Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge









1. Of all the tools and gadgets you own which do you most enjoy using?

I would have to say my laptop is probably the most high tech gadget that I own. I would like to get a nook, or IPod.

2. When (if ever) is impatience a virtue?

I would say always! I’m the most impatience person I know of. Winking smile 

3. What temperature do you keep your thermostat set to in winter? Do you have another way to heat your house besides a furnace of some type?

I like it at around 65. I find that perfect. We heat with an outside wood broiler which is nice, cause it also does our hot water. Plus we have a wood stove in the living room, for those really cold days when you need a bit of extra heat.

4. Do/did you have a close relationship with any of your grandparents?

Not as close as I probably should. My mother’s mother lives near me, so I keep an eye on her. I try to call and visit when I can.

My dad’s mother lives about an hour away, but I don’t get there as much as I should. I keep in close contact with my cousin who live near by, and make sure she doesn’t need anything. I need to get better.

Both of my grandfathers are dead. I didn’t know my dad’s dad at all, and barely knew my mom’s dad before he got sick, so you really couldn’t get to know him.

5. When did you last have a family portrait taken?

We haven’t had one done in forever! I really should do it again soon. I think it has probably been about 3 yrs. Every time I think of it, my hubby is not with us. This upcoming weekend, I may try to get us all done though.

6. What does the word patriotism mean to you?

That you show you love your country.

7. Do you like to play cards and if so, what's your favorite card game?

I do love to play cards, every now and again. My favorite games to play are skip-bo and phase ten. They are very fun.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Can’t believe that Thanksgiving is only like 2 weeks away. What are you all doing for Thanksgiving? We are going to have dinner here, but hubby has to work that night, so we are going to eat early. I miss the days when I was younger and the whole family would get together to have holiday’s together. I am in hopes to get that to happen in the next year or so. I would really like my kids to be able to experience that at least once. Smile 


Dawn said...

WOW - you're right...Thanksgiving IS right around the corner! How did that happen? Blessings!

Tammy Doane said...

Wow---you are so right--Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Skip-bo rocks! LOL

I set our thermostat at 62 degrees downstairs and 60 upstairs. (But today I have the windows open for fresh air! Woot!)

Thanksgiving? We're driving down to my parent's house on the island and having dinner at my sister's house. We'll probably bring pumpkin pie and homemade dinner rolls as our contribution.

Oh, and the last family portrait we had was when our oldest was 2! He turns 13 soon! Yikes!

Joyce said...

I like skipbo and phase 10 both. It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner...I need to get myself organized as I'm cooking for 4, 5, or 7. I guess my potential guests need to get themselves organized too!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is hosting Thanksgiving this year. I'm taking the day before off from work to hang out with her and help her cook. I love when we all get together!