Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gratitude Post








Day 15:

Today I am grateful, for a variety of stores. I love that I have the option to shop around, to find the best price on some of the items we need/want.
I’m not as good at couponing as I would like, but I am getting better as the months go on. Sometimes its is hard, and I struggle with it. Since shopping with 3 kids can be very challenging at times. However, I have started to include them on my shopping trips, and they help with finding deals, or figuring out if things are a good buy.

That is where we are off to today, so that is what I am thankful for. Smile 


Lisa said...

I love shopping too, even if it is for groceries. My friends make fun of me because I always have to find the best deal on anything.

Very Blessed Mamma said...

I love to shop too! Not that I can really do it that often, but it is fun I always find a good deal too! lol