Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cooking Fun

On a lazy afternoon with not much to do, what better than to cook some goodies. Ok, well next question what kind of goodies?? Cookies, nah we had some of those the other day. Cake, nah doesn't get eaten quick enough. Pie, nope just made one of those on Monday. How about WHOOPIE PIES! Yum! Sounds good to me.... and to put an autumn twist on them, we colored the filling green and orange. I must say these came out really good and moist. I was rather proud of myself! The recipe said it made 16... I was figuring way less, cause they never make as many as they say. But to my surprise we ended up with 18! So, we are going to freeze a few to take out at a later date. Don't the just look delicious?? The best part after we were done making them, everyone helped with clean up. You have to just love that part!


Berry Patch said...

oh yummy! Those are one of my favorite treats. I rarely make them but I told my mom this year to do NOTHING else for Christmas for us but to make us some whoppie pies!!!! ;-)

The Eagen's said...

Those do look delish! Great job!