Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let's play some HOCKEY!

As I previously stated in one of my post....we were going to a Hockey Game last night.
It was Tam
Bay Lighting against the San Jose Sharks! It was an hour drive to get to the stadium. This was a boyscout event, so we carpooled with another tiger cub in Hunter's pack, along with his mother, who is the Den Leader for Tigers. :)

We arrived an hour and a half early. Whi
ch wasn't a bad thing, cause parking fills up fast. There is so much stuff to do before the game. There is a nice park beside the stadium on Channelside Drive. In front of the building was a live band playing..... and they were inflating some stuff for the kids. Rescue dogs to check out..... It was also "Pink Out" night, so they were raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness, and such. For that there was a pink hats, shirts, hockey sticks, and yes even pink pucks! The Pink Hockey Sticks I must say were AWESOME!

Once we picked up our tickets at the Box office, we headed out and around to the entrance. Luckily there wasn't a huge line for security checks (looking threw any bags), and once you entered they handed everyone a bobble head hockey figure. I believe he was #26, so Hunter was very excited as it was his first souvenir of the night. After making our way in and finding "Shots", we picked up our free Hot Dog and Soda. Yes, as part of our boyscout purchase..... they included a free hot dog and soda. Then we headed to our seats. Up, up. and away! Yup, they were in the nose bleed section, or at least the beginning of it. Though for high up seats, they weren't to bad. We had a good view of the rink, and everything else going on. ;)

Hunter was so excited when it started, they had a good intro. He got right into the clapping and chanting with everyone. I explained a few of the basics and he asked a few questions. Like how do they get the words painted on the ice? How doe
s the ice harden? And a few more I couldn't answer them all. Luckily we had the best goalie out of 44 attempts from the other team, he only missed 3, and that was after he hurt his hand. Our defense was awesome too, but our offense needed some major help. After a few fist fights, a few good checks, the Lighting Bolts lost 3-0. The Sharks ate us up. :)

Really good game though, Hunter really enjoyed it. We are very excited to go back in the Spring for another game. First Hunter says we have to find some Jersey's to wear back when we go. :) He also received a patch for going. It is shaped like a half jersey. If he goes back in the spring that will be the other half of the jersey so they can piece together. We thought that was really cool! I am leaving you with some photo's from the night.

The Ice Rink before the Game!

Good times!

Can you find the puck???

So much fun, he passed out on the way home! :)

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The Eagen's said...

Sounds like you all had a fun time. Great memories in the making. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.