Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Could it be??

Oh my! I can't believe I'm saying this! It was 47 degree's here this morning. On my way to walk Hunter to his bus stop I had to wear a SWEATSHIRT. Can you believe this??? I mean it was not as bad as the people who yes, really had on winter jackets, but still. I'm in Florida, that isn't suppose to happen. Though, for the next few days it is suppose to be cool here. No higher than 70's during the day, and down in the 40's at night. Breaking us in early I guess.


Berry Patch said...

Hmm, I'm trying to think of what to say here...considering the nights are now in to the low 40's & we've even had a heavy killing frost, um, no sympathy here! LOL ;-)

Stinson Family said...

Our weather has been the same here. Don't worry it will warm again during the winter months. The southern states are werid like that. We just recently had it at 87 and then the next day it was in the 60's.

Dianna said...

Booohoooo! Poor baby! Do I feel for you???? NOO! LOL
You'll get use to that again soon enough. No different from when we lived there way back along. HAHA