Sunday, October 5, 2008

Magic Kingdom

When we arrived at the Magic Kingdom, the kids thought it was cool everything was decorated for Halloween. Everything was Pumpkins, or
dressed up. The middle Mickey (which I forgot to get a picture of) head in this garden was made completely out of different color gourds. It was really cute. It was nice to see all the yellow and orange, since we aren't in Maine with the pretty fall colors.

Notice the pumpkin men behind them. I thought those were really cute!

From there the kids were starving so we had to find something to eat. As we were hunting we realized it was almost tim
e for the Parade to start, so we found a place to watch it along the way. Then I went into one of the shops, and got the kids some French Fries and a bottle of water. The kids were so excited to see the parade coming.... Here are a couple photo's of some of the stuff we saw. The Seven Drawfs, Captain Hook, and who can have a parade without Cinderella and Prince Charming. The girls were very excited about seeing her.

After the parade we headed thru the Cinderella Castle. What could be more fun than getting to go thru the Castle??? Once we got to the other side we saw the Merry Go Round, and Dumbo the ride. (I once stood in line for an hour to go on the Dumbo ride, for a minute and a half) Of course this time we were not waiting in such long lines with the kids. Rachel can barely handle waiting 5 minutes! We continued on to see Ariel, but she had left for lunch. So, the kids didn't get upset about missing her, we moved on to Toontown. Which is where Mickey and Minnie's House was, and you could go in and check it out. I'm going to put those in a separate post as well.

We stopped in Toontown after letting the kids look at the houses, so they could play on a Disney Playground. What better than that right? This way they didn't get annoyed with being in the stroller, forever.

Sage was having way to much fun on this slide. She almost flew off! I thought this picture was just to cute!

From the playground we went into Tomorrowland, so Andy and I could get something to eat. As we were starving....cause we got the kids something to eat, and not ourselves. So we went to Cosmic Ray's, for something to eat. They have good grilled chicken sandwiches! After leaving there we went in front of the Castle again, and waited for the show. I will post about that on another blog too (to many photo's for one blog). So, all and all we had a great time at the Magic Kingdom. I didn't get to go on my favorite ride (Splash Mountain), cause we didn't have anyone to watch the kids. Rachel and Sage is still to small to ride it. But we had fun getting a taste of it, until we can go back and spend more time there.

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