Sunday, October 5, 2008

Finally the time as arrived!

As you all know.... sage is a HUGE fan of Mickey Mouse. She has been waiting all week to go see him. The time finally arrived. We stopped and bought her book for them to sign (the other two already had one from previous visits..this was Sage's first time at Disney) on our way to find Mickey! She was soooooo excited! We got in line...yes, the worst part of Disney...there are always lines, and our children are not patient at ALL! Here is is waiting in line to see Mickey, showing off her new book. I think we ended up waiting like 30 mins to get to our turn. Not really bad! It went by fairly quickly... and not only were we able to see Mickey, but Pluto, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald. That made their day! Ok, but back to Mickey. I couldn't believe how excited Sage was to go see him, but when it was finally her turn to go up to him, she wouldn't until Rachel went with her. After that she was ok with everyone else. I think it was the initial shock of seeing him! Here are the Rachel and Sage with Mickey Mouse! Sage had to give him a hug goodbye. :) The place we were at was called a Character Spot, so after you waited in line, you go in a line thru the 4 characters... next up was Pluto. He follows
Mickey were ever he go
es right?? This was really the first time
any of them will rememb
er seeing them. Hunter was 2 the last time we were at Disney, so he was just as excited as the girls, even if he wasn't showing it all the time! Sage was so cute going up to all them, she would repeat their names, and jump up and down. Rachel was shy, but couldn't stop giving them all hugs. It was really just to cute for words. Of course this was the most exciting part for me to see how the kids reacted to seeing them for the "First Time".

Next in the line was Minnie Mouse. Sage was very excited to see her
as well. As she has a Minnie and Mickey Mouse that is always with her. (along with her big bird) Here are the kids with Minnie Mouse! They are so cute!! Hunter even smiled for the occasion! Next up was Donald Duck! All Sage could say was where is Daisy Duck??? I guess she associates them in pairs. :) I couldn't get them all to look at me again at the same time. Probably cause there was a photographer talking at the same time... They had to many directions and got confused! All the cared about was Donald of course! Last but not least was Goofy being Goofy! The kids didn't know where were to go, cause Goofy wasn't where he was suppose to be, he was wandering around. Notice Rachel and Sage were clung to his leg... They wouldn't let go, it was kinda funny! That was it for inside the Character spot, but we found two
More right outside the door. It was two silly Chipmunks! Chip & Dale... Sage wanted to know which one was which. I would have loved to help her out, but I can never remember. So, we had to ask Aunt Stacey, as she knows them very well. She works with most of the characters, so she knows them all very good! So there you have our Character encounters for this trip. It was fun to see their faces. :) I'm happy they got to see some of their favorites, and we still have many more times to meet more of the Characters. After all this fun, we headed off to see the Sea part of Epcot, were we got to see Nemo and his friends on a ride. After the ride we went to "Turtle Talk" which is where you get to meet Crush, and he ask the crowd questions, and people from the crowd can ask him Turtle questions. It was really cool. Wouldn't you know that Hunter even got picked out of the crowd to be one that got to talk to Crush. Crush asked if he was a good swimmer... Hunter said "yes', then Crush asked if he could swim fast. Hunter said "no".... and then Crush said "Honesty is the best policy" it was funny...but you probably had to be there to get the full humor. The kids really liked it. Which is all that really matters right?? After that ride, we went to catch the Monorail to head over to the Magic Kingdom....which will be in my in my next post.

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