Monday, October 13, 2008

Street Signs!

Alright, I must know... who comes up with the names of streets??? I am just confused by them sometimes. Does any creativity, or thought really go into them? Now in the north, they have names like oak, fir, east, west, south, fall, summer... You come down here to the south and get things like Swifty, Mystery House, Pink Apartment, Hibiscus... you get my drift! So, I must stop and pondered what really goes into naming a street or road??? Is it what person lived on it at one time, or what building or tree once inhabited that spot?? I know this blog is kinda random...but that is me!!! :)

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Berry Patch said...

I love looking at maps just to read street signs - when I'm really bored & have nothing else to do. That hasn't been high on my "to do" list lately. ;-)