Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Monorail

To leave Epcot and get to the Magic Kingdom we needed to take the Monorail. Which is what Disney calls there "Highway in the Sky". It goes to the parks, a few of the Hotels...and such. It actually goes thru the middle of one Hotel... you can look down to people shopping, or having dinner. Its pretty cool! The kids thought it was really neat. They were completely fascinated with the ride. They could look down and see so much stuff. Rachel preferred to stand.

When we left the Magic Kingdom, we had to take the monorail back to Epcot. That was where we parked, plus we were going to watch the Fireworks there. On the monorail going back to Epcot, you go past the Pavilion, which is a really nice Hotel. At this hotel, there is
what they call the Wedding Pavilion, which people can have there dream Disney Wedding. Well as our monorail was going by, we saw Cinderella's Carriage picking up a new happy couple. It was really cool! :) I just wanted to share the photo with you.

Isn't it beautiful???

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Berry Patch said...

Okay - that would be VERY cool! My boys would have loved the train. LOL