Monday, October 27, 2008

Rachel is Five!

Yes, my little girl is 5! Can you believe it! I sure can't! In my new tradition of birthdays I'm going to list what Rachel is like.

~ Favorite color is Purple
~ Loves princesses
~ Loves to dance, playing dress-up
~ Fights with her siblings
~ Favorite princess is Cinderella
~ Favorite movies are Barbie
~ Loves to read, or be read to!
~ Loves to learn
~ Loves to laugh, and smile
~ Is so smart!
~ Very stubborn
~ A big sister
~ Middle child
~ Macaroni & Cheese (from a box or my homemade one) is her favorite food

Being five opens up a whole new world for her. I can't wait to watch her explore it more! She is anxious for school, and eager to learn. :) May you have another wonderful year of memories my little princess! I love you!


The Eagen's said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! We love and miss you. We wish we were there with you to help you celebrate your birthday. We hope it's as special as you are!

Berry Patch said...

Congrats on turning FIVE! WOW! J turns five in January. I'm not sure I'm ready for that but he certainly is! ;-)

Dianna said...

Happy Super Duper Birthday Rachie!!
Auntie loves you and misses you with all her heart!!