Saturday, February 7, 2009


Being from the Northeast, stores here in Florida are very different. I do a lot of shopping at Walmart or Public’s, but nothing is like the Hannaford’s back home. I have been figuring out what stores have what, and where to go to get things we are most used to. Well, today a Sweetbay Opened up near us, well 20 minutes away. Close enough for me! For those of you not familiar with Sweetbay it is run by the same people as Hannaford. Same logo, just a different name.

Needless to say I was going to be at that grand opening today. I was there at 8am, hoping to be early enough for the fabulous prizes, and beat the crowds. I certainly didn’t beat the crowds, but got some awesome stuff. Open walking in, they gave us a free pineapple and a TG Lee mini chocolate milks, which made the kids happy. Then inside the produce they had samples of fresh strawberries. They were delish! Then in the deli they gave out samples of cheese, and turkey! In the floral section they gave us all free carnations! We made our way through the store, grabbed a few of our favorite Hannaford Brand products, and headed to the checkout. Upon checking out, they gave us coupons to give the guy outside the door, for a free reusable bag filled with Hannaford products like, honey nut cheerio’s, vanilla wafers, spaghetti, and apple juice! (while supplies lasted) It was a wonderful experience and we will be going back every few weeks, until the one only 5 minutes down the road gets built. It is very nice to have a familiar store. If you would like to see what Sweetbay has to offer, click Here.


Berry Patch said...

Sweet! Freebies are great but familiar brands are so nice. I remember bringing a half cooked pizza to friends in New York once. They were missing a taste of home. ;-)

The Eagen's said...

I remember missing certain things from home when I lived in TN; HD potato chips, fluff. So glad to hear that you have a taste of home.