We made Nana some Banana Bread, and some Halloween Sugar Cookies. Cookies... Check!

Food coloring for the frosting...Check!

Frosting... Check!

The kids love to make cookies, and decorate them! We have a lot of fun doing it too! :) Here are some pic's of us decorating them, and the finished product!