Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A new month...

Well October is upon us... Can you believe that?? I can't, man the time is just flying by. Which means we have been in Florida for a week now. The time as seemed to fly by... I'm finally caught up on my sleep, and trying to get into a new routine. As you all know in someone else's house that is not always easy. Hunter is set to start school tomorrow.... finally. He seems to be a bit more excited about it now. Which makes me a bit happier. I was worried he was going to fight me on this. Also this month is Heather's Birthday.. which is today.. "Happy Birthday Heath!" Mom's birthday, my anniversary, Holly's birthday, and Rachel turns "5"!! Can you believe that??? I have the rest of the month to worry about I will post more on her at the end of the month. :)
I will be back tomorrow with an update about Hunter's first day at his new school. Miss you all! :)

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The Eagen's said...

Yay! Happy October! I'm just looking forward to Halloween!