Friday, November 11, 2011

Gratitude Post







Day 11:

Today I’m thankful for my oldest daughter, or Middle Monkey (as you would know her). My first daughter, and boy she doesn’t let me forget that.

Her new haircut

She is full of energy, life, love, and attitude. This one keeps me on my feet. SO different from the other two. She loves everyone, and constantly wants to show them.

Her attitude, while can be a great asset once she learns how to control it, can be very difficult to deal with right now. I’m scared what the teen years will show. I call her my firecracker. You just never know what your going to get from her.

She has a hard time being in the middle. She loves to draw, and that is her best release when she is upset. She also loves to dance and sing. A day would not be complete in this house, without hearing her singing something!


Loves to help, if it is something she wants to do. Does a great job at helping when she puts her heart into it.

Enjoys being around others, but has hard time expressing herself.

Very smart, and loves to learn, but is not a big fan of reading (yet, I will get her to see that differently). She amazes me daily with her ability to catch on to new things.

She is my hugger, and when you need one she is always their waiting to give you one!

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(another one courtesy of my friend Lisa from The Berry Patch)


My life would be incomplete without her… I love you Middle Monkey!


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A Caring Heart said...

LOVE the last picture! We miss you R!