Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Memories Review

Do you love scrapbooking??
I love taking pictures, and I mean lots of pictures! I probably take like between 200-300 pictures on a normal week, and if it is a week where there is a Holiday or Special event going on more like 500-800. Insane I know!!

It is a hobby of mine… My mom used to say to me, why? It is such a waste of money. I won’t say that a few years ago, she was probably right. I mean the cost of film, and then to develop them, only to get a bunch of pictures, that didn’t come out was very disappointing not to mention expensive. So when they went to digital, I was so happy! I can now look at the pictures before I decide to print them.

Which brings me to scrapbooking… I got into scrapbooking so I could share the memories with my kids. I loved it, but it is so hard to keep up with. At first I couldn’t leave my stuff out or the kids would get into it. Then it became an issue, cause we didn’t have the space to leave everything out. If you scrapbook you know it is a pain, to drag everything out, and then put it all back.
So when I was offered a chance to try out the My Memories Software, I was super excited. 

The program itself is super easy to download, and the very easy to use. I’ve checked out a few Digital Scrapbooking Software. None seemed as easy to use, and either took up a lot of space, or were way to costly.
The perks of this software… are that its easy to use, has many already made layouts, you just insert the papers you want. Comes with some papers, text, and embellishments already loaded to the software. They have some free ones for download (which again is easy to do), and they have weekends where they open upothers for free. I’ve already established a good amount. You can also buy some for a reasonable amount. Then when you are all done, you can save it to your computer in a Jpg form, so you can share it easier!!


The disadvantages of this software…. well, I’m not sure I really came a crossed any. My only concern is that I will probably spend way to much time using it, then I should! Smile 

Here are a few of the pages I pulled together. I really have enjoyed using this program. I always swore I would not use a digital software to make my pages, but I have to say, its growing on me. I finished 3 pages in less than 40 mins. I couldn’t do that with paper. Plus you can place an embellishment and if you don’t like it, it is so much easier to remove. Smile 

Would you like to try My Memories Software? Go here, and buy it today for the low cost of $39.97 and if you use this code, you can get $10 off your order STMMMS89598

One Lucky winner 3 Crazy’s Monkey reader will have the chance to win a copy of the software. 

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Ashley said...

I just recently got into scrapbooking, and I am hooked, but like you said, space is an issue at the moment!

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