Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gratitude Post






Day 10:

Today I am grateful for my son, or as you know him.. Monkey man. He is my first born, and my only son. He showed me what a wonderful thing motherhood could be. I would be so lost without him.

While he is entering the tween stage early.. He has an amazing heart, and always wants to help someone. (except maybe his sisters)



He has a warm, caring, happy personality. He loves with all his heart, so is easily let down sometimes. Put lots of faith in others, and thinks that everyone is going to do the right thing. I love that he wants to see the best in everyone.

Unfortunately sometimes has a quick temper (like his mom) and is working very hard on changing that.

He is an amazingly hard worker most of the time, has his days just like anyone else. This summer he helped a lot in the gardens, and truly carried his weight.  I’m very proud of him..and the person he is becoming.



Very smart boy, and does fantastic at school. His love for knowledge inspires me to learn more everyday. He is like a sponge… I love it!

I hope that he continues to be a good role model, and help the world be a better place as he grows!

Very proud of you Monkey Man, and love you lots!

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A Caring Heart said...

I miss his hugs!! Love you H!