Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sensory Fun

Today we went to Downtown Disney while trying to kill sometime. It was just me, the girls, and my mother in-law. We started out by walking around, took a few pictures in front of the Mickey Mouse Pumpkin. The girls thought it was cool. Then we moved on, to the big toy store, where the girls pointed out everything they could ever possibly want, but we did however get some ideas for a few of our friends back in Maine.

They were getting a bit cranky, so our first play stop was at the Lego store, where they have stations for the kids to build stuff. I snap a few pictures of there creations, that I am sharing with you. I have to say, I was very worried about my girls using lego's (regular, not mega bloc
ks) at this age, as they sometimes still put things in their mouths. However, they have showed me such creativity that I have a hard time denying them anymore. So, under supervision they are now allowed to play with them. They have a blast, and a big mess! After that we stopped for a snack next to the water, as they checked out the huge lego displays!

Next we moved on to check out the new Dinosaur Restaurant. No, we didn't stop to eat, that would be way to expensive... but they do have a huge display. Then we went around the corner and we discovered they had a place for the kids to dig and sweep off bones. My girls found this to be awesome. It was a spot with little pebbles, so Rachel abs
olutely loved running her fingers, and feet thru it. (you have to take your shoes off) Both were so excited when they found a bone and uncovered it, with their little brush. We must have been their about a half hour before moving on and headed home. I must say there are a few cool activities there for kids to do, that don't cost money... we love to just go and look around, see the new decorations. It was a fun morning, and a beautiful day for it.

To top the day off, on the way out the girls got some more "Pixie Dust"... so they are ready to be fairies tomorrow for
Halloween. :)

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Berry Patch said...

How fun is that? Being able to go to Disney just to "kill time?" That has to be the ultimate field trip. LOL