Sunday, October 5, 2008

Minnie's House

Have you ever wandered what Minnie or Mickey's House looks like??? Well, we went in them yesterday and wanted to share what we saw. Minnie's house was cool, and the kids really liked that they could climb on things, and really check it out.

Here are the kids sitting on Minnie's Couch!
Ever wander what was in Minnie's Frig?

Minnie's microwave even pops popcorn!!

And last but not least Minnie's Mailbox!

We hope you enjoyed the Tour of Minnie's House!

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Berry Patch said...

Very cool! It looks like you had a fun-filled day at Disney. ;-) N had his first soccer game yesterday morning. It was freezing! They did well & I think they won - I wasn't keeping score very well. LOL I was too busy chatting with a friend.