Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TOS Review: Mammouth Math


We were excited to review this product. If you have followed me for any length of time, or read our Homeschool Blog. Then you know that my son, Monkey Man is very ahead in Math. He just finished 6th grade math. Keep in mind he is technically only in 4th grade.
With that being stated, I was a bit worried about where to go next. I mean, do I continue on with 7th grade? Or is that pushing to far to fast? So many questions were swimming through my head. I was worried if we went to far ahead, he would hit a wall where it got hard to quick, and give up.
So when we got opportunity to review Math Mammoth, I was super excited. I have been looking at these books for quite sometime. Looking over the different ways I could go.
After some time talking to my husband, which is Monkey Man’s primary math teacher. (Hubby is like a math genius, me not so much) We discussed what we thought he needed to strengthen, and what we didn’t think he would frustrated with. Then we talked with Maria Miller, the Author of Math Mammoth to see what she suggested.
Maria Miller is a math teacher with a master’s in mathematics, and minors in physics and statistics. After working as a math teacher, she became a housewife, and homeschooler. She wrote her first math book in 2002, and started selling them in 2003. You can read more about her here.


Our decision was final decided on Arithmetic I, Fractions, Percents, & Decimals I, and Sets, Probability, & Statistic’s I. This are from the Make it Real Learning series written by  Frank Wilson . Which is really cool, since it makes them understand how we use math in the world. They see how math is used everyday… which is great. I will be honest, I never understood in school why we needed to know all of this stuff. I love that I can teach my kids, how it is important.
Monkey man, has really enjoyed these, and it is a nice break from the regular work he was doing. I would recommend this series to anyone, not just to people looking for a bit of a filler. My only complaint, is I wish the books were a bit bigger.

You can purchase each of these books online, here. For $4.99, for a PDF file. The books average around 46 pgs, and come with the answer sheets.

She also has complete curriculum from grades K-6. You can purchase those here, and those vary in price, depending on if you want them as PDF’s, CD’s, or a printed book.

We think that these books are certainly worth it. We will be looking into getting some more books for Monkey Man, and next years math book for Little Monkey. If you would like to see what some are like, you can go here to get sample downloads.

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*We were given a copy of these books for free by Math Mammoth, in exchange for our honest opinion, as part of TOS Crew. All opinions are 100% mine or my monkeys.

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