Thursday, October 2, 2008

Frist Day of School Florida Style

As you have probably gathered from most of my posts... getting Hunter into school has been a challenge to say none the least. From sitting for two hours to get his immunization record on the "Blue" card, to having papers notarized. After a week of running around, and getting the necessary paper work together, he was able to start today!
To say he was excited would be an understatement. (That is until we got there) He got up fairly well for having been out of the loop for a couple weeks. Got on his uniform, something he isn't so happy about. Yes, in Florida they are all mandatory uniforms at schools. Which in theory is not a bad idea... I guess. At his school they are a little more laid back. They allow them to wear jeans (which is not allowed at most schools) along with their Khaki pants, and they have to wear either white, or navy blue polo shirts with a collar. If they have belt loops in their pants, they have to wear a belt. The biggest part Hunter hates is having to tuck in his shirt. (poor thing I know) Got his lunch together, and he was ready to go. Of course I was dragging my feet.. but he was anxious to get out that door. I had to take him this morning, so I could give them the rest of his paperwork.
We arrive at the school, he almost runs into the office. (which is in a temporary building right now, cause they are doing a complete overhaul of the school) We give them the rest of his paperwork and assign him a teacher. Andy & I get our visitor passes on. Not allowed on school grounds without it. Then we are shown to his class. This is when Hunter starts to get a bit more nervous. They show us were the cafeteria is, the 2nd grade rooms, art, music, and the big square in the middle for Gym... where the teachers meet their students in the morning. Then we continue on for his classroom. Keep in mind there are 8, first grade classrooms. :) We arrive at it, knock on the door and step in. The kids turn around, stare at us, and Hunter just puts his head down. His teacher comes out, and introduces herself... Her name is Mrs.Smith....(yes the same as last years teacher) She seems very nice... I quickly look at Hunter and ask him if he is going to be ok, cause he looked scared...He says "yes mommy, I'm ok" Not sure if I embrassed him or not. So, we leave him with his teacher and headed back to the office.
So, as you all know... I was sitting here all day, worried about whether he was ok or not. He got home around 3pm, and he looked ok, and says he had a good day. Couldn't remember any of his friends names, but said he made some. :) Told me he had Gym today, and the ran a lot....but that is about the most I could get out of him. Other than, "yes mom, I had fun"...... Another successful first day of school. ***Sigh of Relief***

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Berry Patch said...

It sounds like he had a good day. I'm glad after all the work it took for you to get him there. ;-)