Friday, November 4, 2011

Tos Review: Memoria Press- Frist Form Latin






I was very excited to get this review. My son has been really on board with Latin lately. He really enjoyed a pervious review, but we needed a bit more.

So Memoria Press First Form Latin  by Cheryl Lowe was what we wanted to try. When we got the box in the mail it was like Christmas! Look at all the contents! I was shocked, and eager to get started!


I immediately started flipping through the books, and was tempted to start right then. Smile 

What I really liked about the program right off the bat, was I could teach it with no Latin Background. I was never lucky enough to take that in school, so it has been hard to help him with other programs, cause I wasn’t one hundred percent sure. There is no need to have previous knowledge with this one, while I’m sure it would still be a plus.

The contents include:

  • A cd with all lesson work on it
  • An Instructional Dvd
  • A Teachers Manual (Workbook & Test Key)
  • Teachers Manual
  • Quizzes & Tests
  • Student Text
  • Student Workbook
  • Flash Cards

We dove right in the following week, and he has enjoyed it. While he gets frustrated sometimes he has done very well. It is a bit more book work than we anticipated, and while he is not always on board with that.. We are making it work.

I don’t think that I could use it with my girls, they would never sit and listen enough for that. Monkey man is more of a sponge and can handle sitting and listening if it is not an everyday occurrence. As of right now, we are doing our lessons only twice a week.

The website states: After mastering First Form, the student will have a solid grasp on the six indicative active tenses of the first two verb conjugations, five noun declensions, first and second declension adjectives, and 185 vocabulary words.

First Form Latin is designed for students 5th grade and up. While Monkey man is technically in 4th, but is doing 5th & 6th grade work, this program works ok with him. However, I’m sure it would work with every 5th grader, it really depends on their personality.



First Form Latin can be order on Memoria Press site, and it is $55.00 for Teachers Manual and Workbooks, $115 if you want to add the DVD’s and Flashcards to it. They also stand behind their work, and offer a 60 day money back grantee.

You can also find First Form Latin on Twitter & Facebook.

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*I was given First Form Latin Curriculum from Memoria Press through the TOS Crew, in exchange for my honest opinion. My opinions are 100% mine and my monkeys.


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