Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another good deal

You know me and my deals. I love to find them, and get a bargain. Before we arrived in Florida my in-laws found a good deal on this really nice Captain's bed for Hunter. Its real wood no less, and came with the mattress. (for less than 100)... Not sure if you can see it or not, but there is 3 drawers on the bottom as well. So, Hunter was set.

Now the girls have
been patient... in our search for them. We stumbled upon a few good deals on Bunk beds, but usually were to late, and they had already been claimed. We were finally able to get them some this past Monday. I found a set on A great place to look for things might I add!

We were really excited with this deal... I found them Bunk beds, with two mattresses included (only a year old
), a bookcase, five drawer dresser, and a desk, all made of solid real wood for a little over 100. Yup, that is right can you believe that?? I was psyched! Of course there is some wear and tear on these, but nothing a bit of sanding and re varnishing can't fix. I mean after all its REAL WOOD, not that partical crap you find every wear now.

Here are the bunk beds, and the dresser.

We put the bookcase in the closet. Cause there wasn't enough room in the room to put it out. But it worked out better, cause they can use it to put their toys on. Which keeps them off the floor to be stepped on!!! Plus it is more organized which always makes me happy!

The desk which we decided would be for all the children to use. As the girls will need one eventually too. Has for the time being until we get to our own house, been put in the "office" where papa's computer is. So, the Hunter finds this neat that he is in with papa to do homework. :)

Pretty nice huh?

Also among our deals, Andy's dad found us a dresser, that used to be in the All-star resort at Disney. They are nice dresser's, however eventually we are going to have to paint the front of the drawers, cause the orange, won't match my bedroom colors! :)

There is one more just like this, and if you put them together they form a cubby in the middle for a tv! Not bad for 10 bucks. Huh?

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The Eagen's said...

Those are some sweet deals! Doesn't it feel great to have some stuff of your own again? Things that you can take with you when you move? Congrats on the great deals!