Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm in heaven

Isn't it a beauty??? I love it!!! Now, before you go getting to excited for me, no, its not mine..... (still hoping for Christmas, to get a red one) This particular one belongs to my mother in-law. I've been so excited to be able to use it. So far, I've made banana bread in it, whoopie pie's, and of course the filling. I'm going to try it out next week for pizza dough. I think it has relifted my once crushed spirits for cooking. I have had this desire to cook, and bake lately. Which as any of you that really know me, I lost last year. With the picky-ness of kids, and them constantly not liking anything.. I got discouraged and didn't even want to cook anymore. Not that any of that has changed, they still don't like much, and complain about most meals, but I have found the joy of cooking again! I have even gotten 4 or 5 Cookbooks out of the library, and am trying out some new recipes. The kids are enjoying the opportunity to cook with me again, and I am enjoying the chance to cook as a family again. (yes, even Andy is joining in the fun) Which, I think makes the kids more apt to want to try and taste new things. Here is to a new outlook on food.... suggestions always taken. :)

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Berry Patch said...

I got one this past Christmas & LOVE IT! I use it to make so many things including pizza dough & bread. It's awesome. I SO wanted a red one but my hubby thought it was just the default color. UGH! Although the charcoal gray color isn't all THAT bad. ;-)