Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We found it!

After many phone calls, we finally were able to get Hunter put into another Cub Scout Pack. Another step towards our semi normal life! :) He was missing it a lot, and wanted to be able to start it back up. Well unlike Maine, towns have many different troops. Therefore, we had to find the appropriate one for us. Then once we knew which Pack he was in, we had to find the meeting place. Sounds simple right???? Wrong, it was at a church.... yes we knew which one, but may I tell you their is like 4 of the same church in one town!!! Making it sometimes difficult to find the right one. We drove around on Monday trying to locate it. I found one, and I was pretty sure it was the right one. Now, we had to wait until Tuesday evening to arrive. Hunter was anxious, and dying to go... As soon as he was off the bus, he asked if it was time to go. Sorry Hunter, it didn't start until 7pm.... 3 hrs to wait. He did pretty well, and jumped for joy when it was time to go. Church was only 15 mins away from our house, so we didn't have to leave to early. Arrived and he was so excited he ran to the door, even not knowing where he was to go. It was set up nicely though, had the different levels split up in rooms. Due to a bad car accident the day before our Den mother was late (her friend was in it, and her 4 yr old daughter was air lifted to the hospital) When she arrived she was sorry she was late, not realizing we were there. She was very nice, and Hunter made a new friend with her son. There is only 3 Tiger cubs this year, so we should be able to do a lot. Hunter should be able to get to be close friends with these two boys as well, which will be nice. I on the other hand was excited cause she seemed like someone I could click with. I think that her and I will become good friends. We talked for the hour about different things, and got to know each other. While the boys made puppets for one of their tiger tracks! I found out that her son is homeschooled, well actually he is virtually schooled, which might I tell you is very interesting, and it may be the way I go for the girls. Hunter seems to be doing ok so far in his school. Time will tell, and that is a different story. Anyway, Hunter is very excited cause our first activity with them is going to be going to a Hockey Game in Tampa Bay this weekend! Heck, I'm excited..... I have been wanting to go to a Hockey game for the best couple years! Long ride, but I'm hoping it will be so worth it. Andy and I are both going with him. Nana and Papa have agreed to watch the girls for us! We will keep you updated on Boyscouts as we make our way threw the book!

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